Saturday, February 20, 2021

Educational Links 2/21/2021

The Past, Present and Future of Edtech

How EdTech can Enhance Social Studies

California accountability data masks English learner progress, report says

 Study: Increased internet access improves achievement, district finances

Denver pledged to improve education for Black students. But exactly how is up to each school.

Distance learning increases copyright risks for educators

A tech leader’s tips for making remote learning safe

When COVID forced school districts nationwide to quickly pivot to remote learning, we not only had to configure mobile devices for students to take home, but also implement safeguards to shield them from inappropriate content while outside school walls. We took both responsibilities very seriously, knowing that families were relying on us to maintain both a continuity of learning and safety for their children.

Friday, February 19, 2021

Educational Links 2/20/2021


4 Ways to Build a Strong Professional Learning Network for Innovation and Growth

16 Strategies For Integrating The Habits of Mind In The Classroom

Teachers speak out on students’ academic learning

Some of my Favorites - Create Labeling Activities in Google Drawings

Why virtual professional development has staying power


What are learning and thinking differences?

Learning and thinking differences are lifelong challenges that impact skills like reading, writing, math, and focus. They’re caused by differences in how the brain processes information.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Educational Links 2/19/2021


Why Music Matters In The Early Childhood Classroom

New Study Shows Students Learning Online Are More Stressed Than Their In Person Classmates

Long Beach Unified is largest school district in California to announce reopening plans

Writing Activities To Improve Your Students’ Writing Skills


8 working memory boosters

Working memory refers to how we hold on to and work with information stored in short-term memory. Kids use working memory to learn and follow directions.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Educational Links 2/18/2021

5 Ways to Give Students a Makerspace Experience at Home

Disowning Past White House Remarks, Biden Says He Wants Many Schools Open Five Days a Week

Report: High-quality principals result in nearly 3 months additional learning annually

How to Avoid Zoom Fatigue

Why Assessments Are Still Useful — and Accurate — in a Pandemic Year

Special education teachers grapple with risks of in-person classes: ‘An impossible choice’

Special education has been a challenge for many districts during the pandemic because students in special education often receive services that are nearly impossible to provide virtually, such as physical or occupational therapy. Assessments, required for students entering special education, as well as those already enrolled, are also almost impossible to provide online.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Educational Link 2/17/2021

How to Facilitate a Science Fair During the Pandemic


Top-Tier Principals Spark Big Gains in Student Learning. A New Study Shows How Much

Ed Dept issues practical strategies alongside new CDC reopening guidance

Healthy Habits Forged in a Pandemic: The Lifestyle Changes We Will Keep

Yes, Audiobooks Are Real Reading. Here Are the Best Ones for Kids.

Building a strong classroom community is possible even during students’ asynchronous work time.

A Focus on Relationships When Students Aren’t Together

Building a strong classroom community is possible even during students’ asynchronous work time.

Monday, February 15, 2021

Educational Links 2/16/2021


How to Help Autistic Students Navigate a Turbulent School Year

Recognizing Black Leaders in History

The Ultimate List: 50 Strategies For Differentiated Instruction

5 Ways to Reframe Anxiety for Your Worried Teen

CDC Releases New COVID-19 Guidance for Schools. Will It Help Them Reopen?

LA County has hit threshold to let elementary schools reopen

CDC: Vaccinations should not be a condition for reopening schools

Although vaccinations for teachers should be prioritized and are one of the layers of mitigation schools use to protect their communities, schools can reopen safely prior to all teachers being vaccinated if masking and distancing measures are followed, said CDC Director Rochelle P. Walensky during a virtual media briefing.

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Educational Links 2/15/2021


For Teens Knee-Deep In Negativity, Reframing Thoughts Can Help


Ten Culturally Responsive Teaching Strategies for the Science Classroom

Learning Disorders in Children

5 Myths About English Language Learners (ELLs) and Special Education

Student Agency: Promoting Student Engagement

Up Close and Personal: Chronicling Learning Practices Across the Nation

As Covid-19 cases drop in California, Black, Latino and Asian students are less likely to be back on campus compared to their white peers, according to an EdSource analysis.