Saturday, May 15, 2021

Educational Links 5/15/2021

Schools Are Deciding What The New CDC Mask Guidelines Mean For The Classroom

Fun Doesn’t Depend on Equipment or Clothing

Kids Movement Project 

7 Keys to Living a Happy Life with ADHD

4 challenges–and solutions–around assessments and accountability

Can Schools Require Students to Get COVID-19 Vaccines, and Will They?

End-of-Year Conversations Solidify Teachers’ Learning

With structured discussions, educators can share wisdom gained in a turbulent year—and be better prepared for the coming one.

Friday, May 14, 2021

Educational Links 5/14/2021

ADHD Guide

 How Students Can Meet Their Peers All Over the World

The TeachThought Podcast Ep. 249 Drafting Principles To Protect K12 From Indoctrination


  • Children do not play outside as much as they did decades ago, research indicates.
  • Outdoor play can have benefits for physical health as well as for psychological development.
  • To maximize the benefits, it is worth making a greater effort to provide children with safe and accessible outdoor playtime.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Educational Links 5/13/2021


The Benefits of Playing Outside

What Black Men Need From Schools to Stay in the Teaching Profession

Distance learning toolkit: Key practices to support students who learn differently

5 great things the pandemic revealed about schools

Does Your District’s Way of Decisionmaking Reinforce Systemic Racism?

How to Encourage Your Child with ADHD to Read — Willingly and Voraciously

How Students Can Meet Their Peers All Over the World

Global exchanges let students from anywhere in the world meet online and experience different cultures.

Educational Links 5/12/21

12 Tips For Students To Manage Their Digital Footprints

Ten Google Tips for Using Audio and Video in Google Slides

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What’s Your Mission for the Children?

Friendly Fridays Teach the Art of Kindness

Culturally responsive teaching: What you need to know

Video Games Can Help Kids with ADHD – If You Choose Wisely

Video games aren’t all bad! Check out these three expert-recommended video games to help your child improve focus, concentration, and ADHD-related planning skills.

Monday, May 10, 2021

Educational Links 5/11/21


What Is Reciprocal Teaching?

As Bad Information Spreads, Florida Schools Seek To Teach Digital Literacy


How to Fight Burnout

2021 National Teacher of the Year: Special Education Is the ‘Heartbeat’ of Schools

7 ways to focus stimulus spending on students with disabilities

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Educational Links 5/10/2021

ADHD & Symptom Tests

Districts Are Spending Millions on ‘Unproven’ Air Purifiers

 After 'dramatic paradigm shift' for districts, more Title IX changes expected

What are learning and thinking differences?


Mapping Out a ‘Credential As You Go’ Movement For Higher Education

How to Fight Burnout

As an academic year like no other comes to an end, colleges and universities are celebrating their graduates in a variety of ways.

Happy Mother's Day

Maternite--Pablo Picasso

Not only does an infant receive DNA from father and mother--through the placenta, mothers receive the infant's DNA back--it is said a mother has the DNA of her children her entire life. That's a very close relationship. Siblings also receive DNA through the placenta from their mom that includes previous siblings' DNA. DNA is in breastmilk, too. That's the 'nature' of 'nature and nurture.' Then we have the lifelong nurture of care, devotion, interest, being the backup. Being a mom is pretty intense. But once you are a mom, your previous life seems dim, far away. The future always includes your babies. Even if your babies are grown and have babies.  It is amazing.

Happy Mother's Day.