Monday, September 20, 2021

Educational Links 9/21/21

What do school districts credit for successful pandemic pivots?

3 Reasons Why Being a Special Education Teacher Is Even Harder During the Pandemic

The Benefits of Reflection in School Discipline

Pfizer reports vaccine works for children 5 to 11, ready to seek FDA approval


9 Characteristics Of A Competitive Learning Environment That Protects Children

The 13 disability categories under IDEA

How 5 student entrepreneurs built a mental health tool for their peers

In 2020, the National Council for Mental Wellbeing reported that one in six children under the age of 18 experiences a mental health disorder each year. The pandemic has drastically changed the lives of high schoolers as academic institutions shifted to online or hybrid learning, leading to increased feelings of anxiety, depression, and isolation.

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Educational Links 9/20/21

We Know Students Are Struggling With Their Mental Health. Here's How You Can Help

‘Devious Lick’ TikTok Trend Creates Chaos in Schools Nationwide

Keeping Your Class on a Continuous Improvement Cycle

Could Biden's vaccine mandate exacerbate school staff shortages?


Showing we care: Centering 'cariƱo' in the return to in-person learning

What’s the Difference Between Speech Disorders and Language-Based Learning Disabilities?

Using Metacognition to Enhance Learning in All Grades

When students use a questioning strategy to think about their own thinking, they can see how to transfer their learning to new situations.

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Educational Links 9/19/21


NASSP: Federal support needed to curb threats, violence toward school leaders

Trauma-Informed Teaching Strategies

Playing during a pandemic: How schools keep music education going

In Print or Onscreen? Making The Most of Reading With Young Children

What is dysgraphia?

Sensory Strategies That Help Students Refocus on Learning

Elementary students face a constant stream of distracting sensory stimuli throughout the day, but these simple, quick exercises can help them stay on track.Elementary students face a constant stream of distracting sensory stimuli throughout the day, but these simple, quick exercises can help them stay on track.

Friday, September 17, 2021

Educational Links 9/18/21


A Hop, Skip, and a Jump: Creating Your Own Sensory Path

What is ADHD?

Veteran vs. Novice Teachers: Classroom Management Approaches

Culturally Proficient Considerations for Religious Students

At least 9 states have adopted legislation around suicide prevention as districts invest in SEL

What Are The Best Online Learning Tools For Students And Teachers?

Educators’ Support for COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates Is Rising Dramatically

The Delta variant is causing big shifts in educators’ opinions about vaccine mandates.

Though most district leaders, principals, and teachers report their schools are not requiring vaccines for students 12 and older right now, support for these requirements is increasing dramatically. Nearly 60 percent of educators are now saying students who are old enough to receive COVID-19 vaccines should be required to show proof they got the shot to enter school buildings. That’s up from 27 percent when the EdWeek Research Center last asked educators about vaccine requirements in June.

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Educational Links 9/17/2021

Why School Districts Are Unprepared for COVID-19 Disruptions, Again

Panelists: Heal school community polarization for sake of children's health

Air filters are playing a big part in safe school reopening plans

How Do You Cultivate Genius in All Students?

Social-emotional programs have long-term benefits, report finds

5 Adaptable SEL Strategies for In-Person or Distance Learning

Whatever this school year brings, teachers can consistently use these strategies to promote critical life skills.

Educational Links 9/16/2021

What Will Online Learning Look Like in 10 Years? Zoom Has Some Ideas

Other School Districts in No Rush to Follow Los Angeles Unified Vaccine Mandate

‘Pool testing’ to combat Covid on campus grows popular in California schools 

What’s the difference between a speech impairment and a language disorder?

It's the Last Year for Weebly for Education

7 eye-opening back-to-school predictions

8 Tips to Support Hand Hygiene in Preschool

A good handwashing routine is a must for health and can also help preschool students develop valuable skills.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Educational Links 9/15/21

Principals Bear the Brunt of Parental Anger, Staff Fatigue as COVID Drags On

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Coronavirus: Latest updates and tips

Blackboard to Merge With Anthology, Forming a New Edtech Giant

ACLU sues Bay Area school district over ‘separate, unequal and illegal’ special education program

How an inquiry-based approach can support teachers in return to school

Leadership That Alleviates Stress

By keeping their stress levels in check and helping their staff to do the same, administrators can set the stage for a successful year.