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MzTeachuh: All-American Music To Grill To

MzTeachuh: All-American Music To Grill To: This is mostly for Americans. And maybe your wish to grill in quiet-- that's okay, too. But for us in the States, these might b...

MzTeachuh: Figurative Language Resources

MzTeachuh: Figurative Language Resources: FIGURES OF SPEECH (OFFICIAL LIST) http://thevisualcommunicationguy.com/rhetoric-overview/figures-of-speech-official-list/ Figurat...

MzTeachuh: Special Education Update

MzTeachuh: Special Education Update: A brief history of dyslexia and the role women played in getting it recognized   h ttps://www.independent.co.uk/news/education/dyslexia...

MzTeachuh: Summer Tunes

MzTeachuh: Summer Tunes: This might be Saturday in the park somewhere. Gelato sounds good. Could be summer guys LFO Summer Girl Yeah, gelato sounds goo...

Educational Links 8/21/18

Check Your Syllabus 101: Disability Access Statements

How to Create a Comment Bank in Google Classroom

When Higher Functioning Follows Form: Special-Needs Students Flourish in Sensory-Designed Schools


I Loved Teaching, but I Let Others Define Success for Me

Happy Teachers Practice Self-Care

How Can Private Schools Contribute To the Public Good?

This is a cohort-model, so the same kids return year after year. In addition to targeted reading and math support, kids get to do a lot of the activities that many public schools can no longer afford. They have two recesses, drama, art and dance. This summer students attended the theater, where they saw School of Rock; they went kayaking; and they visited the Exploratorium, among other field trips.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Help with Homework Week of 8/20/18

Until we have our textbooks and Chromebooks, please use these simple resources for your Read and Respond Questions.

Grade 12 Brit Lit

History of the English Language

Homework Read and Respond Questions

8/21/18 Read and Respond Question
Write a succinct paragraph--8-10 sentences--in your own words.
Did Latin influence the English Language?
History of the English Language, Wikipedia

8/23/18 Read and Respond Question
Write a succinct paragraph--8-10 sentences--in your own words.
The language of Shakespeare was transformative because of incorporating what languages?
History of the English Language, Wikipedia

Grade 11 American Lit

Beginnings of American Literature-Pre-Colonial and Colonial

American literature

Homework Read and Respond Questions

8/21/18 Read and Respond Question
Write a succinct paragraph--8-10 sentences--in your own words.
Why was English not the only language spoken in Colonial America?
American Literature

8/23/18 Read and Respond Question
Write a succinct paragraph--8-10 sentences--in your own words.
Describe the social status differences in the writers of this period.
American Literature

Grade 10 and 9

World Literature

8/21/18 Read and Respond Question
Write a succinct paragraph--8-10 sentences--in your own words.
Read and Respond
What was one of the first inventions that took literature around the world quickly?
 World Literature

Read and Respond Question
Write a succinct paragraph--8-10 sentences--in your own words.
How many of these stories are very ancient? How many are modern?
The Top Ten Stories That Shaped The World

Grades 7 and 8
What are Myths, Legends and Folktales

Lesson Plan 8/23/18 Look over the top ten Greek myths.

8/21/18 Read and Respond Question
Write a succinct paragraph--8-10 sentences--in your own words.
Read and Respond
Of these genres, which two are you familiar with?
What are Myths, Legends, and Folktales?

Read and Respond
In a succinct paragraph, write about two  Greek Myths you would like to read with the class.
5 Terrifying Greek Myths 

Looking for Outside Reading? Here are some suggestions:

20 Indispensable High School Reads

It's Not Homework, But If You Wish To Take A Look At This...

How to Take Great Notes

Ancient Greek Myths, Stories and Legends

Famous British writers

List of Early American Writers


Educational Link 8/20/18

Dear Parents: Here’s What You Should Know About Letter Grades

When Higher Functioning Follows Form: Special-Needs Students Flourish in Sensory Designed Schools

Educators Need Mindfulness. Their Mental Health May Depend On It.

