Sunday, April 21, 2013

Earth Day Activities at U.N.L.V. (Las Vegas)

Young World Citizen Chasing the Future of the Earth at UNLV GreenFest
Here are new nerd activities in Las Vegas. Much more my style. UNLV sponsored GreenFest Saturday. BTW, UNLV is a beautiful green campus.

This free community event had booths by university groups as well as other organizations representing various concerns for the well-being of  humans, animals and the earth.

Group to promote wetlands and educational hikes,
Educational material from

Several organizations presented specific outdoor activities. such as hiking, highlighting environmental preservation. This group also sponsors activities for school kids that don't usually have any outdoor opportunities.
This family of ladies manned the table. This is an education booklet they offer and their website. Las Vegas is surrounded by beautiful mountains (most people know about Lake Mead.)

On top of Mt. Charleston, all covered with cheese...
This booth sponsored by GoMtCharleston offers grown-ups and kids activities including hikes and campfire talks to learn about 'this sky island' with ancient trees, wildflowers, birds, and springs. It is really cool up there (temperature wise, too.)
The Nevada Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights group encourages Nevada’s children to participate in outdoor recreational activities, engage in lifelong learning adventures, and become stewards of the environment.

Scout autographed the book.

Scout and Martin schmoozing the crowd.

 Meet Scout. That's the golden eagle, not the gentleman. They
travel together for the sake of wildlife preservation.
We got some cool shirts, and autographed books written by Martin and Susan Tyner, and Scout. Healer of Angels. You can't obtain that autograph everyday. The book details the many rescue missions of eagles in the Southwest.
Their organization is Southwest Wildlife Foundation

Lots of  music, kids' activities, dance, university groups and community activities. Truly future
inspiration for younger kids looking toward a better world.

Little kids finding role models here.
This is the fraternity link
Students from the Sri Lanka club.

Their motto: since 1906, 'First of All, Servants of All, We Shall Transcend All.'

 Lots of booths representing different parts of the world.

This is my360 degree view. My kids say I usually have a Mr. Bean expression on my face as I look around, so you can add that feature as you view. Included are the finalists from a Earth Day trash can decorating contest.

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