Saturday, June 25, 2016

Educational Links 6/26/16

Why It’s Imperative to Teach Empathy to Boys 

How to Create Digital Homework That Students Love 

Video: How to Choose Books for Children Who Struggle With Reading 

Unleash Your Child’s Inner Bookworm! 

Infographic: Understanding Dyslexia (And Your Students Who Have It) 

Teacher Tech Leaders: Erin Klein 

To sum it all up, this report offers “seven and seven”—seven promising practices for technology use by underserved students, and seven crucial elements to align when evaluating or adopting technology. With these in mind, think about your classroom, school district, or technology tool and ask yourself—how do we stack up? One of the greatest things about this whole landscape of technology for learning is its constant march forward; tomorrow brings new students, new tools and new goals and along with those, new opportunities for us to get it right.

Trending on MzTeachuh 6/25/16

MzTeachuh's Library: Every Teacher Should Read This Book NOW 

Teaching Inclusion In A Divided World

 Is Teaching Good for You? Yes and No 

Critical factors in helping struggling learners to remember 

Next School Year...We'll Have A STEM Garden 

What's That About Personalized Learning? 

Summer Reading: 6 Sci-Fi Books to Create Classroom Discussion About Freedom 

Science fiction, fantasy, and other types of speculative fiction can be escapist, but this genre of literature can also take you into the heart of the matter relating to freedom and whether or not human civilization can exist without some form of tyranny.

Spending Saturday with Matisse

Spending Saturday with Matisse: The Lute Henri Matisse Nicolae Szekely, lute - Richard Allison - Pavane

Friday, June 24, 2016

Educational Links 6/25/16

Is it a Project or an Activity? Project-Based Learning and its Cousins 

Sites That Fuel a Love of Reading 

Teaching Inclusion In A Divided World

Summer Reading Program to Boost Comprehension Skills 

Feds Sketch Out Details of Literacy Center for Students With Disabilities 

 Books Teachers Share: How to See Teaching as an Art

ESSA Update: 6 Months Later, Parents Get a Say 

This is a great time to speak up and advocate for your child! Both the U.S. Department of Education and your state department of education want to hear your thoughts on how the new education law can help kids with learning and attention issues.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Summer Song--William Carlos William

Photo by Shane, Wargave, England

 Summer Song

Wanderer moon
smiling a
faintly ironical smile
at this
brilliant, dew-moistened
summer morning,–
a detached
sleepily indifferent
smile, a
wanderer’s smile,–
if I should
buy a shirt
your color and
put on a necktie
where would they carry me?

- William Carlos Williams

Educational Links 6/24/16

Critical factors in helping struggling learners to remember 

The Best Theory Of Knowledge Resources In 2016 – So Far 

A Teacher’s Guide to Long Distance Tutoring 

TeachThought Podcast Ep. 49 What New Technology Tools Are Teachers Using? 

Education Innovation: A Special Section 

Tips on Making the Most of Your Summer 

Laying Waste to 5 Popular Myths About Reading Instruction 

Summer Reading: 6 Sci-Fi Books to Create Classroom Discussion About Freedom 

Science fiction, fantasy, and other types of speculative fiction can be escapist, but this genre of literature can also take you into the heart of the matter relating to freedom and whether or not human civilization can exist without some form of tyranny.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Educational Links 6/23/16

9 Tips for Preventing the Summer Slide 

Take Action: Verbs That Define Bloom’s Taxonomy 

Smithsonian Releases Learning Lab for Digital Museum Resources 

Dysgraphia: What You’re Seeing in Your Middle-Schooler


New Resources On Race & Racism 

Boys Bear the Brunt of School Discipline 

Supreme Court Considers Whether To Address FAPE 

The U.S. Supreme Court is asking the Obama administration to weigh in on a case questioning how much educational benefit schools must provide in order to satisfy the requirements of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

All American Cheesy Jokes and Serious Thoughts

All American Cheesy Jokes and Serious Thoughts: Hurrah for the red, white and silly. And Garfield has just the light hearted touch we sometimes need. Try not to turn each of these...

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Educational Links 6/22/16

Goodbye ‘Core Subjects,’ Hello ‘Well-Rounded Education’ 

14 Things Every Student Needs 

Resources for Closing the Digital Divide 

8 ways teachers can talk less and get kids talking more 

How to Cope with a Disrespectful Parent 

More Testing, Less Play: Study Finds Higher Expectations For Kindergartners

Genes Can Have Up to 80 Percent Influence on Students' Academic Performance 

Some students struggle because of biological constraints on learning, though it can be overcome to some degree with proper resources.


