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MzTeachuh: Sirenes: Sirens, Rodin This is the best youtube video I've ever seen, combining music with original visuals.  In Greek m ythology, t...

Differentiating Instruction

MzTeachuh: Differentiating Instruction: Differentiated Instruction   Delivering Differentiated Instruction in Y...

Take a Walk With Ludwig

MzTeachuh: Take a Walk With Ludwig: Vienna Woods, lessing-photo,com A picnic would be lovely. Beethoven - 6th Symphony - Pastoral Beethoven Symphony No. 6 "...

ADHD--What To Do

MzTeachuh: ADHD--What To Do: ADHD Is Fuel for Adventure   EARLY WARNING SIGNS OF ADHD MOST PEOPL...

Read! Classic Adventure, Romance, Mystery

MzTeachuh: Read! Classic Adventure, Romance, Mystery: Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson Illustration by N.C. Wyeth Classics! These are still around because they're compell...

Teaching Is Trying Everything To Get Through

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Trying Everything To Get Through: 1. Teaching and Learning Methods and Strategies   2. Student-Centered ...

Teaching Is Making A Kid Feel Uniquely Important

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Making A Kid Feel Uniquely Important: 1. How Can Teachers Foster Self-Esteem in Children? Teachers play an important role in nurturing a student's sense of dignity an...

Educational Links 9/17/19

The Definition Of Bullying

3 back-to-school apps for lesson planning


Setting School Culture With Social And Emotional Learning Routines


Where do today’s teens get their news?

How to Address Tough Topics in Staff Meetings

A structured process can help administrators and teachers discuss topics they’d often rather avoid, from equity issues to team dynamics.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Educational Links 9/16/19

Decoding the Teenage Brain (in 3 Charts)

Using Student Tutorials to Teach Poetry or Anything Else

bias, evaluatiosns

Why Being Wrong Is Actually A Good Thing

'We All Have Implicit Biases'

Different Terms You May Hear for Evaluations

Setting social media boundaries between teachers and students

Technology in the classroom is the new normal, providing an array of opportunities for learning and productivity. At the same time, the proliferation of personal electronic devices and social media outlets among children is creating new challenges for educators, parents, and students alike. This new landscape is ever-changing and can be difficult to navigate, especially as we strive to set social media boundaries and protect children from the potentially dangerous aspects of online communication.

Smooth, Chill Out

MzTeachuh: Smooth, Chill Out: Coasting into Lavendar, JAISON CIANELLI Kick your shoes off, relax, it's been a long day. Give your left brain time off....

Love Is Blue

MzTeachuh: Love Is Blue: Field of Yellow Iris at Giverney Monet Love Is Blue Original Instrumental Song

Is This The Most Cheerful Music Ever?

MzTeachuh: Is This The Most Cheerful Music Ever?: This is such cheerful music, it even makes the dog smile. Amazing that Swing Music was birthed during the Great Depression,  then k...

Teaching Is...Analyzing the Data

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is...Analyzing the Data:   1. Three Ways Student Data Can Inform Your Teaching

Teaching Is Having Fun Learning

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Having Fun Learning: 1. OK- Everybody! Share your best classroom games!   2. Eng...

Teaching Is...Classroom Management

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is...Classroom Management:   Top Five Classroom Management Strategies – They Really Work

Teaching Is Teachers Talking To Each Other

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Teachers Talking To Each Other: How to make friends and influence people - a teacher's guide

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Educational Links 9/15/19

Tips for Teaching Realistic Optimism

3 Research-Backed Strategies for School Turnarounds

September’s (2019) Useful Parent Engagement Resources – Part One

How to Address Tough Topics in Staff Meetings

Make Digital Citizenship about the Do's, not the Don'ts

The types of skills required to care for and advocate for oneself and others — self-regulation, responsibility, empathy, and discipline, among others — are becoming increasingly central to the work of schools and teachers, and increasingly relevant to the lifelong success of students.

Tough Day? Listen To This

MzTeachuh: Tough Day? Listen To This:   Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video) - YouTube   And if you had a reall...

Resources for Special Needs

MzTeachuh: Resources for Special Needs: Ye Olde Resource Room Smart Kids With Learning Disabilities   Resources for Children With Speci...

Enjoying Your Students

MzTeachuh: Enjoying Your Students: How To Have A Fun Classroom Without Extra Planning   Fun for the Sa...

It's A Beautiful Morning

MzTeachuh: It's A Beautiful Morning: It's a beautiful mornin', Ahhh, It's a beautiful mornin' ahhh I think I'll go outside a while An jus&#3...

Music To Focus By

MzTeachuh: Music To Focus By:   The Best of Mozart

Counseling and Supervision; Supervision and Counse...

MzTeachuh: Counseling and Supervision; Supervision and Counse...: What to change in a school? I have reflected upon what change would have the greatest impact based just upon my own observations. Coun...

Teaching Is Giving Feedback

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Giving Feedback: 1. Feedback to improve student learning What is feedback?

Friday, September 13, 2019

Educational Links 9/14/19

What Makes Teachers Thrive?

20 Types Of Learning Journals That Help Students Think

How a productive struggle motivates students in math

Digital teaching and learning in the smartphone era

9 Types of Teachers All Students Love And Hate


15 Common Mistakes Teachers Make Teaching With Technology

The role of technology in learning isn’t entirely clear–or rather, is subjective.

