Saturday, November 24, 2018

Educational Links 11/25/18

Autism Diagnosis, Explained


Principals a Vital Part of Special Education Success

How School Recycling Changed My Classroom and Community for the Better

Frenemies and Bullying: Helping Girls Cope When Friendship Is Used as a Weapon

Do reward stickers work at any age?

As we approach the end of November and motivation in the classroom begins to flag, teachers may question how they keep their students engaged and excited in their work in the final few weeks of term.

Teaching Is...Soothing the Soul (SEL)

1. Resources and Lesson Plans for Social and Emotional Learning
2. Can Fostering Positive Emotions Help Stop Suicide?

3. What Is Social and Emotional Learning? 

4. Five Keys to Successful Social and Emotional Learning 

5. David Greene: Building a Culture of Respect

6.  The Hidden Challenges of Teaching Homeless Students 

7. Resources to Fight Bullying and Harassment at School 

8. True Grit: The Best Measure of Success and How to Teach It 

Christmas Music For Feeling Sorry For Yourself

Oh boo hoo.

NPR understands what I'm trying to say.

Have Yourself A Sullen Little Christmas


Elvis Presley & Martina McBride - Blue Christmas 

Judy Garland - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Dean Martin - The Christmas Blues 

It's Christmas Baby Please Come Home World Premiere 

These last two songs are pretty much rated R--but the Pogues' song is actually a masterpiece.

Fairytale of New York by the pogues lyrics 

Blink-182 - Won't Be Home For Christmas

Friday, November 23, 2018

Educational Links 11/24/18

Closing the Diversity Gap

New research sheds light on how to inspire, recruit and retain teachers of color.

The Beginning of the End of Snow Days


Where Curiosity Will Lead Education

What Giving Students Choice Looks Like in the Classroom

Keeping in mind the prior research that proves there is such a thing as too much choice, it’s important to just look at all the possible options that teachers have who are looking to incorporate more choice in their classrooms.

Interesting Arts and Crafts for Diverse Winter Holidays

Lights of Winter: Winter Celebrations Around the World
Advent Calendar 

Winter Solstice 

 Create a Stained Glass Rose Window 

Christmas Activities for Middle School Students : Christmas Crafts new year, ephiphanyv=JwszFzZ0W-4

December Holidays Lessons & Resources, Grades 6-12 




Kwanzaa Crafts and Activities 

Pongal Arts and Crafts 

New Year's Day Art and Craft Projects 

Children's Arts & Crafts for Epiphany

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Educational Links 11/23/18

4 Skills and Traits Great Schools Teach That Will Always be Essential

Too Few Schoolwork Assignments Offer Students Choice, Relevance, Study Finds

Making Those Dreaded, Stressful, Parent Phone Calls

3 Tips for Substitute Teachers on How to Earn Respect

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Basics

Passport to Tolerance

Kid-Tracking Sensors May Not Be the Wildest Thing About This Montessori Model

Operating in storefronts, school footprints are too small to include outdoor spaces, which are encouraged in Montessori schools, so classes use local parks instead. This intentional approach is designed to reflect what kids might do with their time away from school anyway, like playing outside or going apple picking. “It feels more like some cross between homeschooling and regular institutional schooling,” Kramer says. “It feels like you don't have to step so far from reality to our school.”

Required Reading Support: Biography

Dorothea Dix

Dorothea Dix Biography

Activist, Activist, Educator (1802–1887)

Dorothea Dix

Social Sciences

'We choose to go to the moon...' JFK

May 25, 1961: JFK's Moon Shot Speech to Congress

John F. Kennedy
Address at Rice University on the Nation's Space Program

John F. Kennedy - Full Biography

JFK Presidential Library

Michael Jordan Biography

Famous Basketball Players (1963–)

The Life Story Of Michael Jordan - NBA's Greatest Basketball Player Documentary - Documentary

There are other resources in the classroom library supporting these biographies.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Educational Links 11/22/18

What Giving Students Choice Looks Like in the Classroom

Is My Child’s Anger Normal or Should I Be Concerned?


Education Department found indications of deceptive practices by Navient — and kept quiet

Close Reading the Internet: Developing Critical Thinkers

The Free Music Archive is Closing - But Not All is Lost

Environmental Risk for Autism, Explained

Childhood vaccines are similarly in the clear. The research that purported to show a causal link was fraudulent and has been retracted, and no reliable evidence has ever emerged to support it.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Wishing You Thanksgiving Blessings

And here is an old-fashioned chorus to remind us...

