Saturday, August 10, 2019

Educational Links 8/11/19

Social and Emotional Learning

10 Student-Tested Chrome Extensions

Three things you're told about teaching that are wrong

Too Old to Teach?

Helping Students Develop Self-Regulation

Guiding students to create on an ongoing cycle of growth in self-regulation starts with having them set explicit goals for themselves.

The Sky Is Cheap Entertainment: Peak Perseid Meteor Mornings!

"The composite image above – from John Ashley at Glacier National Park in Montana, in 2016 – perfectly captures the feeling of standing outside as dawn is approaching, after a peak night of Perseid meteor-watching. As viewed from anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere, the Perseids’ radiant point is highest at dawn, and so the meteors rain down from overhead. Unfortunately, in 2019, the moon is in the way of this shower. View the full image here.
When is the peak of the Perseid meteor shower in 2019? The most meteors are most likely to fall in the predawn hours on August 13, yet under the light of a bright waxing gibbous moon. The mornings of August 11 and 12 are surely worth trying, too, especially as there will be more moon-free viewing time on these mornings … a larger window between moonset and dawn. Although the brighter Perseids will overcome the moonlight, there’s nothing like a dark sky for meteor watching. During the coming peak of the 2019 Perseid shower, the moon will be in the sky as night falls. So moonset is the key factor. Visit the Sunrise Sunset Calendars site to find out when the moon sets in your sky, remembering to check the moonrise and moonset box."

Peak Perseid mornings: August 11, 12, 13

MzTeachuh: Life Too Fiberoptic? Take A Cafe Jazz Coffee Break...

MzTeachuh: Life Too Fiberoptic? Take A Cafe Jazz Coffee Break...: Cinnam on Sp ice Mocha , anyone? Your Own Rhythm (Cafe Jazz Coffee) Acoustic Alchemy - Playing for The Time...

MzTeachuh: Next Semester...we'll celebrate diversity

MzTeachuh: Next Semester...we'll celebrate diversity: Music! Dancing! And dont forget the great Mexican food! If you teach in a school that is ethnically isolated, by geography or by ch...

MzTeachuh: Next Semester...Classroom Art Gallery

MzTeachuh: Next Semester...Classroom Art Gallery: Don't get too carried away--but just so you know, I have a power stapler, too. Prepping for an art show. Prepping for School Art Sho...

MzTeachuh: Next Semester...I'll Do Better With Google Classro...

Next Semester...I'll Do Better With Google Classroom Not all of us are IT-type folks, so we may need to practice new skills. But we can learn! Google Classroom: First Look http://www.lyn...

MzTeachuh: Next Semester...we'll have a healthier classroom

Next Semester...we'll have a healthier classroom: This schoolyear teachers, students, and families are faced with serious communicable health risks to every generation. The first prec...

Friday, August 9, 2019

MzTeachuh: Spending Saturday with Matisse

MzTeachuh: Spending Saturday with Matisse: The Lute, Henri Matisse Nicolae Szekely, lute - Richard Allison - Pavane

MzTeachuh: Women's History-Is There Much?

MzTeachuh: Women's History-Is There Much?: Malala     Boudicca

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is...Learning Ed Tech II

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is...Learning Ed Tech II: The Teacher’s Guides To Technology And Learning   An Introduction to Technology Integration http://w...

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Learning Ed Tech

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Learning Ed Tech: How Technology Helps Teachers to Manage Their Classroom

Educational Links 8/10/19

Teaching Climate Change in the Classroom

How to Begin Building a PBL Culture Right from the Start

Student Voice and Choice in the Early Elementary Grades

How to Use Creative Commons Search


QuickCite - A Site That Helps Students Properly Format Citations

What Every Educator Needs to Know About Artificial Intelligence

C3PO from “Star Wars.” HAL from “2001: A Space Odyssey.” “The Terminator.” And now Apple’s SIRI and Amazon’s Alexa. Artificial Intelligence has always been part of our collective imagination. But it’s now becoming part of our everyday, cure cancer, cope with global warming, and yes, transform K-12 education and the jobs students are preparing for.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Educational Links 8/9/19

Types of Learning Disabilities

Teachers told off for having curly hair...or being ill

New Study Shows Where ‘Growth Mindset’ Training Works (And Where It Doesn’t)

Assistive technology

Ed Tech Magazine

Coming To America: Our Best Student Podcasts About Immigration

Top 5 Teaching Strategies

Effective teachers are always on the prowl for new and exciting teaching strategies that will keep their students motivated and engaged.

MzTeachuh: STEM to STEAM Resources

MzTeachuh: STEM to STEAM Resources: STEM to STEAM Resources : Your students should be Renaissance people! Science, music, engineering, singing, art, dance, literature, techno...

MzTeachuh: A Writing Prompt to Really Get To Know Your Studen...

MzTeachuh: A Writing Prompt to Really Get To Know Your Studen...: MLB pitcher Jim Abbott MzTeachuh: A Writing Prompt to Really Get To Know Your Students "Three Things I Want You To Know About Me.&q...

MzTeachuh: Art to Make You Dizzy

MzTeachuh: Art to Make You Dizzy: Take a left turn on the second floor, then, no, wait, go up a flight...maybe a right turn....go down, uh up.. .   This picture is called...

MzTeachuh: Summer: Vivaldi and Van Gogh

MzTeachuh: Summer: Vivaldi and Van Gogh: Summer: Vivaldi and Van Gogh : Poppies and Butterflies Van Gogh The intensity of insects buzzing, the sirocco searing across your face....

