Saturday, February 27, 2021

Educational Links 2/28/2021

Our Students Often Have Run-Ins With Police. We Started a Two-Way Dialogue to Help.

California veteran teachers say they’re working harder and longer, often with little district help

Changes, Chat, and Spring - The Week in Review

4 strategies for building trust among families as schools reopen

Nation’s Top Teachers Discuss the Post-Pandemic Future of the Profession

Respectful Redirection: An Evidence-Based Behavior Strategy

A Sense of Security Is Key for Students

A warm smile can go a long way toward helping a middle or high school student who is struggling academically.

Friday, February 26, 2021

Educational Links 2/27/2021


Reading gaps widen in mid-year data, especially for K-1 students of color

ADHD Summer Camps Will Likely Open – Safely and Differently – in 2021

Approaches to Successful Cross-Curricular Integration


The Reparative Power of Relationships

Nation’s Top Teachers Discuss the Post-Pandemic Future of the Profession

Picking Your Future ‘Classroom’ Will Shape How Students Learn

What’s the most influential technology in education right now? Or, more to the point, what’s been the bedrock of education since, say, March 2020? Video conferencing platforms. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, we all vaulted into online conferencing platforms last year when the pandemic sent us home. Without them, most teachers would not have been able to connect to students.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Educational Links 2/26/2021

 Supporting Multilingual Learners in Hybrid Classrooms

California teachers move to the front of the vaccine line in most counties

How one district built a comprehensive COVID-19 testing program in a month

How to Record a Video in Gmail

Concern About Unspent COVID-19 School Aid Continues as Congress Moves Toward More Relief

New York City Middle Schools to Reopen as 38,000 Educators Get Covid-19 Vaccine

How one district built a comprehensive COVID-19 testing program in a month

A California district's successful school-based testing program benefited from partnerships with health and technology experts.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Educational Links 2/25/2021

 Blended Learning with Google Toolkit

How to Install and Manage Chrome Extensions

Do Schools Spread Covid-19? Face Masks, Variants and Everything Else You Need to Know

‘Little Band-Aids’ Won’t Fix the Child Care Industry. New Report Proposes an Overhaul.

Remote Learning Is Here to Stay, Raising Concerns About Teacher Training and Data Privacy

4 strategies for building trust among families as schools reopen

Administrators say reopening is more than a science-based decision — it's also a matter of trust, especially for families of color.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Educational Links 2/24/2021


How to Start an Esports Club

How to Manage Time in a Disorienting Pandemic: 4 Steps to Restore Order & Productivity

Rising tensions, heated words add pressure to reach a deal soon on reopening California schools

Teaching Black History Beyond Slavery and Black History Month

College Board Changes AP Exams Again to Accommodate Pandemic-Era Testing 

How to Make Sure Students Aren't Unsupervised in Google Meet Video Calls

Family Engagement and Student Success: What the Research Says

Of all the factors that determine student outcomes, family engagement is at the top of the list. Partnerships between schools and families can improve students’ grades, attendance, persistence, and motivation.

Monday, February 22, 2021

Educational Links 2/23/2021

How to Avoid Zoom Fatigue

Proactive approaches help districts avoid COVID-19 special ed litigation

What's New in G Suite for Education - It's Not Called That Anymore!

Taking an Unapologetic Approach to Curriculum Overhaul

The Key to Better Student Engagement Is Letting Them Show You How They Learn

 Schools must give standardized tests this spring

A Simple Way to Self-Monitor for Bias

Teachers concerned that they might be showing bias against students in marginalized groups can use a short checklist for self-assessment.

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Educational Links 2/22/2021

How will expanded transitional kindergarten roll out?

Applause: Children, Music & Social Change

As millions of kids skip kindergarten, the learning gap widens — and schools may lose funding

Ten Ways to Use Retrieval Practice in the Classroom

5 Out-Of-The Box Assessment Strategies Every Teacher Should Know


Schools, Not Teachers, Must Reduce Stress and Burnout—Here’s How

Educators’ health and well-being should be prioritized in school culture; school leaders can help create the conditions for that.