Saturday, September 12, 2020

Educational Links 9/13/2020

Generating Effective Questions

How Can We Reduce the Unique Stresses of Remote Teaching and Learning?


How Can We Reduce the Unique Stresses of Remote Teaching and Learning?

5 Ideal Traits Of A Project-Based Learning Teacher

Why Students Should Read


“My Daughter’s Learning Disabilities Fall Between the Cracks in Google Classroom”

Online learning is not a captivating solution for many students with ADD and learning disabilities, who struggle to grasp new concepts, stimulate attention, and finish work without teachers and specialists physically available. Here’s one mom’s story of finding the patience and perspective needed to keep her daughter on track — and also happy — in lock down.

Educational Links 9/12/2020

Teacher deaths raise alarms as new school year begins

How To Capture And Hold Your Students’ Attention On Zoom

Presentation and choice fuel accessibility — in-person or remote

California superintendents navigate how to reopen campuses while keeping students, teachers safe

9 Ideas For Making Virtual Learning Joyful and Fun


Teachers: It’s time to talk about our secondary trauma

3 Participation Strategies for Live Video Instruction

Most teachers develop ways to encourage classroom participation, but may not yet have ones for distance learning. These are easy to use anytime.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Educational Links 9/10/2020

Students Are Living History. Empower Their Voices by Creating Primary Sources.

18 Of The Best Formative Assessment Tools For Teachers [Updated]

Pandemic Choices: How Will School Reopen?

6 strategies for teaching SEL remotely

What Does Blended Learning Look Like in a Distance Learning Environment?

3 Ways to Integrate Computer Science in Other Classes

Students can develop computer science skills starting in the early grades—even without a computer—in project-based learning and other units.

Latin and Greek Roots and Affixes (et fran├žais inclus)

  1. Sic vos volo Latine discere?

Latin Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes

Latin was the language spoken by the ancient Romans. As the Romans conquered most of Europe, the Latin language spread throughout the region. Over time, the Latin spoken in different areas developed into separate languages, including Italian, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. These languages are considered “sisters,” as they all descended from Latin, their “mother” language.

Root Words, Roots and Affixes

Teaching Latin Roots with Word Trees

Educational Links 9/9/2020

NYC, UFT reopening agreement delays school start, boosts safety

The Concurrent Classroom: Using Blended Learning Models to Teach Students In-person and Online Simultaneously

A Pedagogical Framework for Managing Face-to-Face and Remote Learners at the Same Time

Math Anxiety Is Real. Here's How To Help Your Child Avoid It

What Does OCD Look Like in the Classroom?

What Does OCD Look Like in the Classroom?


Helping Teachers Feel More Confident About Distance Learning 

Teachers will be more successful at remote instruction if they believe they can do it, and school leaders can boost their sense of efficacy.

Monday, September 7, 2020

Educational Links 9/8/2020

Classroom Assessment Techniques

9 Insights For Educators We Learned On A Zoom Call — With Zoom

11 Social Media Safety Tips For Students

Teacher Development

MindShift Podcast is Back with Season Five!

For safety's sake, if schools must reopen, do the following at a minimum

Charter Schools

Charter schools are tuition-free, tax-funded public schools that have been given more flexibility and autonomy than district-operated schools. In California, most are run by nonprofit boards of directors. In the 2018-19 school year, California’s approximately 1,300 charter schools enrolled 652,933 students — serving a little more than 1 in 10 of California’s public school students.

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Peace--Here's A Few Minutes of Peace

Bridge over A Pond of Water Lilies Claude Monet

Debussy - Reverie

Educational Links 9/7/2020

Teaching a Global Curriculum During Distance Learning

Today-a Special Education Section

SMART IEPs (Step 2): Create Goals and Objectives

How to Tell If Your Child’s IEP Goals Are SMART

Supporting the Emotional Needs of Kids With Learning Disabilities

The ADHD-Anger Connection: New Insights into Emotional Dysregulation and Treatment Considerations

The ADHD-Anger Connection: New Insights into Emotional Dysregulation and Treatment Considerations

Irritability, anger issues, and emotional dysregulation in general contribute significantly to the psychosocial burden of ADHD in children and adults. The latest research suggests that these problems are inherent to ADHD and may require specific treatment.