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Giving Lifelong Reading

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Giving Lifelong Reading:   These links are not for Reading Specialists, or those educators involved exclusively with reading instruction. These links are intended...

Educational Links 8/8/19

Classroom Management: A Teacher’s Guide to Resolving School Conflict

Hype, Hope and Humblepie for Predictions About Digital Learning

How Parents Can Help Middle Schoolers Build Confidence and Character

Tell yourself a better story this school year

Ed Tech Fitness Challenges for Back-to-School Season


Podcasting Creates an Audience for Student Storytellers

A six-phase process for podcast design guides students to an engaging final product in an interdisciplinary project-based learning unit.

MzTeachuh: Dr. Seuss-A-Thon Day 1

MzTeachuh: Dr. Seuss-A-Thon Day 1: ...

MzTeachuh: Getting Better Using Ed Tech

MzTeachuh: Getting Better Using Ed Tech: Key strategies for tablet success   New technologies aim to help...

MzTeachuh: ADHD Epidemic?

MzTeachuh: ADHD Epidemic?: The active, kinesthetic student and the passive daydreamer have something in common--they may have ADHD of ADD (the 'H' in...

MzTeachuh: The Smarty Pants Files

MzTeachuh: The Smarty Pants Files: Q: Teacher: Didn't I tell you to stand at the end of the line? A: Student: I tried but there was someone already there! Q: How is...

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Educational Links 8/7/19

12 Back To School Teaching Resources For The Best Year Ever

Beyond 'Good' Vs. 'Bad' Touch: 4 Lessons To Help Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

10 reasons school librarians are more important than ever

Common Sense Media shares 25 great podcasts for kids

What Gives Parents the Right to Request a Team Meeting?

The Radical Possibilities of “What Are You Working On?”: Student-Driven Learning in Writing Conferences

50 Ways Google Can Help You Become A Better Teacher

While Apple products are known for their integration in classrooms, increasingly Google is the choice for schools and districts looking for something organized, useful, and inexpensive that’s available on tablet, laptop, Chromebooks, desktop, smartphone, and more. 
In fact, the sheer diversity of Google products might make them a more natural fit in the classroom in lieu of the iPad’s gravity. 

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Teachers Talking To Each Other

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Teachers Talking To Each Other: How to make friends and influence people - a teacher's guide

MzTeachuh: Websites for Special Education

MzTeachuh: Websites for Special Education: Special Needs Digest DAILY NEWS AND INFORMATION FOR THE SPECIAL NEEDS COMMUNITY ...

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Making A Kid Feel Uniquely Important

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Making A Kid Feel Uniquely Important: 1. How Can Teachers Foster Self-Esteem in Children? Teachers play an important role in nurturing a student's sense of dignity an...

MzTeachuh: Tranquil Afternoon--Art, Music and Maybe a Faun

MzTeachuh: Tranquil Afternoon--Art, Music and Maybe a Faun: 'North Woods' by Richard Kozlow, 1988. But I don't know if the woods in Michigan have mythological creatures or not. ...

Monday, August 5, 2019

Educational Links 8/6/19

12 Ways to Support English Learners in the Mainstream Classroom

Too Few Guidance Counselors, Too Little Information: Why Community College Might Be the Best Path for High School Graduates — but They’ll Never Know It

25 of MiddleWeb’s Best New Teacher Resources

Getting the most from collaboration tools


How to Respond to an Angry Message From a Parent

Don’t let an annoyed or angry parent get you out of sorts. Instead, try these teacher tips to get the situation under control and the parent on your side.

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Being Consistent

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Being Consistent: 1. Teacher tips: How to be flexible and still enforce consistent classroom discipline

MzTeachuh: IEP Meeting? Do I Have To Go?

MzTeachuh: IEP Meeting? Do I Have To Go?: That confusing enough for you? Am I required to attend IEP meetings if I am not a Special Education teacher?   I've been aske...

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Having Fun Learning

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Having Fun Learning: 1. OK- Everybody! Share your best classroom games!   2. Engaging ...

MzTeachuh: Summer Activity: Way Too Hot? Read These

MzTeachuh: Summer Activity: Way Too Hot? Read These: 1935 film about Jack London’s book “The Call of the Wild,” featuring Clark Gable and Buck. Any book set in Alaska by Jack London wil...

Sunday, August 4, 2019

MzTeachuh: Making Success A Reality For All

MzTeachuh: Making Success A Reality For All: Social-Emotional Learning Pays Off   ...

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Creating A Living Classroom

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Creating A Living Classroom: Teaching Secrets: Arranging Optimal Classroom Seating   Bulletin B...

MzTeachuh: The Excellent Effect of Music In All Classrooms

MzTeachuh: The Excellent Effect of Music In All Classrooms: Can Music Education Enhance Brain Functioning and Academic Learning?

MzTeachuh: Reading Tips

MzTeachuh: Reading Tips: Reading Tips for Parents (in Multiple Languages) 1...

Educational Links 8/5/19

Design Thinking Is a Challenge to Teach — and That’s a Good Thing

What do Students Lose by Being Perfect? Valuable Failure


Four Emerging Trends in Learning

5 Icebreakers for Middle and High School Students That Really Work

10 Great Apps to Enhance Teaching Productivity

5 Strategies For Incorporating Social Emotional Learning Into Your Classroom

Social emotional learning (SEL) by definition is a process for learning life skills, including how to deal with oneself, others and relationships, and work in an effective manner.  Although there are many great SEL programs, SEL can also be incorporated into each lesson as a way of teaching for students to really understand how to action the skills in a variety of situations and form positive habits.