Saturday, February 20, 2016

Educational Links 2/21/16

Health and Wellness

Strategies for Managing ADHD in The Classroom 

What I Wish People Knew About Invisible Disabilities 

The Teacher’s Quick Guide To Digital Scavenger Hunts 

Growing a Community to Build a Garden 

Challenge at the Heart of Deeper Learning 

How Can Mindfulness Help Kids With Learning and Attention Issues? 

11 Classic Hip-Hop Songs You Can Teach With 

Why Social and Emotional Learning Is Essential for Students 

Today's schools are increasingly multicultural and multilingual with students from diverse social and economic backgrounds. Educators and community agencies serve students with different motivation for engaging in learning, behaving positively, and performing academically. Social and emotional learning (SEL) provides a foundation for safe and positive learning, and enhances students' ability to succeed in school, careers, and life.



Friday, February 19, 2016

Educational Links 2/20/16

Use Classroom Management to Calm Your Students 

Why Science Teachers Are Struggling With Climate Change 

Why Parents Don’t Understand How To Help 

Is It Wrong to Teach to the Test? 

Beyond Medication: Evidence-Based ADHD Care 

Why Ability Grouping Doesn't Work 

President Signs Dyslexia Bill Into Law 

The president signed into law the bipartisan Research Excellence and Advancements for Dyslexia Act (READ Act) (H.R. 3033). The READ Act, introduced by Science, Space, and Technology Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas), supports important research to further our understanding of dyslexia, including better methods for early detection and teacher training.



Black History Month: Condoleeza Rice

Black History Month: Condoleeza Rice: Condoleeza Rice and mother, Angeleena Rice. Condoleeza Rice is very unusual. Not just because she was a Black American woman who was Sec...

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Reflets dans l'eau (Reflections in the Water) Monet and Debussy

 Reflets dans l'eau--Reflections in the Water: Water Lilies, Monet There's more than one kind of reflection: thoughtful reflections are dynamic, too. Debussy, Reflets d...

Black History Month: Augusta Savage

Black History Month: Augusta Savage: The Harp, 1939 Augusta Savage Sculptor , Artist , Educator , Civil Rights Activist ( 1892–1962 ) http://www.biography...

Educational Links 2/19/16

All You Need to Know About ESSA in 1 Hour 

Being Bilingual Changes the Architecture of Your Brain 

Questioning That Deepens Comprehension 

Getting Boys to Love School 

Early Behavior Therapy Found To Aid Children With ADHD 

President Signs Smith Dyslexia Bill Into Law 

The 8 hottest topics in ed tech 

Robotics, coding, maker movement, STEAM, student-driven learning - these are the areas educators are excited to use technology.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Educational Links 2/18/16

What Learning Will Look Like in 2035 

Understanding Your Child’s Trouble With Writing 

Exploring Copyrights and Wrongs 

What gets me up in the morning: the exciting prospect of helping children to understand the ever-changing world around them 

Study suggests acceptance of online education still lags among high school students. 

7 Ways to Spark Collaboration and Imagination in Your Classroom 

The Right Questions Show Parents, Peers, and Students that You Care 

The Tech Effect: Deconstructing Education In A Gadget-Filled World 

More broadly, how can we best package content in the 21st century in light of the tremendous access to content students have? And what is the role of the teacher as everything, moment by moment, continues to churn and change?

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Educational Links 2/17/16

Using Technology to Make Reading an Enjoyable Experience for All Children 

Resources for Suicide Prevention, Mental Illness Concerns, Helping Parents Cope 

How To Avoid Pointless Professional Development 

Top Web Resources to Motivate Kids for Maker Education 

What’s Missing in Edtech? Character Development 

Research Hints at Promise and Difficulty of Helping People With A.D.H.D. Learn 

The Promise of Integrated Schools 

For those families that prioritize diverse educational experiences, the study shows racially integrated schools improve education for students of all races and accomplish one immeasurable advantage: helping youth challenge stereotypes and their implicit biases toward people of different races and ethnicities. But fully realizing this goal requires teachers who are trained in facilitating courageous conversations about race, said Wells, and skilled in racially and culturally relevant teaching practices

Melinda Anderson 


Nature, My Garden and Me: Negotiating With El Nino

Nature, My Garden and Me: Negotiating With El Nino: El Nino playing it coy with a rainbow before a winter storm. El Nino has come through these parts big time thrice since I've lived...

