Saturday, July 16, 2016

Educational Links 7/17/16

Another Study On Teens & Hearing Loss 

10 Things Every New Teacher Needs to Know 

 Education World Resource Roundup: Financial Literacy
3 Stories That Reveal How Important Arts Education Really Is 

How Can We Amplify Student Voice This Year? 

 Upcycling and the Low-Tech Makerspace 

The Teacher’s Guide To Twitter 

 Twitter has proven itself to be an indispensable tool for educators around the globe. Whatever skill level you may be, Twitter is downright fun and worth your time. So here’s a useful guide that we curated from Edudemic’s archives in an effort to put something together that was a bit easier to read than random blog posts. We hope you enjoy and will be regularly adding to this guide so feel free to leave your ideas down in the comments or by, what else, tweeting us @edudemic anytime!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Educational Links 7/16/16

Four Elements to Successful Bullying Recognition and Prevention 

Best of Teacher HELPLINE: 12 Tips for Growing Your Classroom Library on a Teeny Tiny Budget 

As Teachers Tackle New Student-Writing Expectations, Support Is Lacking 

Trash Duty For Students With Special Needs Spurs Backlash 

Education is the Civil Right 

How to Create a Global PBI Lesson Plan 

What Teachers Think About Pok√©mon GO’s Educational Benefit 

Teachers have taken to social media in recent days to discuss whether or not the cultural phenomenon has a place in the classroom. Here are some thoughts from all sides of the spectrum from your fellow peers.

Next School Year...Classroom Art Gallery

Next School Year...Classroom Art Gallery: Don't get too carried away--but just so you know, I have a power stapler, too. Prepping for an art show. Prepping for School Art Sho...

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Educational Links 7/15/16

Are Schools Really Broken Or Are We Ignoring the Built-In Inequalities? 

The 8 Best Songs for Growing ADHD Brains 

3 Reasons Kids Struggle With Math And How to Help 

History is being locked away. Google's museum is changing that 

7 Steps to Healing the ADD Brain 

A 4-Part System for Getting to Know Your Students 

1.6 Million Students Go to Schools That Employ Cops But No Counselors

 High school counselors are charged with helping students work through academic or emotional problems. They might be the first line of defense if a student is struggling with depression, anxiety, abuse or other trauma—all factors that might lead to or exacerbate problematic use of drugs. Counselors are also supposed to guide the college application process, helping kids figure out how to get in, pay for school—or whether college is right for them and what kind of continuing education best fits their needs.

The Sky Is Cheap Entertainment: Meteors! Meteors! Meteors! Showers! Showers! Showers!

Delta Aquarid meteor shower ahead

EarthSky’s meteor shower guide for 2016 

Meteor Shower Calendar 

The Best Meteor Showers for Summer 2016 

"Meteor-shower observing requires nothing but your eyes; you want to take in as much sky as possible," Cooke told "Go outside in a nice, dark sky, away from city lights, lie flat on your back and look straight up. [Take] your choice of beverage and snacks and things like that."


Next School Year...We'll Celebrate Diversity

Next School Year...We'll Celebrate Diversity: Music! Dancing! And don't forget the great Mexican food! If you teach in a school that is ethnically isolated, by geography or by ...

MLK Quotes: #1-22

MLK Quotes: #1-22: MLK Quotes: #1   MLK Quotes: #2

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Educational Links 7/14/15

A Beginning Resource Collection On Pokemon Go & Education 

Study: Give Weak Teachers Good Lesson Plans, Not Professional Development 

How I Changed My Teaching Once I Learned How Students' Brains Work 

What Do We Invest In The Country's Youngest? Little To Nothing 

In the Age of 'No-Excuses' Schools: A Case for Compassion and Better Social-Emotional Learning 

Writing Skills: What to Expect at Different Ages 

Signing ESSA into law was only the beginning 

Overall, ESSA has been hailed for its shift of power back to states following more than a decade of tight federal control over district-level policy. With this power, however, comes great responsibility for local education agencies. 

Next Semester...STEM to STEAM

Next Semester...STEM to STEAM: Could The Arts Put The Steam In...

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Educational Links 7/13/16

The Slow Path Forward: We Can — and Do — Learn from Reading Research 

Products of Personalized Learning 

Teachers' Digital Tools 

Fantastic Adventures and Amazing Tales:
Encouraging Creative Writing and Storytelling 

Why and How Should Educators and Administrators Use Google Apps 

You Know Your Kid Has ADHD When... 

Resources for Discussing Police Violence, Race, and Racism With Students 

Two recent recorded police killings of black men and the killings of five police officers in Dallas have left many adults without words, especially not the words necessary to explain the violence and underlying racial issues to children.


Next Semester...we'll have a healthier classroom

Next Semester...we'll have a healthier classroom: This schoolyear teachers, students, and families are faced with serious communicable health risks to every generation. The first prec...

Educational Links 7/12/16

Good Classroom Management Advice For Everybody 

How Teacher-Created Free Online Resources Are Changing the Classroom 

What’s the Difference Between Dysgraphia and Dyspraxia? 

When It Comes To Special Ed, Majority Of States Miss Mark 

 Online Tool Helps School Districts Improve Music Education Programs 

Where special education students are succeeding under Common Core 

List of Great Tools for Different Kinds of Learners 

Every learner has got his own distinctive style of learning. A learning style is a way that a learner adopts to approach his learning, which is most comfortable to him and suits his learning needs best.



Sunday, July 10, 2016

Educational Links 7/11/16

Study: Music Education Aids Cognitive Development 

Summer Reading Lists For Kids Ages 6 – 14 

'Find Your Yoda' and Other Advice from Your School's Tech Department 

Next Generation Science Standards: What Do Lessons Look Like? 

Is It Sensory Processing Disorder? Or Hypersensitivity? 

Roll the Dice for Participation 

'Find Your Yoda' and Other Advice from Your School's Tech Department

Learn more than your tech staff’s names. Understand what each individual does for your school. Just because someone is in the technology department does not mean he knows everything about technology. You wouldn’t think of asking the head of the English department for help with physics. Nor should you ask a network administrator about software loaded on a student’s computer. Different areas of technology demand different skills set and levels of expertise.


A Writing Prompt to Really Get To Know Your Students

A Writing Prompt to Really Get To Know Your Students  "Three Things I Want You To Know About Me."   I came up with this prompt while teaching high school, but it works with younger ...