Count your Blessings

Educational Links 11/21/18

Goodbye, Teacher Tired: 5 Days to Doing Fewer Things, Better

7 steps for a smooth technology deployment

How To Make A Civics Education Stick

One School District’s Simple Solution to the Homework Gap? Local Businesses

Inclusion As A Growth Strategy Part 6: The Most Essential Skill For The Age Of Personalization

If We’re Teaching Social Emotional Skills, We Need to Assess Them

NPR Student Podcast Challenge: Turn An Idea Into Sound — And Win

Professional Development: Teacher Fitness Tips

You may be wondering how teacher fitness fits in with professional development. Professional development for teachers isn’t just about learning how to be a better teacher, it’s also learning about how to take of yourself so you can be a better teacher. In order to get through lecturing your students while being on your feet all day, you need energy. In order to have an adequate amount of energy, you also need to be healthy. Considering you’re around germs all day long, you need to keep healthy and exercise so you won’t get sick and will have enough energy to do your job. Here are a few of the top ways that you can stay and healthy fit this school year.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Educational Links 11/20/18

21 Things Teachers Do Every Single Day But Don’t Get Recognized For

Teacher Evaluations Have Dramatically Changed the Principal's Job

Download: Multisensory Reading and Writing Tools

35 Teachers Share the Sometimes Funny, Sometimes Painful Things They’ve Done Out of Pure Exhaustion

Kids love to ‘roast’ each other. But when does good-natured teasing become bullying?

Dropping Out and Coming Back: Stories of Persevering for a Diploma

8 Needs For Project-Based Learning In The 21st Century

We tend to think of project-based learning as focused on research, planning problem-solving, authenticity, and inquiry. Further, collaboration, resourcefulness, and networking matter too–dozens of characteristics “fit” into project-based learning. Its popularity comes from, among other characteristics, its general flexibility as a curriculum framework. You can do, teach, assess, and connect almost anything within the context of a well-designed project.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Educational Links 11/19/18

Digital Text is Changing How Kids Read—Just Not in the Way That You Think

What to Do When a Student Self-Harms

Organizing Students for Learningliteracy

Why Choice Matters to Student Learning

Fiction vs. Non-fiction - A Canva Infographic

ADD Symptoms Vs. ADHD Symptoms: What’s the Difference?

Simple classroom strategies can assist students with deficits in executive function skills like time management and active listening.

Read! Classic Adventure, Romance, Mystery

Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson Illustration by N.C. Wyeth

Classics! These are still around because they're compelling, fascinating, and fun. Kids have sophisticated tastes when it comes to their stories because they are exposed to a large variety due to improved tech--games have extended plots, there is a plethora of television and film options, some are actually of good quality. Let's get them into the classic books for truly profound experiences.

Kids aren't afraid to seek complicated thought processes--offer a smorgasbord of classic stories for them to consume.

1. Adventure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson Illustrations by N.C. Wyeth

Wonder what Jane's thinking? Read the book.
You may as well start with the best adventure ever! And outstanding illustrations. Stevenson tells a compelling, on-the-edge-of-your-seat story. Kids love it. Don't worry about vocabulary or archaic language, this story moves. And if you don't get a word occasionally, Google it.

2. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

This is better than Twilight. A grand gothic novel with a hint of feminism, Jane doesn't wilt like Bella. The character creates empathy as she goes through tragic circumstances, and the reader can make judgments as to her decisions. Jane goes from one trauma to another, dragging your heart with it.

3. Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

Poor Pip. What a doofus. Dickens perfected the twisted plot, personable characters, and strange happy endings.

Don't know if that's White Fang, Kiche or One-Eye.
4. White Fang by Jack London

A dog (wolf) story with a happy ending. This is another extreme adventure story--from the animal's perspective. Along with The Call of the Wild, you truly have lived in the Yukon. Great summer read, Jack London is so effective, it doesn't matter what the temperature is, the book is like an airconditioner in its imagery. Still wonder what happened to Kiche.

5. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

This child is caught in such a quandary--but with a voice of  clarity he proclaims the truth about the society in which he lives--the ante-bellum South. Humor and truth, Mark Twain's forte. 

Get in that canoe and glide along the Glimmerglass.
6. The Last of the Mohicans by James Fennimore Cooper, illustrations by N. C. Wyeth

There is an entire series about Nathaniel Bumppo, starting with his teen years before the American Revolution. This is the most famous of the series. The writing is so compelling, you will have had the experience of camping with Nattie and having hatchets whiz by your head. You really can't miss this.

And don't you dare just watch a film or mini-series and think you know the story! A reader's imagination is the best production crew.