Sunday, January 23, 2022

Teaching During the Omicron Surge

How Teachers Are Coping With Omicron

In classrooms or online, parents grapple with omicron school 'chaos'

Schools already had a fragile grasp on stability. Then omicron hit.

Teacher: ‘Omicron Is Truly Bringing Education to Its Knees’

With Omicron, Schools Are Literally Running Out of Teachers

Even as Omicron Wanes, New York City’s Teachers Are in a Holding Pattern

As absences persist, some schools are resigning themselves to remote learning.

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The ADHD Brain

The ADHD mind is unique. It regulates attention and emotions in different ways than a neurotypical brain would. It’s also terrifically creative, adventurous, and sensitive. Understand more about the neuroscience behind attention deficit here.