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Educational Links 2/2/20

As Teen Stress Increases, Teachers Look for Answers

Simple But Effective Ways School Leaders Can Show Teachers They Care Every Day

How The Memory Works In Learning


ADHD Neuroscience 101

25 Sticky Note Teacher Hacks You’ll Want to Steal

Outstanding in Your Field: What It Takes to Be a Great Teacher

How does one advance from good teaching into greatness? It takes a tremendous deal of reflection and the will to change.

Teachable Moment: Presidents Day

MzTeachuh: Teachable Moment: Presidents Day: So many speeches--you can choose so many presidents--what a great resource. I would ch...

Super Bowl Sunday, Bill Walsh and a Chuckle or Two

Bill Walsh, one of the best ever coaches

Bill Walsh, that's 
the coach of coaches. 

He wrote some very 
positive advice for 
teachers and everyone 
who works with kids. 


"Kids who take part 

in any sport get to feel 
the euphoria of victory, but they also learn 
how to deal with loss."

"Having to play a role determined by coaches, whether it is exactly what a player hopes for or not, teaches the acceptance of authority -- but not an automatic, robotic acceptance."

"Athletes have to also understand that anxiety is not a flaw, and that overcoming it is possible -- and sometimes a lot easier than they thought."

"The social elements of team sports have far-reaching effects. Team members develop the ability to communicate under stress. They learn to respect others whether they like them or not, and if a team is ethically coached, its members also are taught to respect their opponents no matter how fierce the rivalry."  

For full article:

Fit for Life: A Coach's Pep Talk

Former San Francisco 49ers coach Bill Walsh discusses the importance of physical fitness in school and beyond.

 A Scorecrow. 
What do you put in the 
N zone to stop the other team from scoring?  





Where do hungry football players play?
In the Supper Bowl.

What did the football say to the punter? "I get a kick out of you." 




 Why do coaches like punters?
Because punters always put 
their best foot forward.   
 What do you call a lineman's kids?
Chips off the old blocker.
What football player should you be suspicious of?
The quarterback sneak.




The saga continues.






Why did the football coach go to the bank? A: To get his quarter back!


Q: How do football players stay cool during the game?
A: They stand close to the fans?

Which football team cooks gourmet meals together?
The Kansas City Chefs. 


 Go, Niners!


Principal's Suggestion Box Letter #6

MzTeachuh: Principal's Suggestion Box Letter #6: These letters are absolutely fictional (to protect the innocent and not-so-innocent.) But, with the hint of truth, maybe we ca...

Valentine's Activities

MzTeachuh: Valentine's Activities: Let me call you Tweetheart. 1. Activities, Crafts and Cards for Valentine's Day

Friday, January 31, 2020

Black History Month: Reading Resources (Reading Ro...

MzTeachuh: Black History Month: Reading Resources (Reading Ro...: Books by Theme Books about Martin Luther King, Jr. The titles below i...

Black History Month: Langston Hughes, Two Favorite...

MzTeachuh: Black History Month: Langston Hughes, Two Favorite...:    Harlem By Langston Hughes What happens to a dream deferred?       Does it dry up       like a raisin in the sun? ...

ADHD: What To Do

MzTeachuh: ADHD--What To Do: ADHD Is Fuel for Adventure   EARLY WARNING SIGNS OF ADHD MOST PEOPLE MISS ...

Educational Links 2/1/20


13 Brilliant Outcomes Of Project-Based Learning

How Do I Know If My Child Has Executive Function Issues?

Learning Is a Learned Behavior. Here’s How to Get Better at It.

A Taxonomy For Transfer: 14 Ways Learners Can Transfer What They Know

4 Must-Have Google Classroom Skills for Teachers

Happy Teachers Practice Self-Care


Man, this art is messing with my mind!

MzTeachuh: Man, this art is messing with my mind! Origin...: Victor Vasely Vonal Stri 1975 Victor Vasarely The art seems to move--before animation. Though Victor doesn't ...

Awww Garsh--Love Songs for Valentine's Day # 25

MzTeachuh: Awww Garsh--Love Songs for Valentine's Day # 25: OMG! A love triangle! ELVIS PRESLEY - Love Me Tender       &qu...

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Awww Garsh--Love Songs for Valentine's Day #26

MzTeachuh: Awww Garsh--Love Songs for Valentine's Day #26:   Taylor Swift - Mine   "Mine" Uh, oh, oh Uh, oh, oh You were in co...

