Friday, July 30, 2021

Educational Links 7/31/21

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3 Questions on Educators that Inspire With Morgane Michael 

The Next Wave of Edtech Will Be Very, Very Big — and Global

27 Unique Ways Teachers Can Introduce Themselves to Their Students

18+ Google Classroom Quick Tip Videos for Teachers

How Some Districts Are Trying To Get Anxious Families Back Into School Buildings

Special education funding should be more streamlined, report finds

Funding should be based on students' needs, not attendance, researchers say.

Educational Links 7/30/21


Why teachers need research that works in the real world

A Better Alternative To Grading Student Writing

4 Engaging Writing Tasks for High School Students

The Assimilation vs Accommodation Of Knowledge

Using the WELL Health-Safety Rating to Confidently Bring Back In-Person Learning

Q&A Collections: Teaching English-Language Learners


What happened when I didn't talk for an entire lesson

A sore throat led this music teacher to a novel idea: not talking for an entire lesson. The outcome was startling.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Educational Links 7/28/21

Teachers Were Told to ‘Give Grace’ as the Pandemic Started. They Did That and Much More

10 Unique Middle School Electives that Students and Teachers Love

15 Examples of Student-Centered Teaching


Did online learning mostly miss the mark?

6 things no classroom should be without

Team-Building Activities to Help Students Reconnect in the Classroom

As students return to school after a tumultuous year, here are tips to help them re-engage and ease back into the classroom.

Educational Links 7/27/21


Cultivating Number Sense Among Middle and High School Students

Building Positive Relationships With Students: What Brain Science Says

How can schools raise ownership of student mental health supports?

Tips to Improve Online Assessment

Enrollment Data: How Many Students Went Missing in Your State?

Contention over wearing masks in schools rises as academic year begins for some

50 Google Classroom Resources That Will Make Your Day

“I Can Do It Myself!” How to Support Tweens with ADHD (Who Don’t Want Help)

Tweens with ADHD often refuse to ask for help, reject it when it’s offered, or pretend that they’ve got things under control when they don’t. Parenting teenagers with ADHD requires managing your discomfort with their mistakes, but also finding ways to offer support that they will accept.

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Educational Links 7/26/21

Everyone Should Wear A Mask In Schools, Vaccinated Or Not, U.S. Pediatricians Say

Where Are the School Librarians? New Study Shows 20 Percent Decline In Past Decade

 Tips for Recognizing Learning Disorders in the Classroom

New research reveals that when science, reading, and math come together in rigorous hands-on projects, student collaboration, engagement, and achievement can soar.

Educational Links 7/25/21

12 Helpful Character Traits Anchor Charts For Elementary and Middle School ELA Classes

Grades Have Huge Impact, But Are They Effective? 


What Does Good Listening Look Like?

Sitting completely still with eyes on the teacher doesn’t work for all students, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t paying attention.