Saturday, May 23, 2020

Educational Links 5/24/2020

Girls Who Code CEO: For Remote Learning to Succeed, It Must Be Equitable

12 Sweet Ways to Wrap Up This Unusual School Year

Inclusive education is a plus for children of all abilities

Giving Students Stepping Stones For Participation To Lift Up Their Voices

It's Caturday? Fire up the grill.

Barbeque or Cookout? 

All-American Music To Grill To  

Hanging Out With The Kid--Cook Outs 

Memorial Day and Regular Kids Who Were Heroes

MzTeachuh: Memorial Day and Regular Kids Who Were Heroes: This crew was delivering supplies to French civilians during the D Day invasion and was shot down. My dad's cousin, Blake Treece, T/S...

Friday, May 22, 2020

Educational Links 5/23/2020

Make a BItmoji Scene in Google Slides!

A Handful of Video Lessons About Memorial Day

California districts could pursue teacher layoffs if new state budget cuts K-12 funding

5 End-of-Year Mistakes Teachers Make in the Classroom

Understood's resources for educators are backed by research, vetted by experts, and reviewed by classroom teachers.

The Lost Identity of Teachers: The COVID-19 Story

Distance Learning Strategies to Bring Back to the Classroom

When schools closed, teachers were forced to get creative—and they’ve learned things they can use when they’re back at school.

Teachable Moment: Memorial Day

MzTeachuh: Teachable Moment: Memorial Day: Family tradition of service. Memorial Day is a fine time to chat with family members about how your family may have served in the mili...

MzTeachuh's Memorial Day Collection

MzTeachuh: MzTeachuh's Memorial Day Collection: Boy Scouts placing leis on graves at the National Cemetary of the Pacific (Punchbowl) Hawaii. Teachable Moment: Memorial Day  http://...

One Memorial Today

MzTeachuh: One Memorial Today: Orvis Henry Sweet, Union Army, Vermont Orvis, age 21, will be shot in the lung one week after this picture was taken by Matthew B...

Feeling the Melancholy of War

MzTeachuh: Feeling the Melancholy of War: Ohio troops after four years of the Civil War. Poets and artists and musicians translate human experiences. The new art of photography c...

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Educational Links 5/22/2020

The Definition Of Blended Learning

Kids with autism being denied an education during the pandemic, Pa.

 lawsuit says

Peace--Here's A Few Minutes of Peace

MzTeachuh: Peace--Here's A Few Minutes of Peace: Bridge over A Pond of Water Lillies Claude Monet Debussy - Reverie

Summer Bump Not Slump: A Variety of Resources

MzTeachuh: Summer Bump Not Slump: A Variety of Resources: Enjoying Mom's Favorites Summer Film Festival. Summer Bump Not Slump: MzTeachuh's Top 20 Movies To Watch  http://melanielinkt...

Summer Activity: Go Outside!

MzTeachuh: Summer Activity: Go Outside!: Nerf baseball sounds good! Doctor's Orders: More Outside Time for Kids

Educational Links 5/21/2020

Health Experts Say Schools Can Reopen in the Fall — But With Some Big Changes

10 Simple Ways To Save Time As A Teacher

Google Tutorials


National parks offer students rich educational benefits. Can they continue doing so remotely?

NCLD publishes groundbreaking reports and resources to help educators, policy makers, parents, and students enhance their understanding of learning and attention issues. With this research, we can improve practices to support all learners.

Lessons Learned During the Pandemic

Teachers have worked fast to meet the demands of this moment, but as they get a chance to slow down and reflect, some lessons are clear—like the primacy of relationships.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Americana--the Nation's Heart: Grandma Moses and H...

MzTeachuh: Americana--the Nation's Heart: Grandma Moses and H...: The Flag Grandma Moses Grandma Moses! America's Most Loved Painter of Folk Art!

Barbeque or Cookout?

MzTeachuh: Barbeque or Cookout?: So, you call it barbeque or cookout? Maybe grilling. We've always called it barbeque. Maybe its a western thing. Mesquite wood, secret ...

Learn About Learning Disabilities

MzTeachuh: Learn About Learning Disabilities: a condition giving rise to difficulties in acquiring knowledge and skills to the level expected of those of the same age, especially when ...

How About These Reading Lists?

MzTeachuh: How About These Reading Lists?: Popular 7th Grade Reading List Books Classical Literature Reading ...

Reading Tips

MzTeachuh: Reading Tips: Reading Tips for Parents (in Multiple Languages) 1...

