Saturday, February 29, 2020

Women's History-Is There Much?

MzTeachuh: Women's History-Is There Much?: Malala     Boudicca

Celtic Circle of Joy--Living Your Dream

MzTeachuh: Celtic Circle of Joy--Living Your Dream: The Irish culture embraces delight, melancholy, whimsy, rage--the full human experience.   Here is a lovely piece of music inspired by I...

Take a Beautiful Music/Art Break

MzTeachuh: Take a Beautiful Music/Art Break: Irises at St. Remy, Van Gogh In person, this painting shimmers and glows as though it is growing. It is at the Getty Museum in Sout...

Educational Links 3/1/20

A Fun, Experiential Approach to Strengthen Reading and Writing Skills

4 Steps to Help Students Discuss Real Issues and Tackle Misinformation

What Giving Students Choice Looks Like in the Classroom

Why Your Best Students Need Strict Accountability

What’s Going on Here? How to Have a Trouble Huddle with Students

States to Schools: Teach Reading the Right Way

What Is Auditory Processing Disorder?

Up to twelve percent of children have diagnosed or undiagnosed auditory processing disorder, a condition that inhibits the brain’s ability to translate and process sounds. Learn more about common signs and symptoms.

Classroom Management for ADHD

Download this free guide to remaining calm and responding right when a student challenges.

The Messy Student’s Guide to Order: ADHD Organizing Tips

Chaotic desk? Forgotten homework? Missed deadlines? Your child needs these ADHD organizing tips ASAP — start by color coding his folders, buying him an easy-to-use organizer, or trying these other ADHD-friendly strategies.

Teaching Is... Making A Kid Feel Uniquely Important

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is... Making A Kid Feel Uniquely Importan...: 1. How Can Teachers Foster Self-Esteem in Children? Teachers play an important role in nurturing a student's sense of dignity and se...

Teaching Is Using Proximity

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Using Proximity:   How to Use Proximity to Manage the Classroom Read more:  How to Use Proximity to Manage the Classroom |   http://www.ehow....

Are You Managing Your Classroom, Or Is It Managing You?

MzTeachuh: Are You Managing Your Classroom, Or Is It Managing...:   Five   Persistent Behavior Problems and How to Handle Them (Grades 6-8)

MzTeachuh's List of the Top Four Educational Websi...

MzTeachuh: MzTeachuh's List of the Top Four Educational Websi...: How wonderful to conveniently learn, comment, and participate with fellow teachers around the world.  Powerful and validating. Here is my l...

Educational Links 2/29/20

Reaching Students With Emotional Disturbances

Does Social Media Cause Depression?

Mainstreaming Making: Helping Teachers and Administrators Embrace Making

Trouble Estimating “How Many”: What It Looks Like


What's Your Purpose? Finding A Sense Of Meaning In Life Is Linked To Health

An Updated Guide To Robust PBL For Teachers

First, there are varying degrees of how effective any project-based learning experience will be due to a variety of factors including teacher and student experience with PBL, the nature of the project, and outside variables that are the reality of any school. The aim is to turn all the knobs to 11 but that’s not reality. With any PBL experience, it’s most likely there will be pieces you wish were more impactful. Effective teaching with PBL is not an easy skill to master and it takes practice and time for refinement.

Friday, February 28, 2020

Praying Hands

MzTeachuh: Praying Hands: Praying Hands by Albrecht Duer, 1508 Dürer worked for 13 months on the final painting, determined to make it so sound and beautiful &qu...

So Differentiate Already!

MzTeachuh: So Differentiate Already!: Differentiated Instruction Build lessons, develop teaching materials, and vary your approach so that all students, regardless of where...

Have a healthier classroom

MzTeachuh: Next Semester...we'll have a healthier classroom: This schoolyear teachers, students, and families are faced with serious communicable health risks to every generation. The first prec...

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Educational Links 2/28/20

12 Of Our Most Popular Articles About Project-Based Learning


The TeachThought Podcast Ep. 197 Are We Teaching Reading Wrong By Omitting Knowledge?ADHDfbclid=IwAR1iRPJdwiAL07ZdDK-t83zPNxSZc45hQ__RMP0DQyUtOdgOCpQbapINgXo

Don’t Mistake Your Child’s ADHD Symptoms for Bad Behavior

Brainpop: Corona Virus

Enhancing Early Ed Classrooms with UDL

Using Art in Assessments

An assessment called a one-pager has students use art to show what they know—and it can be used across the curriculum.

Learning and Teaching Challenges for Growth

MzTeachuh: Learning and Teaching Challenges for Growth: Developing a Growth Mindset in Teachers and Staff ...

Info on Learning Disabilities

MzTeachuh: Info on Learning Disabilities: Types of Learning Disabilities What is a Learning Disability? http:/...

'I Paint Flowers So They Won't Die.' So said Frida...