While it clearly is able to provide access to peers, audiences, resources, and data, it also can be awkward, problematic, distracting, performing more strongly as a barrier to understand than anything else. Why this happens also isn’t clear, but there are some common patterns and missteps to look for while designing or evaluating a learning process.

Teaching Is Reflective

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Reflective: A Mid-Year Reflection for Teachers and Students   ...

Teaching Is Collaborating Until You're A Team

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Collaborating Until You're A Team: 1. The Benefits of Teacher Collaboration   2. Teacher C...

Teaching Is Having With It Ness

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Having With It Ness: 1. Teacher Withitness   2. Withitness...what does it mean? http://www.withitness....

Why Do You Keep Harping On That?

MzTeachuh: Why Do You Keep Harping On That?: Lady with Harp by Sully ...because it's beautiful. Handel Harp Concerto

Teacher Burnout--U Gotz It?

MzTeachuh: Teacher Burnout--U Gotz It?: 1. Teacher Burnout: Four Warning Signs

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Fall Art Activities and Free Supplies (Find Them Outside)

MzTeachuh: Fall Art Activities and Free Supplies (Find Them O...: Artsy Autumn Animals 20 Fall Crafts and Activities for...

With A-Poe-logies to Edgar

MzTeachuh: With A-Poe-logies to Edgar:   The Raven By Edgar Allan Poe     Bullwinkle's Corner - The Raven  https...

Things Go Better With Bach

MzTeachuh: Things Go Better With Bach: Or should I say, "Things bee better with Bach."   Bach, Brandenburg Concerto #6, first movement (animation ver. 3)  htt...

Teaching Is...Learning Ed Tech II

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is...Learning Ed Tech II: The Teacher’s Guides To Technology And Learning   An Introduction to Technology Integration http://w...

Educational Links 9/13/19

Every Student Matters: Cultivating Belonging in the Classroom

The Problem With Hurrying Childhood Learning

Building an ELL Program From Scratch

What Writing Is & Is Not

27 Classroom Ideas to Make Constitution Day Memorable

5 Tips for Creating Infographics with Students

Supporting Students Living in Foster Care

Many students in foster care have experienced trauma. You may not know who they are, but these ideas will help you support them—and they’re good for all students.

The Sky Is Cheap Entertainment: Full Moon on Friday the 13th!

Harvest Moon on Friday the 13th


Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Autumn Activity: Kids' Indoor Herb Garden

MzTeachuh: Autumn Activity: Kids' Indoor Herb Garden: Ceramic  turkey is staring us down with that beady little eye. Fragrance, color, texture, taste! A sensory cooking delight for kids to ...

Autumn Amble with Pissaro

MzTeachuh: Autumn Amble with Pissaro: Camille Pissarro | Autumn at Eragny Go outside. Breathe the air. Take a walk. See if Mario can come along. (Maybe Luigi, too.) Jesse ...

Fun in the Fall for Everyone

MzTeachuh: Fun in the Fall for Everyone: Autumn is Goldilock's favorite season: its not too hot or too cold. Let's go outside! Suc...

Is Teaching Good For You? Yes and No.

MzTeachuh: Is Teaching Good For You? Yes and No.: Is teaching good for your health? Yes and no. Mostly no. Why?Too much to do, too little time, too little support. So, take care of yourself,...

Autumn Activity: Planting It Forward

MzTeachuh: Autumn Activity: Planting It Forward: Daffodils (February) We can all use some Screaming Yellow Daffodils during the dreary winter. Flowers outside in the winter? I...

Educational Links 9/12/19

The Role Of The Teacher In The Classroom Of The Near Future

The 'Colorblindness' of Schools Has 'Failed Children of Color'

What the New Reading Wars Get Wrong

3 Ways to Boost Students’ Conceptual Thinking

If We 'Don't See Race,' We Don't See 'Students' Magic'

Positive Words Go a Long Way

Helping Students With Disabilities Understand Accommodations in College

High school educators can play an important role in preparing students to request accommodations in college.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Hey, Meet Me At Recess By the Swings!

MzTeachuh: Hey, Meet Me At Recess By the Swings!: Fitness expert has games for a 'trouble-free' playground

Learning Theory News

MzTeachuh: Learning Theory News: What Are The Habits Of Mind? It’s a Mistake Not to Use Mistakes as P...

Does My Child Need Special Ed. Services?

MzTeachuh: Does My Child Need Special Ed. Services?: No need to panic! Kids develop on their own schedules. But it is a good idea to notice how your  child (or a child in your class) is resp...

Teaching Is Being Organized (Within Reason)

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Being Organized (Within Reason): 1. CLASSROOM ORGANIZATION   2. 100 Classroom Organiz...

Start Your Garden in Class Now!

MzTeachuh: Start Your Garden in Class Now!: Spring is springing! How about researching a school garden? The students can start seedlings indoors now. So many positives about a garden-...

The Smarty Pants Files

MzTeachuh: The Smarty Pants Files: Q: Teacher: Didn't I tell you to stand at the end of the line? A: Student: I tried but there was someone already there! Q: How is...