Saturday, March 28, 2020

Educational Links 3/29/2020

Focusing on Student Well-Being in Times of Crisis

From Wi-Fi to Food Drops: How Districts Are Tackling the Big Issues Now

The Difference Between Emergency Remote Teaching and Online Learning


A Message From TeachThought Regarding COVID-19

How to create Top 5 resource lists for students and families

Your Child’s ADHD Is an Iceberg

Attention deficit disorder is multi-faceted, far-reaching, and largely hidden. What caregivers and educators see poking above the surface are just a fraction of ADHD symptoms. This is critical to keep in mind, and to guide your daily teaching and learning tactics.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Educational Links 3/28/2020

What Technology Can & Cannot Replace In The Classroom


With Schools Closed, Kids With Disabilities Are More Vulnerable Than Ever

40 Homeschooling Tools And Resources We Use Every Day

Flood of Online Learning Resources Overwhelms Teachers

60 Things Every Child Should Know About The Internet

Massive Shift to Remote Learning Prompts Big Data Privacy Concerns

Teachers have already begun connecting with students using a variety of digital tools, some of which are new to them and their schools and weren’t designed for classroom use—everything from videoconferencing apps like Zoom to digital devices like Chromebooks and learning platforms like Babbel and BrainPop.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Educational Links 3/27/2020

The Best Podcasts for Kids That Adults Will Like Too

Free eLearning Academy to Support K-12 Students

7 Ways to Maintain Relationships During Your School Closure

Tips for Principals Shifting Their Schools to Distance Learning

5 Dimensions Of Critical Digital Literacy: A Framework


Kids Bouncing Off the Walls? These Boredom Busters Fill Time Gaps with Activity

Many ADHD experts swear by the Pomodoro Technique for time management, which organizes the day into 25-minute increments separated by 5 minutes of activity and blood flow, plus a few larger gaps in the day. Use these recommended boredom busters to keep your child moving during their 5-, 15-, and 30-minute breaks while learning at home.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Educational Links 3/26/2020

Extending Classroom Management Online

Despite assurances of flexibility, educators fear liability in online instruction of special ed students 

Why Learning at Home Should Be More Self-Directed—and Less Structured

‘Students Are Lonely:’ What Happens When Coronavirus Forces Schools Online

Digital Learning in Special Ed

Shifting to Teaching Online Tomorrow? Here Are Some Things to Consider Today

Why Writing Is So Painful for Kids with ADHD

Math and reading are likely no walk in the park, either. And it all traces back to executive functioning — our brains’ ability to absorb, organize, and act on information.

Home Learning: Resources Summary 3/25/2020

MzT's Special Education Classroom: Our Daily Agenda --for our Special Education students

Home Learning: ELA: Writing (Severely Handicapped)

Home Learning: Recreation: Printable Games

Home Learning: Lesson Plans and ELA Resources 2 Moderately/Severely Handicapped

Home Learning: Lesson Plans and Math Resources 2 Moderately/Severely Handicapped

Home Learning: Lesson Plans and Math Resources 1 for Severely Handicapped Students

More resources on the way!

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Educational Links 3/25/2020

10 Reasons To Use Virtual Reality In The Classroom

Special Needs and Online Learning: What Will Every Teacher Need to Rapidly Learn?

24 Unbelievable Things You Can Do With Broken Crayons


6 apps for parent-teacher communication

What Surprised Us, What We Learned in the First Week of Teaching Online

Learning at Home: Sample Schedule & Resources for Elementary School Students with ADHD

You didn’t sign up to homeschool your child with ADHD, but here you are. You know that routine is critical, but none of the old scheduling rules apply to this coronavirus situation. So here is ADDitude’s sample schedule for elementary school kids with ADHD who find themselves suddenly learning from home.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Educational Links 3/24/2020

Inside Todd's Brain: A Monday Newsletter for Teachers by Todd Findley

COVID-19 pushes learning online

COVID-19 KQED Youth Perspectives

Four effective strategies for parents who are now homeschooling their children

DeVos to school districts: Don’t let disability law concerns stop you from educating kids

What Remote Learning Looks Like During the Coronavirus Crisis

California students enrolled in special education face unique burdens during school closure

Loss of specialized services, daily routine poses challenges for California's 800,000 students in special education.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Educational Links 3/23/2020

What Teachers in China Have Learned in the Past Month


'Panic-gogy': Teaching Online Classes During The Coronavirus Pandemic

“Homeschooling? Really? We Didn’t Think We Could Do It, But…”

Exercise Tips To Help Kids, Teens and Families Stay Balanced at Home

School Closings and Learning at Home 

With many schools already closing, you may wonder what it will mean if kids have to learn at home for a while. And what happens to kids’ instruction and supports if they get special education services?