Saturday, May 28, 2016

Educational Links 5/29/16

Seven simple poetry styles your students will love 

It’s About the Abilities, Not the Deficits 

How IDEA Protects You and Your Child 

Family Engagement: Engaging the Disengaged 

Educating Ourselves on Race 

Common Modifications and Accommodations 

It Takes Courage to Make Schools Better 

 Courage is not something that is reserved for leaders. Anyone who wants to see a school improve needs it -- and needs to be prepared to initiate and participate in courageous conversations.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Educational Links 5/28/16

Beat the Summer Slide with Project-Based Learning

Whole Classroom Management Strategies 

Tip of the Week: Could Your Teaching Environment Affect How You Solve Problem Behaviors? 

Can new EdTech tools combat economic despair? 

The Difference Between IEPs and 504 Plans 

Teaching Racial Literacy: Concepts and Strategies for Educators 

Modeling In Science: K-2 

Is having a loving family an unfair advantage? 

I don’t think parents reading their children bedtime stories should constantly have in their minds the way that they are unfairly disadvantaging other people’s children, but I think they should have that thought occasionally.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sleep Tight, ePLN

The Beatles "Good Night" 

(BTW I'm not really a fan of soap operas, but this is where I could find the real Beatles music!)

Educational Links 5/27/16

Confidence and Self-Esteem

Teachers Can Reduce Suspensions by Practicing Empathy 

5 Science Biographies Kids Love 

Another Study Highlights The Impact Of Moving On Student Academic Progress 

In Charter School Era, Montessori Model Flourishes 

Developing Teachers' Social and Emotional Skills 

Supporting English Language Learners with Next-Gen Tools 

Against “Personalized Learning” 

 One reason why the notion of personalized learning is so popular—one reason it is such a “head-nodder phrase”—is that it recognizes that students are all individuals, with different experiences and different preferences. At the same time, “children are more alike than different in how they think and learn,” as Riley quotes his hero (and mine), the cognitive psychologist Dan Willingham. We need a system of education that acknowledges and accommodates both realities.



Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Educational Links 5/26/16

How a Well-Rounded Education Can Lead To Stronger Readers

Building school connectedness to foster resiliency in children 

Five benefits of testing according to cognitive science 

10 Summer Reading Programs for Kids 

President Obama announces Kid Science Advisors campaign

Is Special Education Driving Funding Gaps Within School Districts? 

Seeing the benefits of failure shapes kids' beliefs about intelligence 

Here's why Google's Chromebooks are so awesome 

Google's Chromebooks just hit a huge milestone. For the first time, they outsold Macs in the US, a sign that a lot of people are looking for cheap, capable computers.


How a Well-Rounded Education Can Lead to Stronger Readers

Can You Handel This Music?

The River Thames with St. Paul's, Canaletto

Forgive the awful pun. One can imagine the music resonating over all of London to the rich and poor alike.

Here is Handel's Water Music, which was performed on barges while sailing down the Thames.

Handel -〈Water Music〉1717 / Alla Hornpipe - Suite No. 2 in D major, HWV 349 (Ton Koopman) 

Teaching Is Reflective

Teaching Strategies: The Value of Self-Reflection 

The Reflective Teacher: Taking a Long Look 

Reflecting on Reflection: A Habit of Mind 

Reflective Teaching: A 30-Day Blogging Challenge For Teachers 

Are You A Reflective Teacher?

Are You A Reflective Teacher? 

10 Ways To Be A More Reflective Teacher

10 Ways To Be A More Relective Teacher

10 Ways To Be A More Reflective Teacher

7 Great Resources for Reflective Teachers 

Reflection: What Makes Learning Stick