Check Your Syllabus 101: Disability Access Statements

How to Create a Comment Bank in Google Classroom

A 4-Part System for Getting to Know Your Students

Report: Most elementary, special ed teachers not required to show they can teach reading

Most states are not adequately preparing elementary and special education teachers to teach reading, asserts a new report from the National Council on Teacher Quality. The report shows that while most states have standards for teacher education programs that include reading instruction, just 11 require teachers in both areas to demonstrate their knowledge on a licensing test.

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Using Proximity

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Using Proximity:   How to Use Proximity to Manage the Classroom Read more:  How to Use Proximity to Manage the Classroom | eHow.com   http://www.ehow....

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Having A Sense of Humor

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Having A Sense of Humor: 1.  What's So Funny About Teaching http://www.edutopia.org/blog/educator-sense-of-humor-mark-phillips   2. Why a sense of humor i...

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Trying New Activities

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Trying New Activities: 1.  Greta's Game Station http://games.pppst.com/languagearts.html   2.   MATH LAND http://www.schooltimegames.com/Mathematics.html...

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Taking Time For Art In All Subjects

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Taking Time For Art In All Subjects: Math instructor teaching tesselations. 1. Teaching Math With Art Helps Children Remember Key Concepts http://www.teacher-support-f...

MzTeachuh: Do I Have to Go to the IEP meeting? I'm Not Specia...

MzTeachuh: Do I Have to Go to the IEP meeting? I'm Not Specia...: That confusing enough for you? Am I required to attend IEP meetings if I am not a Special Education teacher?   I've been asked th...

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Educational Links 8/19/18

Dear Teacher: Heartfelt Advice for Teachers from Students


New Google Classroom: Adding Students

Putting the “FUN” in Functional Behavior Assessment

Myth vs. Fact: Bilingual Language Development

More black and Hispanic science teachers could mean more scientists of color

White Teachers Need to See Color. Here’s Why.

The cure for racism in education is not colorblindness. Colorblindness erases the student’s individuality in the educational space. The statement is a microaggression, or a statement with an undercurrent of prejudice, which says that your racial and cultural identity is not a factor. Our students are grappling with their identity and race is a part of that. The way our world is set up, black and brown kids have to be taught self-love on purpose. So, provide opportunities which allow them to broadcast their racial and ethnic identities, and be proud of it! It’s okay to say things like “black is beautiful,” and for a white educator to facilitate a discussion on race. It just has to come from the right place.

Educational Links 8/18/18

The Padagogy Wheel – It’s Not About The Apps, It’s About The Pedagogy

No More Mondays. Colorado School District Moves to 4 Day Weeks

When Higher Functioning Follows Form: Special-Needs Students Flourish in Sensory-Designed Schools


Your Child is Nervous About the New School Year, Which May Be Normal — or Not

Addressing mental health issues critical to boosting academic success

The Most Common Misdiagnoses in Children

Trauma-informed teaching has become a popular concept, feeding into the idea of restorative justice, which seeks to take into consideration all of the things a student experiences before he comes to school each day and anticipate how those factors might impact a student’s preparedness or ability to learn. 

Friday, August 17, 2018

MzTeachuh: Feel Lost At Sea With Ed Tech?

MzTeachuh: Feel Lost At Sea With Ed Tech?: I won't say the 'average' teacher has issues with the rapidly changing ed tech classroom. I would say  'normal' teachers...

MzTeachuh: MzTeachuh's List of the Top Five Educational Websi...

MzTeachuh: MzTeachuh's List of the Top Five Educational Websi...: How wonderful to conveniently learn, comment, and participate with fellow teachers around the world.  Powerful and validating. Here is my...

MzTeachuh: Reading Tips

MzTeachuh: Reading Tips: Reading Tips for Parents (in Multiple Languages) http://www.readingrockets.org/article/reading-tips-parents-multiple-languages 10...

MzTeachuh: The Digital Classroom--so many resources!

MzTeachuh: The Digital Classroom--so many resources!: Digital Leadership is Not Optional http://esheninger.blogspot.com/2018/05/digital-leadership-is-not-optional.html 9 MUST-HAVE APP...

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Educational Links 8/17/18

Don’t Be in Any Doubt – ADHD is an Illness and It Must Be Treated

Learning Is Complex; What Do We Know So Far?