MzTeachuh: 'I Paint Flowers So They Won't Die.' So said Frida...: Folk Flowers, Frida Kahlo Born in Coyoacán, Mexico, young Frida's life was punctuated by prominent eve nts: polio, the Mex...

Be Smart

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Teaching Is...Counseling and Supervision

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is...Counseling and Supervision: What to change in a school? I have reflected upon what change would have the greatest impact based just upon my own observations. Couns...

Teaching Is Trying Everything To Get Through

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Trying Everything To Get Through: 1. Teaching and Learning Methods and Strategies   2. Student-Centered Learni...

Helpful Hints for When Teacher Is Overwhelmed

MzTeachuh: Helpful Hints for When Teacher Is Overwhelmed: Time  Saving Tips  for Teachers Articles/time_saving_tips.htm   Replacing Classroom Chaos wit...

Yes, let's take a walk down that country road

MzTeachuh: Yes, let's take a walk down that country road: Paul Cezanne - Houses along a Road JAMES TAYLOR - COUNTRY ROAD   "Country ...

Educational Links 2/27/20

Test Anxiety Is Crippling Students. Giving Them a Breather Can Help.

10 Google Classroom Tips You Didn’t Know

How Great Teaching And Learning Grows Under The PBL Umbrella

Nine Ways To Ensure Your Mindfulness Teaching Practice Is Trauma-Informed

3 Misconceptions About Educator Self-Care

The TeachThought Podcast Ep. 196 Modernizing Our Math Programs

OMG: My Eye-Opening Discoveries After Shadowing My Students

One woman spent a day as a student and found herself wishing she could go back and change her teaching strategies to keep kids’ attention with these changes.

Essay Writing Tips: MLA style citing quotes

MzTeachuh: Essay Writing Tips: MLA style citing quotes: Short story quotes cited in an essay What Is MLA Style?

Developing Lesson Plans

MzTeachuh: Developing Lesson Plans: MzTeachuh: Developing Lesson Plans : 9 Ways to Plan Transformational Lessons: Planning the Best Curriculum Unit Ever https://www.edutopi...

Creating a Classroom for Questions

MzTeachuh: Creating a Classroom for Questions: Establishing a Culture of Questioning The Right Question In...

Dyslexia Revealed

MzTeachuh: Dyslexia Revealed: The MindShift Guide to Understanding Dyslexia ...

Kids Need the Arts

MzTeachuh: Kids Need the Arts: Arts integration  is an approach to teaching and learning through which content standards are taught and assessed equitably in and through...

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Educational Links 2/26/20

The Secret to Classroom Management—No Matter Where You Teach

#ThinkPossible: Not Giving Up on Disruptive Students Even When We Really, Really Want To

How to Motivate Students in the Classroom

Moving Students From Consumers To Creators To Contributors

Five Apps Students Can Use To Make Podcasts


Game-Based Learning in Middle School Math

Working with teachers, researchers created free online math games that encourage students to persist in grappling with difficult concepts.

Teaching Character

MzTeachuh: Teaching Character: Maybe It’s Time To Stop Talking About Bullying, And Talk Kindness Instead

Apps for Special Education

MzTeachuh: Apps for Special Education: The Best Education Apps (iOS)    The 200 Best Special E...

Teacher Burnout--U Gotz It?

MzTeachuh: Teacher Burnout--U Gotz It?: 1. Teacher Burnout: Four Warning Signs

Teaching Is Understanding Child Development

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Understanding Child Development: 1. Child Development Tracker Use the Child Development Tracker to get insights on the stages of growth.

Have You Talked To Your Kid Today?

MzTeachuh: Have You Talked To Your Kid Today?: 1. Find out how they're feeling? Bored, tummy ache, excited, melancholy, stressed. Do you know how they're feeling? Do th...

Monday, February 24, 2020

Teaching Is Learning Ed Tech

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Learning Ed Tech: How Technology Helps Teachers to Manage Their Classroom

Are You Your School's Grumpy Cat?

MzTeachuh: Are You Your School's Grumpy Cat?: I confess, at times I have been the grumpy cat at school. As I realized it, I would go through this handy checklist I once heard in a se...

STEM Activities For Your Classroom

MzTeachuh: STEM Activities For Your Classroom: Urban  Community and School Gardens Best cheap easy STEM? Go outside....

Teaching Is Trying New Activities

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Trying New Activities: Improve Learning with Hands-On Classroom Games, Activities   ...

Educational Links 2/25/20

3 Tips to Use Data Effectively

Section 504, IEPs and Sports | Extra-Curricular Activities | What to Know for Inclusion.

Tips for Terrific Transitions

5 Tools And Strategies That Support Personalized Learning

How It's Done: Using Blended Learning to Close Achievement Gap

Schoolwide Strategies for Promoting a Love of Reading

A literacy consultant explains how schools can encourage all students to share the joy of reading.

Working Together In The Special Education Classroom

The Future Is Now In Education

The Future Is Now In Education

Music For When You Feel Pressured

Music For When You Feel Pressured

Inquiry-Based Learning