Aww Garsh--Love Songs for Valentine's Day # 24

MzTeachuh: Aww Garsh--Love Songs for Valentine's Day # 24: The Temptations by Anita Kunz A group who gave us so much eloquent music, dance and class. My Girl

What Grading for Mastery Looks Like

MzTeachuh: What Grading for Mastery Looks Like: Grading for Mastery and Redesigning My Gradebook ...

Ideas for Station Rotation (Secondary ELA)

MzTeachuh: Ideas for Station Rotation (Secondary ELA): Rotational Models Work for Any Classroom Lit...

Ideas for Writers' Workshop

MzTeachuh: Ideas for Writers' Workshop: Creating a Writers' Workshop in a Secondary Classroom

Educational Links 1/31/20

10 Tips For Creating More Effective Multiple-Choice Questions

A Strategy for Overcoming Equity Issues in Gifted Programs

Impactful Storytelling in the Classroom

50 Tips and Tricks to Facilitating a More Inclusive Classroom

How Data and Automation Are Personalizing This School’s Reading Program

How Strengthening Relationships with Boys Can Help Them Learn

Ultimately, what boys really need to thrive is a strong connection to at least one stable, loving adult, says Reichert. “Here’s what we are trying to accomplish: every boy known and loved, every boy having the sense that someone has ‘got him’that someone who knows who he his and what he’s facing and really cares.”  They need a relational anchor, and parents, teachers and coaches can all be “that someone” in the life of a boy.

NFL Coaches With 'Super' Advice To Teachers

MzTeachuh: NFL Coaches With 'Super' Advice To Teachers: Pats' coach Bill Belichick Well, I'm willing to listen. Here's what the NFL is telling teachers on Super Bowl Sunday. http...

Poetry: Whoa, Dude!

MzTeachuh: Poetry: Whoa, Dude!: Romantic poet looking pensive Would be a 'whoa, dude!' experience That's awesome! Not exactly what Wordsworth said, bu...

Daffodils at Ullswater - Wordsworth Point, Glencoyne Bay

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Edgar Allan Poe

MzTeachuh: Edgar Allan Poe: A fascinating, intelligent, tragic guy. Its as though he were writing the original scripts for 'Criminal Minds.'     The Writi...

Are These Your Top Ten Most Beautiful Classical Music...

MzTeachuh: Are These Your Top Ten Most Beautiful Classical Mu...: Dance at Bougival by Pierre August Renoir Including this wonderful painting by Renoir due to Number 3 --Strauss' Polka. Here&#3...

Aww Garsh--Songs for Valentine's Day #22

MzTeachuh: Aww Garsh--Songs for Valentine's Day #22: Lips, Andy Warhol Besame Mucho--Cha Cha Boom! Correct, that's not Ringo. 'This is one the songs The Beatles played for ...

Aww Garsh--Love Songs for Valentine's Day #23

MzTeachuh: Aww Garsh--Love Songs for Valentine's Day #23:   Born to be my baby by mudshui Born to Be My Baby by Bon Jovi "Born To B...

Educational Links 1/30/20

50 Ways To Measure Understanding


What Science Tells Us About Early Childhood Development

How New Teachers Can Use Evaluation Feedback to Improve


Emotional Numbness and the Spectrum of ADHD Feelings

The ADHD brain experiences feelings on a spectrum that ranges from emotional numbness to intense engagement. Learn how to understand what your brain is communicating in different emotional phases.

Awww Garsh--Love Songs for Valentine's Day #21

MzTeachuh: Awww Garsh--Love Songs for Valentine's Day #21:   Rossano Brazzi (Giorgio Tozzi) - South Pacific (1958) - Some Enchanted Evening

Diversity in the Classroom

MzTeachuh: Diversity in the Classroom: Preparing for Diversity: Resources for Teachers

Everyone Helps Kids Read

MzTeachuh: Everyone Helps Kids Read: Teaching kids to read and helping those who struggle Reading Rockets is an extremely valuable resource for reading educat...

Fate Knocking At The Door--Beethoven's Fifth

MzTeachuh: Fate Knocking At The Door--Beethoven's Fifth:   Beethoven (pink book) Andy Warhol Is this a legend? Did Beethoven really say his signature first four notes of the Fif...

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