Saturday, July 11, 2020

Educational Links 7/12/2020

How Children Process Grief and Loss Through Play

Stop Fighting Your Child’s Neurodiversity: A Step-by-Step Plan for Parents in Diagnosis Denial

How to Plan When You Don’t Know What to Plan For

How the CDC and Pediatricians Differ on School Reopening Guidance

How Trauma Affects Kids in School

SEL Skills Are More Vital Than Ever. Here’s How to Choose the Right Tools.

How to Coach Parents Who Are Teaching at Home

Many parents and guardians felt overwhelmed in supporting their student’s learning during the pandemic—these strategies can help.

STEM to STEAM Resources

Your students should be Renaissance people! Science, music, engineering, singing, art, dance, literature, technology, math, poetry--lots of poetry! STEM to STEAM means stimulating student growth by expanding their experiences with inclusion of the Arts. This is a whole brain stimulation educational philosophy that not only increases learning but also student well-being. The arts give you smarts--and empathy, self-exploration and expression.

STEM to STEAM: Resource Roundup 

STEAM Rising 



STEM News:  Is STEM now officially STEAM?

STEM News Roundup: Is STEM Now Officially STEAM? 

From STEM to STEAM: On the New Paradigm 

STEM vs. STEAM: Why The “A” Makes a Difference 

John Madea: "STEM to STEAM: The Meaning of Innovation" | Talks at Google 



Friday, July 10, 2020

Educational Links 7/11/2020

A Teacher Makes 1500 Educational Decisions A Day


Nation's Pediatricians Walk Back Support For In-Person School

Catholic school superintendent aims to equip schools for special ed

New website offers tips for teachers about virtual special education

Reading, writing and anxiety

The impact of the coronavirus on e-learning

Prior to March, distance learning was a relatively foreign concept to most of the nation's public school districts. But seemingly overnight, the coronavirus pandemic shut down buildings and forced students and teachers online as they attempted to salvage what they could of a school year disrupted by forces beyond their control.

Cutting Up with Matisse

The Sorrows of the King 

La Tristesse du roi

Henri Matisse 1952

Henri Matisse in 60 seconds

Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs

Dyslexia Revealed

The MindShift Guide to Understanding Dyslexia

Why Dyslexia Is More Than a Reading Disorder

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Educational Links 7/10/2020

Special education remote teaching resources

Top Pediatrician Says States Shouldn't Force Schools To Reopen If Virus Is Surging



Effective Anti-Racist Education Requires More Diverse Teachers, More Training

Will COVID-19 prevention have positive long-term impact on classroom design?

Real-World Learning for Student Journalists

Figuring out what makes a good story and how to tell it helps young reporters boost their critical-thinking skills—and that’s especially true at this historic moment.

Could It Be ADHD?

Classroom teachers frequently find overly active behavior and lack of focus during instruction. How to handle these kids? Could it be ADHD?

Check out this information, as well as consult with parents and other educational professionals.

Understanding ADHD 

Almost all children have times when their behavior veers out of control. They may speed about in constant motion, make noise nonstop, refuse to wait their turn, and crash into everything around them. At other times they may drift as if in a daydream, unable to pay attention or finish what they start. 
However, for some children, these kinds of behaviors are more than an occasional problem.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder 

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a brain disorder marked by an ongoing pattern of inattention and/or hyperactivity-impulsivity that interferes with functioning or development.

ADHD: What You’re Seeing 

Is your child simply “acting his age,” or is his behavior a sign of ADHDAttention-deficit hyperactivity disorder can appear differently at the different stages of your child’s life. Here are examples of some of the more common issues and behaviors of preschoolers, grade-schoolers, tweens and teens with ADHD.

Are You Sure It's Attention Deficit? 

Your child's symptoms may seem to add up to ADHD. But hyperactivity, inattention, and impulsivity could be rooted in other conditions.


Here are two websites that a great resources for learning about ADHD and Learning and Attention issues:

Understood for Learning and Attention Issues 

ADDitude Magazine Strategies and Support for ADHD and LD 


Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Educational Links 7/9/2020


How to Teach Divergent Thinking

Pitting mental health against safety, national leaders point to SEL in school reopening debate

Coronavirus spike jeopardizes opening of schools, L.A. County’s top health official warns

Top Pediatrician Says States Shouldn't Force Schools To Reopen If Virus Is Surging

Teachers Are Suddenly The Frontlines In the Fight Against COVID

Will Kindergartens Be Empty This Fall?

Kindergarten is more than just a time of high emotion for parents. Kindergarten readiness is an area that has received increased attention from educators and researchers as well. Kindergarten readiness assessments are mandatory in more than half the states, with the idea that they can help teachers better understand their students’ needs. Other states and communities have programs intended to help children get off to a strong academic start by smoothing the transition between home and formal schooling.