HOA Sued After Barring School Bus For Child With Special Needs

Good grades, bad grades - they both lie about learning

Renowned teacher, author, and international presenter Starr Sackstein says that number grades, percentages, and letter grades lie about student achievement. Both good grades and bad grades lie. Starr thinks schools and colleges should throw out grades. Learn what Sackstein says is the best way to truly assess learning.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Our Five Paragraph Personal Essay 8/15/18

Three Things I Want You To Know About Me
This is the first week of school, and this writing project serves to let the teacher know a little bit about each student, and giving student choice.

The writing strategies for this week include brainstorming, group discussion, outlining, and writing anecdotes.

Tomorrow, on Day 4, when the rough draft checks in as a homework assignment, this rubric will help writing strategies partners make suggestions and corrections. 

One Day 5 the students will write the final draft in class, using notes and rough draft. This will be pencil-written, so the teacher can also check for legibility.

Even though the objective is to write a five paragraph essay, the emphasis this week is less on technicalities and more on flow--the experience of using thought and feeling to bring verbal interactions and then written words in a natural, almost conversational experience. 

Technical corrections can come as a final task. Writing is not a task but an experience.

Educational Links 8/16/18

What Is Bloom's Taxonomy?


How to Build Classroom Culture for the New School Year


How Can White Teachers Do Right by Students of Color?

Increasing Meaningful Access Through Comprehensible Input

Teaching is Both Art and Science. How to Work Toward Improving Your Instructional Practice

Factitious - A Game That Tests Your Ability to Spot Fake News

Factitious is a game for testing your skill at identifying fake and misleading news stories. The game was developed by the American University Game Lab and the American University's School of Communication. I learned about the game last month when Larry Ferlazzo featured it and I have since shared it in a couple of professional development workshops. It was a hit in both workshops in which I shared it with teachers.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Educational Links 8/15/18

Self-Assessment in Middle School
10 Ways To Start Shifting Your Classroom Practices Little By Little


4 Communication Tools to Energize the Parent-Teacher Relationship

A quick trick to lessen anxiety during the first weeks of school

Books on Buses and Book in a Bag: Book Access and Reading


The New Librarian: How to set up a Global Citizens program


Twitter Is Funding Research Into Online Civility. Here’s How One Project Will Work.

Healthy is not a word often used to describe conversations on Twitter and other social-media platforms these days. As technology companies struggle to respond to an increasingly polarized social-media environment, many are wrestling with how to best play a more proactive role in halting the spread of false and intentionally-misleading information spread by groups hoping to shape public perceptions and even the outcome of elections.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Not Homework, but if you wish, check these resources out...

Invite student choice and discussion through offering these resources for perusal. Students may have more buy-in to class activities.

Types of Discussion Techniques


A Poetry Slam Cures the Blahs

10 Fresh Writing Prompts for High School English

Everyone Stand Up: A Lesson on Self-Humor

Poetry Slam

Educational Links 8/14/18

Tips, Tricks and Tools to Build Your Inclusive Classroom Through UDL

Free iPad Apps for Creating Animated Movies

What is Auditory Processing Disorder?

How To Never Run Out Of New Ideas As A Teacher

Reclaiming a Sense of Joy

Why I Redesign My Classroom Curriculum Every Year

Clean, Healthy Classroom Management Techniques

If you want to reduce your chances of getting sick, then it’s important to use classroom management techniques to maintain a clean and healthy classroom environment.
While it may be hard to avoid being exposed to germs and viruses, you can take actions to reduce the chances of you or your students from getting sick. Here are five classroom managementtechniques to bring about a cleaner, healthier classroom.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Educational Links 8/13/18

9 Updates for Google Classroom


The Tech Industry’s War on Kids


A Reminder for Those Tough Moments with Students

60-Second Strategy: Appreciation, Apology, Aha!


Teaching Tolerance 101: More than a Magazine

No, Fortnite Isn't Rotting Kids' Brains. It May Even Be Good for Them

New Consortium May Create Projects, Funding for Autism Research

A newly formed group of leaders from the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) is poised to generate funding opportunities for child health research, including autism science.