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Educational Links 6/23/19

One Thing You Must Ask Yourself Before Next School Year


Schools are rethinking classroom design to encourage collaboration, creativity

15 Reasons Why You Should Try NaNoWriMo With Your Students

Alexa, Tell Us What You Think of Voice-Activated Learning in K-12

Why Standardized Tests Aren't Working for Teachers or Students

Many of us in education have deep misgivings about the role standardized tests play in our schools. As a principal, I’ve had a front-row seat to incidents that illustrate why we should be seriously concerned.

Teaching Is Using Proximity


1. Effective Room Arrangement 

2. The Effectiveness of Teacher Proximity as an Initial Technique of Helping Pupils Control Their Behavior. 

3. Quick & Effective Teaching Strategies: Proximity Control 

4. Proximity & Modality 

5. Suggested Classroom Interventions For Children With ADD & Learning Disabilities 

6.  How to Use Proximity to Manage the Classroom 

7.  Proximity and Mobility 

Proximity to help during guided practice!


Teaching Is Reflective

A Mid-Year Reflection for Teachers and Students 

The Reflective Teacher: Taking a Long Look 

Reflecting on Reflection: A Habit of Mind 

Reflective Teaching: A 30-Day Blogging Challenge For Teachers 

Are You A Reflective Teacher?

Are You A Reflective Teacher? 

10 Ways To Be A More Reflective Teacher

10 Ways To Be A More Relective Teacher

10 Ways To Be A More Reflective Teacher

7 Great Resources for Reflective Teachers 

Reflection: What Makes Learning Stick 

Teaching Is Collaborating Until You're A Team

1. The Benefits of Teacher Collaboration 

2. Teacher Collaboration Gives Schools Better Results 

3. Making Time for Teacher Collaboration Is Crucial

All this in 30 minutes after school.

4. Maximizing the Impact of Teacher Collaboration 

5. 5 Ways to Get More Out of Teacher-to-Teacher Collaboration 

6. The Benefits of Teacher Collaboration 

7. 5 Ways to Get More Out of Teacher-to-Teacher Collaboration 

Must be high school teachers collab team, only three women.


Teaching Is Having With-It-Ness

1. Teacher Withitness 

2. Withitness...what does it mean? 

3. Withitness in the Classroom 

4.  “Withitness”: Being Aware of What’s Going on in the Classroom 

5. The Kounin Model of Discipline 

6. Teacher Engagement and "Withitness" in the 21st Century Classroom 

Great video--relieve some stress!

7. With-it-ness 

Teaching Is Being Consistent

1. Teacher tips: How to be flexible and still enforce consistent classroom discipline 

2. The Success of a Culture of Consistency 

3. "No" Means "No":
The Importance of Consistency 

4. Top 6 Keys to Being a Successful Teacher 

5. Excellent teacher traits: Impartiality 

6. Teaching tips: The importance of fairness in the classroom 

7. Classroom Routines

Managing a happy classroom 

8. 5 Smart Ways to Handle Teacher Troubles 

9. Why Playing Favorites Is Bad For Classroom Management

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Educational Links 6/22/19

Can 360-Degree Feedback Empower Students and Teachers?

A Teacher's Case Against Summer Vacation

12 tools for courage and SEL in the classroom

10 Educational Google Drive You Can Use Using Chrome Apps

Here are a handful of social-emotional learning activities that can help your child manage emotions and work on social skills—and have some fun with you along the way. These social-emotional learning games are very low-tech. And all are designed to fit easily into your daily routines.

A Writing Prompt to Really Get To Know Your Students

"Three Things I Want You To Know About Me."

I came up with this prompt while teaching high school, but it works with younger kids, too. It gives the students a choice of what to comment on, and allows them to use their own voice to tell it like it feels. You may learn a lot about music, sports, and their dog; but sometimes you will also learn about very serious topics like family crisis or illness. And at times the school can help the families. But you will know the students better, especially if you actually read the essays and comment on them. The kids feel very validated, and more willing to write the remainder of the year no matter what the topic.

Jim Abbott of the Yankees, pitching a no-hitter.

