Friday, January 23, 2015

Thanks, благодаря, Merci, Dank, Gracias, завдяки, 谢谢, teşekkürler, शुक्रिया

One million pageviews since 2012!
It is a great privilege to serve the worldwide educational community by putting together the MzTeachuh blog. What an amazement to reach around the world everyday from my humble home in SoCal. This brings me such joy and honor. One million views.

Google Blogster provides statistics, and here are the top readers from the last three years, almost to the day. MzTeachuh began January 2012. USA, Russia, France, Germany, Canada, UK, Ukraine, China, Turkey, and India.

The internet brings outstanding educational news to me everyday--Edutopia, MindShift KQED, TeachThought, Edudemic, Education Week, Special Needs Digest, UnderstoodOrg, eSchool News. Professional development par excellence.

Appreciation also to social media for providing free distribution. Twitter, Facebook, eGoogle, Pinterest, eBlogger, LinkedIn, and StumbleUpon sends out MzTeachuh on one gargantuan paper route, and I get to make new colleagues and friends.

Teach100 has provided incentive for me to improve by ranking MzTeachuh--it is a little like being graded on a curve a couple times a week, competing in a class of 800 edublogs and educational sites. Once I got to 156! But, usually at about 290 something. And I'm just competitive enough to keep at it.

Wish y'all were here last night to have pizza--stuffed crust, extra cheese, black olives, sausage--to celebrate with us. But here's Kool & the Gang to at least include you in the celebration with music.

Kool & the Gang - Celebration 

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