Saturday, September 28, 2019

Educational Links 9/28/19

What Is Bloom’s Taxonomy? A Definition For Teachers

Bloom's Taxonomy

Applying Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs In Our Classrooms

Maslow's Hierarchy

5 Topics to Go Over With Teachers Early in the School Year

Amidst Declining Mental Health in Teachers, What Can Administrators Do?

A Diversity and Inclusion Statement for Liberal Studies

Strategies to Supports Questions and Discussion in a Literary Classroom

Exclusions: is our gender bias damaging boys?

Building Teamwork and Perseverance in Early Elementary Students with Breakouts

What Giving Students Choice Looks Like in the Classroom

Keeping in mind the prior research that proves there is such a thing as too much choice, it’s important to just look at all the possible options that teachers have who are looking to incorporate more choice in their classrooms.

Here Is Helpful Info for ADHD

Treatment for Children with ADHD

10 Foods (and Supplements and Vitamins!) to Boost Your ADHD Brain

Learning & Attention Issues

ADHD Medication & Treatment

Learn about the full range of ADHD treatment options — from stimulant and non-stimulant medication, to diet and exercise, vitamins and supplements, mindful meditation, therapy, and beyond.

Relaxing in Monet's Garden with Debussy

MzTeachuh: Relaxing in Monet's Garden with Debussy: Giverny Garden, Monet Here we are with the two Claudes, taking a moment to pause in beauty. ...

Blended Learning

MzTeachuh: Blended Learning:  1. The Rise of Blended Learning 2. Fo...

On This, Garfield and I Agree: September! Art!

MzTeachuh: On This, Garfield and I Agree: September! Art!: ...and autumn provides most of it's own art supplies, falling from the trees! Here are a few projects that caught my eye. As you know...

A Teenager Composed That?

MzTeachuh: A Teenager Composed That?: Mendelssohn wrote this Midsummer Night's Dream overture when he was only 17 years old (1826.) This music is included as the soundtra...

Nights in White Satin

MzTeachuh: Nights in White Satin: Camille Pissarro : Boulevard Montmartre at night , 1897 The Moody Blues - 'Nights In White Satin' With a 1967 video of Par...

Nothing But Autumn Arts and Crafts

MzTeachuh: Nothing But Autumn Arts and Crafts:  This link is for the lower right project. Shaving Cream Painted Fall Leave...

Edgar Allan Poe

MzTeachuh: Edgar Allan Poe: A fascinating, intelligent, tragic guy. Its as though he were writing the original scripts for 'Criminal Minds.'     The Wri...

Perk Yourself Up

MzTeachuh: Perk Yourself Up: your coffee. bot un dotta dot un dotta dot uh.... dot dot dot dot duh. Cafe Paris Lounge - Mixed by DJ Dimsa ht...

Music that Makes You Smarter

MzTeachuh: Music that Makes You Smarter: This music (and Mozart and Beethoven, too) actually makes you smarter by connecting synapses in your brain! Bravissimo, Herr Bach! Yehudi ...

Vincent's Starry View

MzTeachuh: Vincent's Starry View:   Vincent (Starry Starry Night) Don McLean

Coffee Break--Just the Two of Us

MzTeachuh: Coffee Break--Just the Two of Us: Lovin' that bossa nova. Just The Two Of Us-Sonia(Bossa Nova)   Posted by Melani...

Reverie: A State of Abstracted Musing

MzTeachuh: Reverie: A State of Abstracted Musing: La Reverie by Brenda Desjardin Pausing a few moments after a busy day. Debussy Reviere

Friday, September 27, 2019

Educational Links 9/28/19

Are You Pushing Or Pulling Students In Your Classroom?

More U.S. Kids Being Diagnosed With Autism, ADHD


When Teachers Bully One Another


Why It's Vital for Native Students to Learn With a Culturally Relevant Lens

Do Districts Actually Want Black Male Teachers?

What Principals Can Do to Keep Good Teachers in Their Schools

Data: Breaking Down the Where and Why of K-12 Spending

America’s public school system today costs taxpayers over two-and-a-half times more that it did half a century ago—far outstripping changes in enrollment over that time. When federal, state, and local spending is taken together, it stands as one of government’s most-expensive endeavors.

Activating Classroom Discussions

MzTeachuh: Activating Classroom Discussions: Classroom Activities: How to Hold a Classroom Debate Debat...

Know Thy Students

MzTeachuh: Know Thy Students: A stud...

Refining Classroom Rules and Norms

MzTeachuh: Refining Classroom Rules and Norms: Create Your Classroom Rules WITH Your Students for a Powerful Start to the Year

Journaling As A Teaching Strategy

MzTeachuh: Journaling As A Teaching Strategy: Journaling the Old-School Way Journal Writing http://www.educa...

Interactive Notebooking-Yes or No?

MzTeachuh: Interactive Notebooking-Yes or No?: Classroom Management: Using Interactive Notebooks ...

Recipe for Learning

MzTeachuh: Recipe for Learning: Naturally Learning We could develop a taste for this!

Teaching Is Asking the Right Question

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Asking the Right Question: 1. Socratic Questions 2.  Plan Classroom Discussions at Leas...

