Saturday, November 6, 2021

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How to Open Class Participation to Everyone

How to Spot Dyscalculia

Are Bus Driver Shortages So Bad They Require the National Guard? Why Leaders Made the Call

Student mental health days offer chance to recharge, learn to manage stress

The Longer You Wait, The Better The Reward…

NatGeo MapMaker - Create, Share, and Print Custom Maps

12 student engagement activities for online learning

Student engagement has always been a focus for educators. How can you hold the attention of your class when their ability to focus is waning? And more importantly, what student engagement strategies foster a greater desire to learn?

With remote learning, the discussion of online student engagement has risen dramatically. Many teachers are wondering how they can bring a spark to a student’s eyes when they’re teaching remotely?

Friday, November 5, 2021

Educational Links 11/6/21

Why ADHD Is Different for People of Color

Breaking Down the Early Childhood Crisis — and What Might Be Done About It

Catholic schools to accept personal belief exemptions from Covid-19 vaccine

A call for civility in K-12 education

The 2021 Great Thanksgiving Listen

5 strategies to help students build literacy skills

A Simple Tool to Help Teachers Regulate Their Emotions

In a year that’s bringing a lot of stress, this tool is no cure-all, but it can help teachers keep their emotions in check.

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Marzano’s 9 Instructional Strategies For Teaching And Learning

Restorative Circles in the Classroom

Psychologist: Children Need Structure More Than Warmth

The Number One Reason Students Still Lack Internet at Home: Parents Can’t Afford It

A history of learning disabilities and ADHD

Youth Mental Health Impacted Unevenly by Pandemic

The most negative effects of the pandemic have been concentrated in BIPOC children, youth with existing conditions like ADHD and anxiety, and other vulnerable populations, according to a new report from the Child Mind Institute.

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Educational Links 11/4/21

3 Steps To More Effective Online Teaching

8 Activities for Students (and Teachers) to Create a Mindful Classroom

Do longer school days work? Lessons from history

Good Behaviour or Good Teaching and Learning?

Why Our Trauma-Informed Teaching Must Be More Culturally Responsive


Kids Are Feeling Isolated. P.E. May Help Them Bounce Back

And at a time when recess and physical education programs may feel a squeeze from schools seeking more time for reading or math, studies suggest boosting students’ physical activity time also has an important role. It may help students rebound from the social isolation many have experienced during the pandemic.

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How Teacher an Recognize Signs of Trauma

5 Strategies For Managing Change In Schools

Metacognition: How Thinking About Thinking Can Help Kids

Why Being An Authoritarian Teacher Is A Big Mistake

Strategies for Using Art in Math, English, Science, and History

What are schools doing to prepare for a childhood COVID-19 vaccine rollout?

Learning disabilities: What they are and aren’t

  • Learning disabilities aren’t due to kids being lazy or not trying hard enough.

  • There are many different types of learning disabilities.

  • People with learning disabilities can struggle with skills outside of school, too.