Saturday, October 9, 2021

Educational Links 10/10/21


Students Aren’t Products: How We Think About Education

More Than a Dozen Ways to Build Movement Into Learning

Physical activity that amplifies learning can have a powerful effect on retention and engagement—it’s also fun.

Friday, October 8, 2021

Educational Links 10/9/21

15 Questions To Ask When Introducing New Content To Students


‘Test to Stay': New Approach Keeps COVID-Exposed Students in Class

Curb Classroom Chatter! 6 Practical Ways to Deal With a Talkative Class

How to Help Kids Who Are Too Hard on Themselves

COVID Cases Among Children Are Declining. Has the Back-to-School Surge Peaked?

3 Ways Administrators Can Show They Care About Teachers as People

It’s easy for school leaders to get caught up in roles and responsibilities—but it’s important to remember that teachers are more than their job titles.

Educational Links 10/8/21


How to Teach Handwriting—and Why It Matters

Survey: Teachers more likely to report burnout than other government employees

Teachers May See Student Loans Forgiven Under New Ed. Dept. Changes

My Top 20 Tech Tips for Teachers!


The Best Way to Explain Learning Disabilities to Your Child

What Every Student Needs

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Educational Links 10/7/21


60 Ways To Help Students Think For Themselves

How 2 middle schools are prioritizing SEL for teenage students

How Much Screen Time Is Too Much? The Answer Is ‘It Depends’

So how worried should educators be about all that time students spend staring at a Chromebook, iPad, or cellphone screen, especially if it’s followed by hours of television or video games? How many hours of screen time per day is too much?

Educational Links 10/6/2021


How reading aloud can help you bond with your kids and make them better readers

Districts Are Leaning on Medical Advisors to Help With COVID Policies. It’s Paying Off

New law will identify preschoolers’ home languages

Should Robots Replace Teachers?

The Most Effective Way To Manage Students With ADHD

What Is Dysgraphia? What Should I Do If My Child Has It?

Creating a Culture of Learning

A look at three steps schools can take this year to ensure that students are deeply engaged in their learning.

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Educational Links 10/5/2021

Understanding dyslexia in your child

Disruptive Innovation in Education

As School Conflict Escalates, What Messages Are Adults Sending Kids?

You Are Worthy of Self-Compassion: How to Break the Habit of Internalized Criticism

High-Needs Students

500 digital learning activities for the in-person or virtual classroom

How to Choose an SEL Program for Your School

A few pointers for school and district leaders seeking a social and emotional learning program that is a good fit for their students and staff.

Educational Links 10/4/21

Making sense of the pandemic's effects on adolescents' minds

How To Handle Students With ODD

A district gets creative as it distributes iPads to students during lockdown

Inside one California school's approach to reading as a 'civil right'

Schools struggle to feed students amid supply chain issues

4 Social-Emotional Practices to Help Students Flourish Now

Maximizing Student Voice to Achieve Equity in Classroom Participation

With some guidance, all students—whether outgoing or reserved—can effectively take part in class discussions.

Educational Links 10/3/21


4 Coming-of-Age Films That Help Students Cope With Change

15 Must-Reads in Honor of Principals Month

Struggling to find substitute teachers

How To Respond To A Disrespectful Student

When confronted with disrespect, it’s easy to take it personally. This is a normal reaction from a passionate teacher.

But it’s a colossal mistake.