Thursday, August 19, 2021

Educational Links 8/20/21

Types of Reading Disability

Could Data Science Diversify the STEM Field? Why Courses Designed This Century Feel so Relevant to All Students

Welcoming back English learners


Can a Hollywood-Backed VR Company Make Science Labs More Effective?

Florida May Withhold Funds and Remove School Board Members Over Masks

No Strings Attached: Supporting Social and Emotional Learning With Puppets

Calif. School District to Require Vaccines for Eligible Students, in What May Be a First

Easily bored, sensitive to distractions, creative, and intense. If you grew up with ADHD symptoms, chances are you always felt “different.” Now here’s a scientific explanation of the neurological underpinnings of behaviors and feelings associated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Learn how a person with ADHD thinks!

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Educational Links 8/19/21


The Magic of a Noisy Classroom

Signs of Hope and Progress in an Angst-filled Back-to-School Season

Many States Have Left Schools Hanging About How to Reopen Safely, Analysis Finds

What Teachers Pay Teachers Is Learning From Bad Lessons and Upset Teachers

Choice Boards: Benefits, Design Tips & Differentiation

How to make a good impression in your new school

10 Non-Standard Ideas About Going Back to School

I had 30 first days of school as a teacher. Here’s my—very non-standard—advice for teachers, on gearing up for the new year.

Educational Links 8/18/21


ADHD Symptoms Checklist: Signs of Each Subtype in Adults & Children


‘Hybrid learning’ — teaching kids in-person and online at the same time — robs children of quality education

Why a pupil's hard work should be its own reward 

Schools extol virtues like humility, respect and community as intrinsic qualities that are developed within students. We should have the same aim for the value of hard work.

Monday, August 16, 2021

Educational Links 8/17/21

Inquiry-Based Learning in English Classrooms

The Child Care Staffing Crisis Is Getting Worse

Harnessing Adaptive Learning Technology for Student Success

12 Good Places to Find Historical Images to Spark Inquiry

What Are The Characteristics Of A Successful Hybrid Learning Program?

Here’s why out-of-school time learning programs need federal funding

K-8 or Middle School: What Works for Early Adolescents Depends on Many Factors

Proponents of K-8 schools, or “elemiddles” as they’re sometimes called, say they promote strong relationships between not only teachers and students but also teachers and parents and offer stability to young teens during a tumultuous time in their lives. They argue that early adolescence — a period marked by more rapid physical and cognitive development than any stage other than the first two years of life — is a terrible time to transition to a new school.

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Educational Links 8/16/21

Five Good Tools for Making Your Own Educational Games and Practice Activities

Cardona Admonishes Governors Who Ban Mask Mandates, Says ‘All Teachers’ Want Schools Open

What Are The Characteristics Of A Critical Thinking Classroom?


More students reporting poor mental health as barrier to learning, suggest SEL support is waning

What is working memory?

What Have I Been Doing for My Students That They Could Do for Themselves?

Letting young students make mistakes teaches them valuable lessons about taking ownership of the process of learning.