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Down With Toxic Positivity! For Teachers and Students, Healing Isn’t Blind Optimism

No Motivation? 5 Steps to Build Drive and Confidence

Teachers and parents can take advantage of these strategies for training focus, combating procrastination, and prioritizing effectively to achieve the success that drives future motivation in their students with ADHD.

Friday, August 13, 2021

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Forget Critical Race Theory in the Classroom. Kids Are Learning About Race on TikTok.

How Novice and Expert Teachers Approach Classroom Management Differently

A 2021 study reveals the ways in which new and experienced teachers think about discipline—plus 6 takeaways for managing your classroom effectively this year.

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Serious Cases Remain Rare, But Coronavirus Infections In Children Are On The Rise

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3 tech-based strategies to support diversity in the classroom

Can We Stop Calling Them Careless Mistakes?

There are a variety of sources of student errors in math, and labeling them ‘careless’ might mean missing a chance to help students learn.

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3 Classroom Behaviors Rooted in ADHD Executive Dysfunction

Punishing disruptive behaviors in the classroom that stem from ADHD will do little to change behavior. Luckily, teaching executive function skills to these students can help minimize blurting out in class, talking too much, and leaving assigned seats.

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These Districts Will Risk Breaking State Law to Continue Anti-Racism Work

How going remote led to dramatic drops in public school students 

Fighting the Delta Variant: School Reopening Just Got a Lot More Complicated

5 Ways Districts Are Battling the Delta Variant Amid Political Upheaval

“My teacher is so mean. She doesn’t like me.” If your child has ADHD, you know that “mean teachers” are rarely cruel on purpose. But sometimes their lack of knowledge and training on ADHD means that they have expectations — and comments — that are wholly inappropriate and/or unhelpful for our kids. Here are the 9 that I remember most clearly.