Fate Knocking At The Door--Beethoven's Fifth

MzTeachuh: Fate Knocking At The Door--Beethoven's Fifth: Beethoven (pink book) Andy Warhol Is this a legend? Did Beethoven really say his signature first four notes of the Fifth Symphony (t...

Want To Be Cool? Listen To This

MzTeachuh: Want To Be Cool? Listen To This: Baltimore by Palmer Hayden Detroit Jackson - Cookin' Boox   I realize this w...

What Fools These Mortals Be

MzTeachuh: What Fools These Mortals Be: Midsummer Night's Dream, P.D. White Looks like Puck's been working out on the stairstep machine. F.Mendelssohn. A Midsum...

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Educational Links 5/20/2020

Why Grading Policies For Equity Matter More Than Ever

Survey: Children's loss of social ties, learning top parents' closure concerns

Using Children’s Books to Teach Literary Theory in High School

How To Give Specific, Quality Learning Feedback To Students

Remote Teaching Presents Hurdles for Special Education


A Superintendent's Thoughts on Reopening Schools in the Fall

Summer: Vincent and Vivaldi

MzTeachuh: Summer: Vincent and Vivaldi: Van Gogh  'I even work in the wheatfields at midday', he told Bernard, 'in the full heat of the sun, without any shade whateve...

Summer Bump Not Slump: Midsummer Shakespeare Festi...

MzTeachuh: Summer Bump Not Slump: Midsummer Shakespeare Festi...: A Midsummer Night's Dream   (1999) Summer's   here and the time is right...for a Mi...

Developing Lesson Plans

MzTeachuh: Developing Lesson Plans: 9 Ways to Plan Transformational Lessons: Planning the Best Curriculum Unit Ever

Monday, May 18, 2020

Educational Links 5/19/2020

The ‘Unsung Heroes’ Keeping Students and Families Fed During School Closures

Nine Ways to End This Crazy School Year Strong

Two Free Webinars With Me That You Can Join This Week

House OKs COVID-19 Relief Plan With More Payments For People With Disabilities

How Online Book Read-Alouds Can Help Students' Literacy and Connection During Social Distancing 

How feasible are school reopening plans for fall?

Maintaining Work-Life Balance During the Pandemic

Keeping school and personal life separate, always a struggle for teachers, is even more difficult when they’re both in the same place.

Love Defined

MzTeachuh: Love Defined: The Love of God - Mercy Me (With Lyrics) 28 Beautiful Words for Love from Around the...

The Sky Is Cheap Entertainment: A Starry Crown in the Northern Sky

Look for the beautiful 

Northern Crown

Tonight, look for a constellation that’s easy to see on the sky’s dome, if your sky is dark enough. Corona Borealis – aka the Northern Crown – is exciting to find. It’s an almost-perfect semicircle of stars. You’ll find this beautiful pattern in the evening sky from now until October.
The constellation Corona Borealis is located more or less along a line between two bright stars, Arcturus in the constellation Bo├Âtes the Herdsman and Vega in the constellation Lyra the Harp.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Educational Links 5/18/2020

“Brain Fog,” Self-Care, and Remote IEP Meetings: Coronavirus News and Tools

For Many With Autism, Challenges Of Social Distancing Aren’t New

Understanding Learning and Attention Issues

The Summer of COVID-19 Presents a Unique Opportunity for Education Companies

Quick Guide: How has the pandemic altered California's school accountability reforms?

School reopenings leave educators in high-risk groups with difficult choice over return

Blended Learning

Looking for the right mix of face-to-face instruction with technology-mediated activities? Find tips and resources for structuring learning across a range of blended-learning models. 

Life Too Fiberoptic? Take A Cafe Jazz Coffee Break...

 Cinnamon Spice Mocha, anyone?

Your Own Rhythm (Cafe Jazz Coffee) Acoustic Alchemy - Playing for The Time 

Everyone Helps Kids Read

MzTeachuh: Everyone Helps Kids Read: Teaching kids to read and helping those who struggle Reading Rockets is an extremely valuable resource for reading educat...

Perk Yourself Up

MzTeachuh: Perk Yourself Up: your coffee. bot un dotta dot un dotta dot uh.... dot dot dot dot duh. Cafe Paris Lounge - Mixed by DJ...

Well. Let's Do Something About It!

MzTeachuh: Well. Let's Do Something About It!: Five Changes Every School Should Make   Foods, Toxins,...