I especially enjoyed when the students shared their dreams for their future. You would be amazed how many major league baseball players (of the future) were in my seventh grade classes. Far be it from me to say otherwise. Who knows, anyway? If Jim Abbott, who had only one hand due to a birth defect, became a major league pitcher, shouldn't I be like his grown-ups and be filled with encouragement for kids' dreams?

Suggestions: How to Direct Students Writing Research Papers

How to Write a Research Paper in 11 Steps

Scaffolding Methods for Research Paper Writing

Teacher Guide for Teaching Research

Students As Authentic Researchers: A New Prescription for the High School Research Assignment

Sample Guideline Research Paper: English 10

Sample Guideline RESEARCH PAPER: English 10

Sample Eleventh Grade Research Writing Student Handbook

Sample MLA Formatted Paper

And here is great input from our friends.

How to Make Writing Research Papers Relevant for Students

8 Reasons Why Students Should Still Write Research Papers

And never forget to encourage your student writers that they are well able to discover information and brilliantly express important ideas in clarity with confidence. Write on!

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Educational Links 6/21/19

3 Ways to Build Student Agency into Your Lessons


High-quality teachers significantly boost student attendance

'Principals Shouldn't Be Lonely'

Six Steps Toward Fair and Accurate Grading

Restoring Children’s Play: Overcoming Parental Fears

Children are designed, by nature, to spend hours per day playing with other children, independently of adults.  In such play they practice all sorts of physical and mental skills; discover and pursue their passions; and learn how to create their own activities, solve their own problems, get along with peers, and control their emotions and impulses. Depriving children of independent play inflicts serious harm on them. 

Well Rounded Summer Resources: Reading, Art, STEM, Nature

Parks and Recreation Centers have great outdoor activities, too.
With a school break, there is time to read, do arts and crafts, hang around outside checking out nature--summertime, what a great gift. (And just for a little while of relaxing math, don't forget

Backyard Birdin 

Nature Activities & Nature Experiments 


Outdoor Activities:Taking Science Outside 

Birding with Children 


The sky is cheap entertainment.


Kids Astronomy

Nature Activities & Nature Experiments

Outdoor Activities:Taking Science Outside 

Flowers, like these verbena in my yard, will cross-pollinate creating blended colors. How cool is that?

Kids can also identify insects and their habitats, which is important for safety reasons. The critters become like family, and kids learn to respect their lives in the garden, rather then hunt and squish them.

Mojave lizard, eater of Black Widow Spiders. Bon appetit, dude.

Knowing native plants and birds, how to use water wisely. Kids are easily recruited from an early age to be assistant gardeners and landscapers. 

Checking out the weather by looking at the sky, feeling the humidity, temperature, and the wind patterns are also safety points. Plus, chatting about the weather is just a necessary social skill globally.

And realistically, the sky is cheap entertainment.

  1. Go on a Backyard Botany Hunt

2. What’s Up in the Sky this Month 

3. Weather Wiz Kids 

4. Summer Science Projects

5. Summer Birding Tips


I want to make some chalk!
More time, more art! It's summer!

This site is great for little kids on up.

This site has listed a number of other sites with links.

One of a kind tie dye.

Got my backpack, let's go on a picnic.

Fun sewing will teach kids about needle and thread and maybe buttons. This site has more than this one project, but this looked the cutest to me.

More sewing. Lots of choices.

Its a softie! 
This is just the beginning of a creative summer.

This is Scholastic's program online. Looks like fun.

Make a deal with the bookstore.

Barnes & Noble Summer Reading

 This is sponsored free by Sylvan. Looks like fun! (Do I keep saying that? I guess I think reading is fun!)
Best sellers for kids of the last 100 years.

This would be worth some research. And Chuck E. Cheese, too.

A List of Summer Reading Programs for Kids That Give Free Books, Money and More

Have a Do-It-Yourself with your kids' friends. Sounds like fun to me (doh! I said it again.)
I used to have a reading party with my tutoring students at the end of the summer--we'd dress up as favorite characters. Not too original, but really cool since they kids had just fallen in love with reading for the first time.