Saturday, September 19, 2020

Educational Links 9/20/2020

With Safety in Mind, Schools Take Classes Outdoors

Our Favorite Videos For Kids About How Things Are Made

The Evil Culture Of Online Teaching

20 Ways To Bring The Joy Back To Your Classroom

Clear parent communication, support essential for remote learning success

I’m an ADHD Expert — and I Still Struggle With ADHD

Just because you’re an expert in helping others with ADHD doesn’t mean you don’t struggle with the condition yourself. Here are the ways I grapple with inattentive ADD, and why I refuse to let my symptoms define me.

Educational Links 9/19/2020

Assistive Technology in the Classroom

What Should Recess — and Play — Look Like in a Socially Distanced World?

How educators are battling pandemic stress

 Tracking how the coronavirus is impacting school districts

Want to Learn More Effectively? Take More Breaks, Research Suggests

New Strategies in Special Education as Kids Learn From Home

Teachers, This Is All Impossibly Hard, But We’re More Prepared Than We Realize

As a teacher, I have seen several memes going around social media that suggest we are all “first-year teachers again.” While we are undoubtedly experiencing a lot of firsts with hybrid and distance learning, I believe we can utilize the tools we already have to make this school year successful and memorable.

Friday, September 18, 2020

Music that Makes You Smarter

MzTeachuh: Music that Makes You Smarter: This music (and Mozart and Beethoven, too) actually makes you smarter by connecting synapses in your brain! Bravissimo, Herr Bach! Yehudi ...

Autumn Activity: Planting It Forward

MzTeachuh: Autumn Activity: Planting It Forward: Daffodils (February) We can all use some Screaming Yellow Daffodils during the dreary winter. Flowers outside in the winter? I...

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Educational Links 9/18/2020

9 Ways to Beat Zoom Fatigue

50 Educational Brain Breaks

Some Texas Teachers Are Starting the Year With Huge Salary Hikes

'I'm Only 1 Person': Teachers Feel Torn Between Their Students And Their Own Kids

How to Provide Effective Feedback to Students

‘Life Is in Chaos’: How 13,000 High School Students Are Weathering the Pandemic

How to Better Engage Students in Online Math Classes

Math teachers will likely need to shift teaching methods to help students thrive during distance learning. These ideas can start the process.


Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Educational Links 9/17/2020

The pandemic is spotlighting longstanding issues with America’s school buildings

How much online learning is too much? Schools’ shift to live virtual classes sparks pushback

Four Stages Of A Self-Directed Learning Model

Report: COVID-19 School Closures Could Cost U.S. Economy $14 Trillion

Districts struggle to find balance in online instruction

A Delicate Balance - Communication in a Virtual World

Is Learning on Zoom the Same as In Person? Not to Your Brain

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Educational Links 9/16/2020

Helping middle-schoolers build self-regulation skills remotely

How much online learning is too much? Schools’ shift to live virtual classes sparks pushback

Individualize Instruction, Remove Barriers, Track Student Progress: Some Tips for Making Distance-Learning Special Ed Work

See which states lead in solar-powered schools

Growing Demand For Wilderness Education May Widen Learning Inequality

How much online learning is too much? Schools’ shift to live virtual classes sparks pushback

Districts embrace in-person learning pods for marginalized students

  • Students who qualify for the services are provided with transportation to the hubs, which are hosted in school buildings, and meals. Every site is staffed with a nurse, social worker and instructional support staff and practices personal protective measures.

Monday, September 14, 2020

Fun in the Fall for Everyone

MzTeachuh: Fun in the Fall for Everyone: Autumn is Goldilock's favorite season: its not too hot or too cold. Let's go outside!...

Educational Links 9/15/2020

How Families are Pushing Schools to Teach Reading Skills More Effectively

6 Common Misunderstandings About Assessment

Practice And Reflect: A Road Map To Becoming A Better Teacher

4 ways to prioritize cybersecurity education in schools

Clear parent communication, support essential for remote learning success

Schools Losing Out So Far in Court Challenges to Pandemic Orders

Dear Families and Educators: Why Parent-Teacher Communication Is More Impor

The basis of effective communication with parents also starts with trust. When speaking to parents, assure them that everything you discuss is confidential and that as a teacher, you always have your students' best interests at heart. Communicate often. 

Remote Teaching

Remote teaching occurs outside of a physical classroom. Instructors are separated from their learners in time and distance. Remote teaching is typically facilitated through technology, such as video conferencing software, discussion boards or learning management systems.

Remote Teaching Good Practices: Beyond the Tech

Tips for Teachers Teaching Remotely: The Ultimate List

How to Use Google Classroom for Remote Teaching

7 tips for effective remote learning

350+ Amazing Online Learning Resources

Free Online Resources for Remote Teaching

Establishing Routines for Remote Learning

Teaching students how to interact online helps ensure a good experience for both students and teachers.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Educational Links 09/14/2020

10 Online Team-Building Games and Activities for Kids

Your Free In-Depth Guide to Inattentive ADHD

Behavioral Treatment for Kids With Anxiety

Flexibility is key when it comes to COVID

We Need More SEL in High Schools (Here’s How)

Relationships Are Important. How Do We Build Them Effectively With Kids?

Developing Confidence Through Delayed Grading

A grade can shut motivation down pretty quickly, especially when children are learning something new." Confidence before grades—here's a look at the process of delayed grading.