Sunday, February 26, 2017

Educational Links 2/27/17

3 Simple Ways to Handle Difficult Classroom Behavior

If You’re Serious About Designing Edtech Solutions, Start With the Learners

How Sensory Processing Disorder Looks A Lot Like ADHD

In a city still struggling with segregation, a popular charter school fights to remain diverse

12 structures to keep kids focused when using the internet in class

Teaching Channel Presents: Sarah's Picks

The 7 Most Important STEM Skills We Should Be Teaching Our Kids

Just what skills do students need today to succeed in the future? We asked 7 leaders in STEM education what they think classroom teachers should focus on to prepare kids for jobs we haven’t even conceived of yet.
Many of our interviewees cited a diverse range of skills, but we challenged them to name at least one key ability they believe will be more critical than the rest in order to succeed in future STEM fields.
We were surprised by the equal mix of “soft” and more traditional academic skills mentioned, from creativity to statistics. 

The Irish! Resources for St. Patrick's Day

Illumination from the Book of Durrow

Teachable Moment: How the Irish Saved Western Civilization

Cheesy Jokes and Serious Thoughts for St. Patrick's Day


Teachable Moment: Brian Boru in the Irish (Brian B├│ramha i nGaeilge) 

Alan Stivel and his harp.

Festival of Irish Arts and Music Day 1

Festival of Irish Arts and Music Day 2

Celtic Circle of Joy--Living Your Dream

Festival of Irish Arts and Music Day 3

Festival of Irish Arts and Music Day 4

Festival of Irish Arts and Music Day 5

Here is an excellent resource for Irishness:

Gift of Ireland 

You can follow them on Twitter, too. 

Holidays Around Ireland


Saturday, February 25, 2017

Educational Links 2/26/17

21 Tips for Starting (or Improving) your School Butterfly Garden

10 Defusing Phrases to Use at IEP Meetings


Are We Innovating, or Just Digitizing Traditional Teaching?

Is It Time To Go Back To Basics With Writing Instruction?

Develop Listening Skills: Sound Awareness

Deeper Learning—for Teachers

Professional development. The phrase has a lot of connotations: Some may think of a trainer talking at them for a full day while others remember a fantastic and practical workshop or a meaningful conversation with a student or colleague. I see a clear parallel to the term project. Say “project” to someone, and they might recall a truly valuable experience or perhaps a complete waste of time. However, we know that when we adopt the mindset and essentials of project-based learning with students, we can improve upon existing projects or create new and better ones. Can we use PBL to improve professional development?

Friday, February 24, 2017

Educational Links 2/25/17

Hacking Teens’ Desire to Impress Their Peers

Why Group Work Could Be the Key to English Learner Success

Flipped learning takes a big step forward

ESSA and education technology: 5 reasons for optimism

Is Special Education in Trouble?

Teaching Students Good Digital Citizenship

The Crisis in Black Education: Focusing on Young People’s Strengths

So we need to focus on young people’s strengths and help them leverage those strengths. Similarly, we can help them understand that there are areas where they can improve constructively, so they don’t internalize those as deficits.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Educational Links 2/24/17

What Writing Wikipedia Entries Can Teach Students About Digital Literacy

Bullying Starts in the Sandbox: Five Ways to Stop It There

How to address executive function skills in the classroom—and why you should

Talking Race, Controversy, and Trauma

The ADHD Brain Is Wired Differently

Smart Ed Tech Strategy That Comes From the Classroom

Encouraging Student Debate

Shifting Your Assessments To Grow Higher-Level Thinking

It was no wonder our students were receiving high marks on classroom assessments—almost all the questions required students to recall memorized information. However, our state assessment and content standards demanded higher levels of thinking. Due to this misalignment, our school results on the state assessment were expectedly low.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Educational Links 2/23/17

Supreme Court Sides With Family In Service Dog Case

Shifting Your Assessments To Grow Higher-Level Thinking

An Unwavering Advocate for Racial Equity in Schools

20 lessons that incorporate the 4Cs

From Dream to STEAM: Guided STEAM Learning Through Play

Using Historical Fiction to Connect Past and Present

Are We Innovating, or Just Digitizing Traditional Teaching?

Instead of filling an inbox on the teacher’s desk with packets and worksheets, students now completed the exact same procedures online. Rather than write homework assignments on the board, teachers posted them to the students’ digital news feeds. While blended learning brings with it the promise of innovation, there is the peril that it will perpetuate and replicate existing practices with newer, more expensive tools.

The Sky Is Cheap Entertainment: New Earth-Type Planets? Scotty, Don't Beam Me Down Just Yet

7 Earth-Size Planets Found In Habitable Zone Outside Our Solar System

BREAKING: NASA Announces the Discovery of a Potentially Habitable 'sister Solar System'

NASA Telescope Reveals Largest Batch of Earth-Size, Habitable-Zone Planets Around Single Star

Artist's conception of the newly discovered possible human habitable planets
40 light years away.