Saturday, August 26, 2017

Educational Links 8/27/17

Respectful Talk

Accommodations: What They Are and How They Work

     How podcasts are making students better researchers

Resources for Teaching Digital Citizenship - A PDF Handout

Welcoming 5 New Hubs into the Making Spaces Program

      Find ideas for learning with technology in our back-to-school guide!

Improving Your Parent-Outreach Strategy

Use these communication tools to keep parents in the loop, reduce your workload, and boost student engagement.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Educational Links 8/26/17

Choosing Your Blended Learning Model

Oldest Kids in Class Do Better, Even through College

Treatment Options for Dysgraphia

Welcoming Families From Day One

50 Dynamic Writing Activities for All Kids

Can You Really ‘Outgrow’ ADHD?

Districts Turn to Emergency Measures for Hard-to-Staff Teaching Posts

Across the country, school districts are trying new tactics to avoid starting this school year with an empty teacher's desk, with some going so far as to hire parents to staff empty classrooms.
Many districts have reported trouble filling certain positions, particularly in traditional shortage areas like special education, math, science, and foreign-language instruction. That is, of course, a perennial issue: Most states have reported shortage areas for years, if not decades.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Educational Links 8/25/17

The Power Of I Don’t Know

How to navigate the new device-agnostic classroom

Payoffs Seen in Smooth Transition to Kindergarten

What is the Future of Classroom Management?

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work—Building a Successful Blended Learning Program

Implementing blended learning as a pathway to personalization requires a collective effort that takes time and patience. But with the collective commitment and effort from the superintendent, principals, teachers, and instructional coaches, teamwork can make the dream work.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Educational Links 8/24/17

Are You Prepared to Talk About Race?

12 Strategies For Creating An Atmosphere Of Problem-Solving In Your Classroom

Is ADHD a Spectrum Disorder?

How To Support Students That Never Come To School

An On-Site Advocate for Every Student

Federal Judge Finds Racism Behind Arizona Law Banning Ethnic Studies

'Redshirt' Your Kids? Study Adds Fuel to a Complicated Debate

Many parents spent the summer months deciding if they should send their young-for-grade children to kindergarten on time, or if—borrowing a term from college athletics—they should "redshirt" them for a year, ensuring that they'll be among the oldest in their classes.
working paper published by the National Bureau of Economic Research lends credence to the idea that children who are older-for-grade receive a measurable edge compared to their younger classmates over the long term‐they have higher test scores, are more likely to attend college, and are less likely to spend time in the juvenile justice.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Educational Links 8/23/17

Empathy Is Tough to Teach, But Is One Of the Most Important Life Lessons

A Literacy-Based Strategy to Help Teachers Integrate Science Skills

Your Child’s Rights in the IEP and 504 Process

Create a Sense of Community With a School-Wide Theme

Don’t Complain About Charter Schools, Compete With Them

The benefit of this dynamic is that it’s familiar. It holds just enough truth that it has staying power. It serves an important political purpose for the storytellers. The problem is that can prevent these storytellers from responding to reality—in this case the real impact of charter growth on traditional districts and schools.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Educational Links 8/22/17

Helping Teachers Thrive

Kids Learn What It Takes To Be An Astronaut

Faces of the Shadow Class

Three Reasons to Ditch Technology in Your Flipped Classroom

Classroom Management for Noncompliant Students

How to get student buy-in for your class cell phone policy 

Six Great Ways to Deal with Disruptive Students

Even in the best of classes, you'll find one or two disruptive students. Here are six tips for managing their behaviors while maintaining a healthy relationship with them

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Educational Links 8/21/17

Relationships Matter More Than Rules

Become an explorer in your own backyard or nearby park!

How everyday interactions shape autism

Digital Lesson Planner Replaces Bulky Binders

But the incident also has reignited a conversation among educators about the responsibility to teach U.S. history without sanitizing the country's ugly moments – as shameful as they may be.

Special Education Links 8/21/17

Vaccination: Costly clash between autonomy, public health

Many parents cling to multiple false claims and beliefs when deciding whether to vaccinate their children, and many are no longer willing to take the word of their physician.
For example, some parents fear that vaccinations increase the risk of autism, a belief that is based on false data and continues to spread through social media. Others believe that vaccines are ineffective or that they can cause attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, ear infections and allergies. Still others believe that unvaccinated children are healthier than vaccinated children.
In addition, in the 2013 survey, parents reported that vaccinations are unnecessary because the diseases they prevent have been wiped out in the U.S. When parents have not seen these diseases in many years, they become complacent.

Target Unveils Clothing For Kids With Special Needs

The Social Ties Between Autism and Schizophrenia

Exposure to Antimicrobials During Development May Cause Irreversible Outcomes

"What kind of society do you want to live in?": Inside the country where Down syndrome is disappearing

Australian Down syndrome model Madeline Stuart launches fashion label at NYFW

Madeline Stewart website

Music That Focuses the Brain

Research suggests that the soundtrack to your child’s homework should comprise these 21 songs, proven to change the electromagnetic frequency of brain waves for optimal focus.

An Open Letter to the Parents Worried My Son Is in Their Child’s Class

Hope these articles are helpful and interesting. They were for me, I just started teaching a new Mod./Severe SPED class at the high school level.
These are several websites with valuable info for teacher and family of special needs students.