Teaching Is Being Consistent

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Being Consistent: 1.   Teacher tips: How to be flexible and still enforce consistent classroom discipline

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Educational Links 9/27/10

17 Facts About Dyslexia

Cracking the code of dyslexia

Neighborhood Poverty Deepens in 10 States, and Children of Color Bear the Brunt

CDC Records Spike In Kids With Developmental Disabilities

Why Kids Need to Move, Touch and Experience to Learn

Blogging Helps Students Develop a Writing Voice


Every Student Matters: Cultivating Belonging in the Classroom

These five strategies can help ensure that students feel they belong in your classroom.

Overcoming Educational Burnout

MzTeachuh: Overcoming Educational Burnout: Overcoming Burnout: Why Overwhelmed Is the New Normal and What to Do About It - PART I

Vincent Loved Autumn

MzTeachuh: Vincent Loved Autumn: Van Gogh, Poplars near Nuenen, Autumn 1884. As long as autumn lasts, I shall not have hands, canvas and colors enough to paint the beau...

Teaching Is...Soothing the Soul (SEL)

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is...Soothing the Soul (SEL): 1. Resources and Lesson Plans for Social and Emotional Learning

Teaching Is Reflective

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Reflective: A Mid-Year Reflection for Teachers and Students  ...

Teaching Is Seeing The Happy 'I Got It' Face

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Seeing The Happy 'I Got It' Face: 1. Helping Struggling Readers   2. 5 Fun Ways to Help Your Kids Learn Math Online ht...

Teaching Is Understanding Child Development

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Understanding Child Development: Child Development Tracker Use the Child Development Tracker to get insights on the stages of growth.

Teaching Is Having With-It-Ness

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Having With-It-Ness: 1. Teacher Withitness   Teacher Withitness  -  Inside USC Rossier , ...

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Educational Links 9/26/19


The Assimilation vs Accommodation Of Knowledge

Students Learn Less When They Sense Teacher Hostility

We all have a lot to learn from nontraditional learners

Using Digital Tools to Promote Social and Emotional Learning

6 Elementary Reading Strategies That Really Work

Downloads That Build Social Skills

Put your child’s digital obsession to good use by downloading these 7 educational apps designed to build solid social skills.

What is Personalized Learning?

MzTeachuh: What is Personalized Learning?: 8 Tips For Successful Implementation of Personalized Learning + Infographic

Don't Like Poetry? Betcha Do

MzTeachuh: Don't Like Poetry? Betcha Do: ...don't forget all those Valentine's rhymes!   You say you don't like poetry--I doubt that. We just have to establish what...

Life Too Fiberoptic? Take A Cafe Jazz Break

MzTeachuh: Life Too Fiberoptic? Take A Cafe Jazz Break: Cinnamon Spice Mocha, anyone? Your Own Rhythm (Cafe Jazz Coffee) - Playing for The Time

MzTeachuh's Meditations: Fret Not

MzTeachuh's Meditations: Fret Not: and don't forget to delight thyself in the Lord! fret not do good commit thy way rest wait cease from anger wait upon the Lor...

Social and Emotional Learning-- How Do You Feel Ab...

MzTeachuh: Social and Emotional Learning-- How Do You Feel Ab...: Empathy: The Most Important Back-to-School Supply     Empa...

STEM to STEAM Resources

MzTeachuh: STEM to STEAM Resources: STEM to STEAM Resources : Your students should be Renaissance people! Science, music, engineering, singing, art, dance, literature, techno...

A Writing Prompt to Really Get To Know Your Studen...

MzTeachuh: A Writing Prompt to Really Get To Know Your Studen...: MLB pitcher Jim Abbott MzTeachuh: A Writing Prompt to Really Get To Know Your Students "Three Things I Want You To Know About Me.&q...

Art to Make You Dizzy

MzTeachuh: Art to Make You Dizzy: Take a left turn on the second floor, then, no, wait, go up a flight...maybe a right turn....go down, uh up.. .   This picture is called...

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Fun and Insights, Education Style

MzTeachuh: Fun and Insights, Education Style:   How to Create a Jeopardy-style Game in Google Spreadsheets

Educational Links 9/25/19

Teenage Brains Are Elastic. That’s a Big Opportunity for Social-Emotional Learning.

Buried Alive: A Cautionary Tale About Piles of Work

Learning to See Students’ Deficits as Strengths

Stop Telling Your Child to Act His Age

The Compliments Project

Inviting Mr. Rogers into Your SEL Classroom

Post-Lesson Reflection: What Do Students Think They Learned?

The Writing Process-especially under time constraints

MzTeachuh: The Writing Process-especially under time constrai...: Implementing the Writing Process

Common Sense and Classroom Management from Michael Linsin

MzTeachuh: Common Sense and Classroom Management from Michael...: I really love the clarity and intelligence of Michael Linsin's books and suggestions. You can read  The Happy Teacher  on Kindle for ...

Teaching Is Making A Kid Feel Uniquely Important

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Making A Kid Feel Uniquely Important: 1. How Can Teachers Foster Self-Esteem in Children? Teachers play an important role in nurturing a student's sense of dignity and ...

Teaching Is Giving Lifelong Reading

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Giving Lifelong Reading:  These links are not for Reading Specialists, or those educators involved exclusively with reading instruction. These links are int...

Teaching Is Reflective

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Reflective:   A Mid-Year Reflection for Teachers and Students