Saturday, October 31, 2020

Educational Links 11/1/2020

Most superintendents say they're not 'very well prepared' to lead race, equity conversations

Schools Fail To Curtail Restraint, Seclusion Of Students With Disabilities 

3 COVID-19 education trends set to persist post-pandemic


Why You Shouldn’t Correct Student Work

How to Create Engaging Instructional Videos

Virus outbreaks unavoidable as school campuses reopen, experts warn

Safety measures can help lower, but not eliminate, the risk of virus transmission.

The Sky Is Cheap Entertainment: Halloween Full Moon and Mars, too.


Blue Moon and red Mars on Halloween

What’s a Blue Moon, and when is the next one?

Dean Martin "Blue Moon"

Blue Moon, Blue Moon, Blue Moon
Moon, moon, moon, Blue Moon
Moon, moon, moon, Blue Moon
Blue Moon (moon, moon, moon, Blue Moon)
You saw me standing alone (moon, moon, moon, Blue Moon)
Without a dream in my heart (moon, moon, moon, Blue Moon)
Without a love of my own
Blue Moon (moon, moon, moon, Blue Moon)
You knew just what I was there for (moon, moon, moon, Blue Moon)
You heard me saying a prayer for (moon, moon, moon, Blue Moon)
Someone I really could care for
And then there suddenly appeared before me
The only one my arms will ever hold
I heard somebody whisper, "Please adore me."
And when I looked, the moon had turned to gold, oh
Blue Moon (moon, moon, moon, Blue Moon)
Now I'm no longer alone (moon, moon, moon, Blue Moon)
Without a dream in my heart (moon, moon, moon, Blue Moon)
Without a love of my own
Moon, moon, moon, Blue Moon
Moon, moon, moon, Blue Moon
Moon, moon, moon, Blue Moon
Moon, moon, moon, Blue Moon
Moon, moon, moon, Blue Moon
Moon, moon, moon, Blue Moon
Blue Moon

Friday, October 30, 2020

Educational Links 10/31/2020

When Kids Say ‘I’m not a reader’: How Librarians Can Disrupt Traumatic Reading Practices

How Effective Is Online Learning? What the Research Does and Doesn't Tell Us

 How to Make the Most Out of Virtual Office Hours

8 Things Every Teacher Needs In Order To Grow

Students getting in-person instruction at accelerating pace in California


Creative Approaches to Supporting the Emotional Well-Being of Staff

Three strategies school leaders can implement to help ensure that all staff members manage the stresses of this year.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Educational Links 10/30/2020

School Has Lost Its Connection. Both Students and Teachers Are Feeling It.

4 Ways to Give Meaningful Feedback with Google Classroom

 When Students Break The Rules, Emphasize The Effect On Others


Teletherapy for ADHD is Simplifying Pandemic Life (and Treatment)

Struggling To Connect Through A Screen, Special Ed Teachers Make House Calls

We’re Pressuring Students to Read Too Fast, Too Much, Too Soon

If 2020 has taught us anything at all, it’s the value of slowing down. So why hasn’t that translated to how we teach reading to our early learners? If there was ever a time to push back on developmentally inappropriate standards for beginning readers, it’s now. Because current practice is not only failing to produce children who love to read—it’s failing to even improve reading scores.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Educational Links 10/29/2020


Staff Meetings Get a Needed Makeover During the Pandemic

Quick Guide: What California’s color-coded county tracking system means for schools

Best Practices for Professional Learning Communities

Communicating Beyond the Classroom: Keeping School Staff Safe and Healthy

Inside the Rapidly Changing World of Professional Development

High school seniors have made no progress in math or reading on closely watched federal test

10 Simple Steps for Reducing Toxic Stress in the Classroom

More and more teachers recognize that children who can’t sit still in class, act out, or have asthma may be showing warning signs of a toxic exposure to childhood trauma.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Educational Links 10/28/2020


How The Memory Works In Learning

How Project-Based Learning Helps Students Process Challenging Personal Experiences

People With Down Syndrome 10 Times More Likely To Die From COVID-19

Linking Social-Emotional Learning to Long-Term Success

Dear Teachers, You're Our Country's Greatest Hope Right Now

Tis the Season: Rip Van Winkle

Rip Van Winkle and Wolf, about to encounter a ghost, and wake up after how many years?

Washington Irving, early American writer, had a wry sense of humor. This is one of my favorite stories, especially for autumn. Used to be seventh graders always read it; I found a simplified version in 'Bringing the Classics to Life,' Ed Con, for my Special Ed. and ESL classes. 'The Legend of Sleepy Hollow' is included. It was always amazing fun, ripe with opportunities for in-class drama and art (of the autumn type.) I would always give a hint to them to watch out for the two Georges.


This production of Faerie Tale Theatre is directed by Francis Ford Coppola,  and produced in what would be a fantastic children's theatre.  It is my all time favorite Faerie Tale Theatre production, well worth the time.


 Faerie Tale Theatre 24 Rip Van Winkle


With A-Poe-logies to Edgar


The Raven By Edgar Allan Poe

Bullwinkle's Corner - The Raven



Bart The Raven 




Monday, October 26, 2020

Educational Links 10/27/2020


What Are Today’s Children Learning from Their Childhood?

More than half of California State University campuses saw enrollment gains this fall, despite pandemic

The Importance Of Intrinsic Motivation

Best Websites for English Teachers … Share the List!

 10 Metacognitive Prompts To Help Students Reflect On Their Learning

What the Edtech Industry Should Know About the Worst Parts of Remote Learning

Length of live teaching varies in California even in the same grade level and same district

Among state’s 20 largest districts, a fourth-grader can get as little as one hour per day in some districts and nearly four hours in others.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Educational Links 10/26/2020


How More Teachers are Being Trained in the Science of Reading

How to Help Children Calm Down

What is G Suite for Education? | What You Need to Know! 

3, 2, 1 … Blast Off! Students Can Travel to Mars With These Virtual Space Missions

Isolated Students May Struggle to Stay Mentally Healthy

Learning Is Different Than Education

An Antiracist Roadmap for Discussing Tough Topics in Class

This long-term strategy for guiding conversations on topics like racism requires prep work to ensure that the classroom is truly inclusive of all students.

Halloween Art: Pumpkins and Misunderstood Critters


Bat Facts for Kids | Classroom Edition Animal Learning Video



Black Cat Paper Strips - Halloween craft ideas for kids

Are Black Cats Unlucky? - Simon's Cat | LOGIC #13

DIY: Spooky Pine Cone Spiders!

Spiders for Kids | Educational Science Videos


Ravens and crows - the most intelligent birds in the world (animal documentary in HD)

Fall Leaf Craft Owl

Owl Facts for Kids

This looks so cute.

Art with Leaves

 Just a brief glance at the net for these--seemed very fun, quick but beautiful.

Fall Crafts with Leaves 

Sensory Autumn Art Project 

A Crafty Autumn Leaf Project for Kids (and Adults) 

 36 Leaf Crafts & Kids Activities for Fall 

Fall Leaves Crafts for Kids