Monday, February 15, 2016

Educational Links 2/16/16

How Engineering Class in 9th Grade Can Excite Diverse Learners 

Student Autonomy, Compliance, and Intrinsic Motivation 

Why Schools Need to Do a Better Job of Teaching Speaking Skills 

9 Surprising Facts About Learning and Attention Issues 

Can music help you learn? The brain can do some incredible things while listening to music 

Why veteran teachers aren't surprised young people are shunning the profession 

Every school wants ‘good’ teachers — but what does ‘good’ actually mean? 

What is a “good” teacher? A teacher who raises student test scores? Who gets students interested in subjects they thought were boring? Who inspires students to be more thoughtful people?


What's Trending on MzTeachuh 2/16/16

How students read--is digital always the answer? Maybe not.

92% of college students prefer print books to e-books, study finds 


What's the hoopla over project-based learning? Is it worth all the trouble?

Proposed project-based school would rethink traditional learning 


Taking a mindful moment. 


MzTeachuh's Meditations: Love Never Fails 



Teaching the whole enchilada.

Radical Pedagogy 


Valentine's Love Songs--most popular was Our Gang!


Aww Garsh: Love Songs for Valentine's Day #2



I would think teacher's criticism, too.

Parents' Criticism Tied to Persistent ADHD in Kids 

Larry Ferlazzo

 Education Writers To Read 

                #1 and #2
Annie Murphy Paul 





92% of college students prefer print books to e-books, study finds 

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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Educational Links 2/15/16

Radical Pedagogy 

Early Childhood Learning Environments to Support Young Kids 

5 Epiphanies for Reaching the Unreachable Learner 

Hey, Parents. What Minecraft Is Doing to Your Kids Is Kind of Surprising. 

Listen and You Shall Hear: Ways to Let People Know They Matter 

Reading Through Your Child Eyes

Boost Your Resilience By Managing Emotional Triggers

Educators encounter a myriad of challenges every day. While these can be draining and frustrating, we can control our responses to challenges: to a student who won't follow direction, to an angry parent who wants to talk five minutes before class starts, or to an administrator who seems to only see what's not working in our classroom. By exploring how we respond to others, we can increase our emotional resilience.

Elena Aguilar

Transformational Leadership Coach from Oakland, California

Teacher, You Can Do This

Teacher, You Can Do This

Classroom going nuts?

Deep breath, reorganize. 

Losing Control Of Your Class? Here’s How To Get It Back 

 Parent too much?

Figure out communication and common ground.

How Teachers Can Work With 5 Difficult Types of Parents

No support from admin.?

Talk it over with your leaders--don't whine about it to others.

Unsupportive Leaders and Failing Teachers

Speak Up or Burn Out: Five Crucial Conversations that Drive Educational Excellence

Unsupportive Leaders and Failing Teachers

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Unsupportive Leaders and Failing Teachers 

Common Core is weird.

Brainstorm with colleagues. Ask questions. Be humble.

Common Core’s unintended consequence? More teachers write their own curricula

 Way too much paperwork and responsibilities.

Step back--triage your tasks.

10 Mid-Year Classroom Management Organization Tips 

25 Things Successful Teachers Do Differently 

 What students take away from a successful education usually centers on a personal connection with a teacher who instilled passion and inspiration for their subject. It’s difficult to measure success, and in the world of academia, educators are continually re-evaluating how to quantify learning.

Julie DuNeen

Speak Up or Burn Out: Five Crucial Conversations that Drive Educational Excellence

Unsupportive Leaders and Failing Teachers

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