Saturday, January 8, 2022

Educational Links 1/8/2022

What Is The Role Of The Teacher In The Classroom Of The Near Future?

Why Education Is About To Reach A Crisis Of Epic Proportions

The importance of positive self-esteem for kids

How coding shapes students’ future success

What it really takes to keep schools open during the omicron surge

Winter Brain Breaks

The Many Benefits of Strengths-Based IEPs

Individualized education programs that focus on learner competencies enhance student growth and increase parental involvement.

Teaching Is...Soothing the Soul (SEL)

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is...Soothing the Soul (SEL): 1. Resources and Lesson Plans for Social and Emotional Learning

Teaching Is...Classroom Management

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is...Classroom Management:   Top Five Classroom Management Strategies – They Really Work

Teaching Is Collaborating Until You're A Team

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Collaborating Until You're A Team: 1. The Benefits of Teacher Collaboration   2. Teach...

MLK Day Resources

MzTeachuh: MLK Day Resources: About Dr. King         The Nobel Peace Prize 1964 Martin Luther King Jr. http://w...

How Learning Happens

MzTeachuh: How Learning Happens: How Learning Happens In this video series, we explore how educators can guide all studen...

Dyslexia Revealed

MzTeachuh: Dyslexia Revealed: The MindShift Guide to Understanding Dyslexia ...

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Reflective

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Reflective:   A Mid-Year Reflection for Teachers and Students

MzTeachuh: Common Sense and Classroom Management from Michael...

MzTeachuh: Common Sense and Classroom Management from Michael...: I really love the clarity and intelligence of Michael Linsin's books and suggestions. You can read  The Happy Teacher  on Kindle for ...

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Something to Consider


Educational Links 1/6/22

This Moment in Education Is Demanding. To Move the Field Forward, We Must Support Educators in Three Key Ways.


10 Of Our Best Articles About Classroom Management For Teachers

Redesigning education for post-pandemic success

For Anxious Teachers, Omicron ‘Feels Like Walking Into a Trap’

Omicron, staff shortages interrupt in-person school

7 Clever, Teacher-Tested Tech Hacks

From dropping a pin into online texts, to teaching students the art of checklists, here’s how teachers are upping their ed tech game.

Monday, January 3, 2022

Educational Links 1/3/22

A Principal’s Assessment: ‘We’re Not OK’

ADD vs. ADHD: What’s the Difference in Symptoms?

Is Your Child Worrying Too Much?

Schools adapt for return from break as COVID-19 cases surge

Showing Up with Empathy


Why your local library might be hiring a social worker

For years, libraries have been a place people turn to for information to help them solve problems. But the challenges patrons are dealing with are increasingly beyond the scope of what most librarians are trained to handle — and that's where social workers can fill in the gaps.

Sunday, January 2, 2022

My First Post Ten Years Ago: MzTeachuh: Relax and Teach: First Steps

MzTeachuh: Relax and Teach: First Steps
: The second grader got started reading the sentence aloud to the tutor, and the letters flowed into words one after another. He had read his ...

Well, after ten years, it is 17,359 posts and 4,476,479 pageviews later. I have learned so much from checking out all these resources and felt the privilege of being in touch with you all.

Let's continue.

Educational Links 1/2/22

A List Of Sneaky But Effective Simple School Improvement Strategies

Whomping willows and chess: Using Covid relief to make school fun

 I Wanted Balance Between My Career and Personal Life. Now, I Sing A Different Tune.

9 mostly pessimistic education predictions for 2022 — from a teacher

What Teachers Think Is—and Isn’t—Working This School Year

6 reasons to use edtech tools to save valuable classroom time

Exploring the Beauty in Math

In addition to teaching students about math facts and procedures, teachers can guide them to see it as a creative pursuit.

Just Planting It Forward