Bam! Radio Online for Educators

BAM! is an acronym for "body and mind" and BAM! Radio was conceived in 2007 on the premise that the key to success in life for children and youth is nurturing a healthy mind in a healthy body.
Developed by early childhood professionals, BAM! Radio started out as a single online radio program called Body Mind and Child. It was created to bring parents the latest insights and wisdom from the leading experts in the fields of early childhood education, physical education/motor development, play research, child development, and the neurosciences.
Here are the segments I have been privileged to participate in.
To those who believe that sitting still and paying attention equals learning, fidgeting is simply an undesirable student behavior. Others see much more. Join this fascinating discussion.

Why Students Fidget in Class: Abnormal and Distracting or Normal and Desirable?
One of the most common ways to teach reading and fluency is through popcorn or round- robin reading. Our guests identify the shortcomings of this approach and offer several better strategies.

6 Better Ways to Teach Reading and Fluency 

Our guests argue that social and emotional learning must precede numeracy and literacy. Tune in as we talk about how teachers can find ways to balance these needs in the current educational climate. Rae Pica with Maurice J. Elias, Ed Dunkelblau, Melanie Link Taylor, Jason Flom Squeezing Social-Emotional Learning into the Common Core

In this segment, our guests offer their best ideas for closing out the last few minutes of the day.

10 Smart Ways to End the School Day Rae Pica with Angela Watson, Kristen Vincent, Melanie Link Taylor, Jennifer Carey

 In this segment we explore why some students don't listen, and what teachers can do about it.
Why Students Tune Out: Five Ways to Get Students to Listen and Hear Rae Pica with Isis Artze, Geoffrey Caine,  Melanie Link Taylor, Dan Brow 
The problem of homeless students is greater than many realize. In this segment we take a closer look at the challenges teachers face and offer ways to manage this growing problem at the classroom level.

The Hidden Challenges of Teaching Homeless Students Rae Pica with Sarah D. Sparks, Barbara Duffield, John Spencer, Melanie Link Taylor

Quiet, calm minds learn better. Unfortunately, students are increasingly stressed about life inside and outside of class. In this segment our guests offer strategies to help students stress less.

Helping Stressed-Out Students Stress Less  Rae Pica with Linda Esposito, Larry Ferlazzo, Melanie Taylor, Dan Brown


It is my privilege to have been invited to participate in these discussions, and a member of the BAM 100,
Influential Voices.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Educational Links 7/8/2020

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Tools to Help Create Digital Student Portfolios

Empathy Is An Elevated Form Of Understanding

How Students Benefit from a School Reopening Plan Designed for Those at the Margins

How Technology, Coronavirus Will Change Teaching by 2025

Survey: Students relatively positive on distance learning, but obstacles remain

3 Ways to Reduce Stress and Build Connections During Distance Learning

Remote learning will likely play a role in students’ lives once schools reopen. Here’s how teachers and parents can help kids manage stress, build resilience, and stay connected.

Don't Like Poetry? Betcha Do

...don't forget all those Valentine's rhymes!

You say you don't like poetry--I doubt that. We just have to establish what we mean by poetry.

Yes, you enjoyed a movie that is all poetry.
That come-on line is nothing but poetry.

Romeo + Juliet 


The Cat in the Hat--even my name is poetry.


You can't say you never liked Dr. Seuss--what's that--you forgot it was poetry?

The Cat in the Hat 


Betting you have quoted poetry, though maybe not all at once.

Tis better to have loved and lost/Than never to have loved at all  Tennyson To err is human; to forgive, divine  Alexander Pope  A thing of beauty is a joy forever  Keats And miles to go before I sleep  Robert Frost Hope springs eternal in the human breast  Alexander Pope To be or not to be: that is the question Shakespeare I know why the caged bird sings Maya Angelou O Romeo, Romeo; wherefore art thou Romeo Shakespeare...there's no joy in Mudville, the mighty Casey has struck out. Thayer

You probably chuckled at the Limerick about the girl from Venus, but I won't print that since this is a family edublog. But this poem  might make you smile, especially noting the poet.

The marriage of poor Kim Kardashian
Was krushed like a kar in a krashian.
Her Kris kried, "Not fair!
Why kan't I keep my share?"
But Kardashian fell klean outa fashian.
—Salman Rushdie 

Maybe you didn't realize you were accessing poetry during spiritual moments. The Psalms are poems, like the most quoted Psalm 23.
Lena Moore Psalm 23 Quilt ca. 1930 Collection of Janet M. Green "Talking Quilts" American Folk Art Museum
Remember when you were in ninth grade and you kind of liked that wild story with the Greek guy and all the monsters like the Cyclops and the crazy-haired Medusa? 

That was poetry, thanks to Homer, not Simpson. The Odyssey by Homer.
Cyclops AKA Claymation

Achilles AKA Brad Pitt.

 And don't forget Achilles, not the heel. The Illiad (and the story of Troy) was  a poem, too.

 Speaking of Homer Simpson, here is my last evidentiary item. You enjoyed "The Raven: the Simpson's Version." I know you did. Though they did a really Poe job of it. (Ha, English major joke.)

The Raven: The Simpsons Version like poetry. Told ya so.