MzTeachuh's Library: Every Teacher Should Read This Book NOW

Teachers struggle when students do not behave, don't focus on their work, cannot test well on the Common Core. Why the monumental struggle? Because most teachers have little or no training in child development.

I happen to have Child Development credits close to an AA degree;  I took the classes just because I was raising young children and wanted to learn more about that age.

It didn't dawn on me until recently that most classroom teachers K-12 have no formal training during their credentialing programs to help enhance their understanding of the growing child, and cannot gear their instruction toward what is reasonable to expect of kids. And neither do administrators--who set up whole school programs for students like a factory at Ford Motor. If they could include robots to instruct, they would.  That's why the needs of the whole student are ignored. It is no mystery, then, to understand why the students don't test well and there are problems in the general ed classroom. The 'professionals' don't understand the organism they are trying to train. (I say 'organisms' in jest--that's what B. F. Skinner, the famous behaviorist, called kids. I always thought that was funny.) A student is a Renaissance person thriving with the whole spectrum of  human experience and learning. Its true.

Rae Pica
Rae Pica is an author and founder of BAM! Radio expansive system of podcasts about all of education by educators. I have had the privilege of commenting on several programs. This network is a great resource for all educators.

Rae's background is in child development, emphasizing the need for movement. Her book logically lays out the argument for education that attends to the needs of the growing child in physical, mental, and emotional spectrum. It is very helpful. All teachers need to read this to learn or refresh their knowledge of child development, and to change--I mean change now-- the practice of removing recess for any reason. Kids need recess, singing, art, and exploration all the way through Grade 12. That's what I think. To see what Rae thinks about these topics, read her book, What If Everybody Understood Child Development? Straight Talk About Bettering Education and Children's Lives

Monday, June 20, 2016

The Sky Is Cheap Entertainment: Strawberry Moon Tonight!


Summer Solstice and Strawberry Moon: What is it and why do we celebrate the longest day of the year? 

How To See Tonight's Extremely Rare "Strawberry Moon" 

Check out the ‘strawberry moon’ tonight, because your next chance won’t be until 2062 


Educational Links 6/21/16

Why Handwriting Is Still Essential in the Keyboard Age 

These 3rd Graders Will Help You Diversify Your Summer Reading List 

To manage the stress of trauma, schools are teaching students how to relax 

Dyslexia by the Numbers 

My Ten Best BAM! Radio Shows In 2016 – So Far


Sensory Fun in the Summer 

Is It Asperger's Syndrome or ADHD?

Are your child's symptoms related to ADHD or Asperger's syndrome? Learn more about the warning signs, diagnosis, and treatment of Asperger's syndrome.


Sunday, June 19, 2016

Educational Links 6/20/16

Making In School --Start Now, But Start Small 

How Fathers Increasingly Are Getting Involved in Schools 

Empowering students and lessons in giving constructive feedback 

Summer is Here: Let the STEM Fun Begin! 

What Should I Draw?

Reflecting on Adolescence: How Stories Can Inspire Teen Empathy 

Parents of Students With Disabilities Seek Vouchers Despite Risks, Report Says 

"To Me, ADHD Feels Like..." 

"ADHD feels like someone put your brains in a Yahtzee cup, shook it like dice, and then scattered it all over the floor. You spend the whole day trying to get your brain together again."

Summer Breeze

So open the window so you can smell the jasmine!

Summer Breeze Seals and Croft 

Summer Breeze

See the curtains hangin' in the window
In the evenin' on a Friday night
Little light is shinin' through the window
Lets me know everything's alright
Summer breeze, makes me feel fine
Blowing through the jasmine in my mind
Summer breeze, makes me feel fine
Blowing through the jasmine in my mind
See the paper layin' on the sidewalk
A little music from the house next door
So I walked on up to the doorstep
Through the screen and across the floor
Summer breeze, makes me feel fine
Blowing through the jasmine in my mind
Summer breeze, makes me feel fine
Blowing through the jasmine in my mind
Sweet days of summer, the jasmine's in bloom
July is dressed up and playing her tune
And I come home from a hard day's work
And you're waiting there, not a care in the world

MzTeachuh's Meditations: You Know Not What Spirit You Are Of

And they did not receive him, because his face was as though he would go to Jerusalem.And when his disciples James and John saw this, they said, Lord, wilt thou that we command fire to come down from heaven, and consume them, even as Elias did? But he turned, and rebuked them, and said, Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of. For the Son of man is not come to destroy men's lives, but to save them.
Luke 9:53-55 

And now we can all examine our consciences, have an attitude adjustment, and quit hating. There are better alternatives to peace and safety. As Dr. Martin Luther King, a follower of Jesus, famously said