Saturday, August 24, 2019

Educational Links 9/25/19

4 Keys To Sustainable School-Wide PBL

How The Culture Of Achievement Is Hurting Our Schools

Caution! Students At Work: Classroom Jobs for Secondary Students

6 things to look for when supporting student voice with edtech

65 Awesome Classroom Doors for Back to School

Special Education a Growing Priority in Teacher-Training Circles

50 Questions To Help Students Think About What They Think

Vincent's Welcome

MzTeachuh: Vincent's Welcome: Sunflowers. 1888, Vincent van Gogh. National Gallery, London Info from the British National Gallery: This is one of four painti...

Every Teacher Is A Reading Teacher

MzTeachuh: Every Teacher Is A Reading Teacher: Every Teacher Is A Reading Teacher : Your credential could be elementary or secondary. Your classroom could have algebra all over the boa...

Are You Your School's Grumpy Cat?

MzTeachuh: Are You Your School's Grumpy Cat?: Are You Your School's Grumpy Cat? : I confess, at times I have been the grumpy cat at school. As I realized it, I would go through t...

Could It Be ADHD?

MzTeachuh: Could It Be ADHD?: Classroom teachers frequently find overly active behavior and lack of focus during instruction. How to handle these kids? Could it be ADH...

Let's Read, Read, Read!

MzTeachuh: Let's Read, Read, Read!: Importance of Reading Aloud

Digital Citizenship

MzTeachuh: Digital Citizenship: The Teacher’s Guide To Digital Citizenship This Printable Digital Ci...

Getting Better Using Ed Tech

MzTeachuh: Getting Better Using Ed Tech: Key strategies for tablet success   New technologies aim to help p...

What Is Up With That Kid?

MzTeachuh: What Is Up With That Kid?: Classroom problems are obvious: the student is not successful academically or has behavior issues. The solutions are not so obvi...

Helpful Hints for Teachers

MzTeachuh: Helpful Hints for Teachers: Google Drive: The Basics The Flow Theory In The Classroom: A Primer   ...

Friday, August 23, 2019

Educational Links 8/24/19

A Reading Program That Starts With A Promise Parents Make To Their Kids

See Beyond Behavior Podcast for Educators

How to Stock Your Classroom Library

How to ignite your teachers for the new school year

A Student’s Plea: California Lawmakers Need to Listen to Kids Like Me. Traditional Schools Give Up on Us. Charter Schools Don’t

Personalized professional development keeps teachers learning

How to Get an IEP: Step 8 – Map Out ADHD Accommodations

What ADHD accommodations work best in an IEP or 504 Plan? The answer depends on your child’s specific symptoms of ADHD — and whether ADD means distractibility, test anxiety, forgotten homework, and/or something else. Consult this list of ADHD accommodations to get ideas for your upcoming IEP meeting.

Info on Learning Disabilities

MzTeachuh: Info on Learning Disabilities: Types of Learning Disabilities What is a Learning Disability? http://...

Suggestions: How to Direct Students Writing Resear...

Suggestions: How to Direct Students Writing Resear...: How to Write a Research Paper in 11 Steps Scaffolding...

Developing a Positive Classroom Culture

MzTeachuh: Developing a Positive Classroom Culture: 5 Innovative Ways To Create Positive Classroom Culture

Differentiating Instruction

MzTeachuh: Differentiating Instruction: Differentiated Instruction   Delivering Differentiated Instruction in Y...

Feel Lost At Sea With Ed Tech?

MzTeachuh: Feel Lost At Sea With Ed Tech?: I won't say the 'average' teacher has issues with the rapidly changing ed tech classroom. I would say  'normal' te...

ADHD--What To Do

MzTeachuh: ADHD--What To Do: ADHD Is Fuel for Adventure   EARLY WARNING SIGNS OF ADHD MOST PEOPL...

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Educational Links 8/23/19

First Days of School: Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Learning the Multiplication Facts the Fun Way

Is listening to a book the same thing as reading it?

'Nobody Learns It in a Day': Creating Trauma-Sensitive Schools

Why Efforts to Improve Teacher Productivity and Efficiency May Not Pay Off

Five Simple Strategies That Can Help Any Student Learn

Making SEL More Relevant to Teens

Three social and emotional learning activities that are designed to address high school students’ need for status and respect.

Yes, Claude, A Trip To The Beach Would Be Nice

MzTeachuh: Yes, Claude, A Trip To The Beach Would Be Nice: The Path at La Cavee, Pourville Monet Here's some Impressionist music to go with-- Claude Debussy - La Mer  https://www.youtu...


MzTeachuh: Listen...: Nature Sounds Birds Singing Sound of Water Light Rain & Thunder - Relaxing Ambi...

Kids In Nature--Naturally

MzTeachuh: Kids In Nature--Naturally: Connecting Young Children With Nature Connecting Your Chi...

Learn About Learning Disabilities

MzTeachuh: Learn About Learning Disabilities: a condition giving rise to difficulties in acquiring knowledge and skills to the level expected of those of the same age, especially when ...

Common Sense and Classroom Management from Michael...

MzTeachuh: Common Sense and Classroom Management from Michael...: I really love the clarity and intelligence of Michael Linsin's books and suggestions. You can read The Happy Teacher on Kindle for f...

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Educational Links 8/22/19

Are You Pushing Or Pulling Students In Your Classroom?

Parents of Kids With Special Needs Find Advice Navigating The System Online

How to Organize Your Classroom: 5 Tips to Save Time and Energy

The New Jim Code? Race and Discriminatory Design

When You Get Nothing But Crickets

9 Characteristics Of 21st Century Learning

How to Teach Handwriting—and Why It Matters

Teaching young students how to write by hand before moving on to keyboarding can help improve their reading fluency as well.

MzTeachuh: Info on Autism

MzTeachuh: Info on Autism: Website for Temple Grandin: What Is Autism?   The Differe...

MzTeachuh: Active Kids In The Classroom

MzTeachuh: Active Kids In The Classroom: Teaching Techniques for Inattentive and Overactive Children   4 W...

MzTeachuh: Is Teaching Good For You? Yes and No.

MzTeachuh: Is Teaching Good For You? Yes and No.: Is teaching good for your health? Yes and no. Mostly no. Why?Too much to do, too little time, too little support. So, take care of yourself,...

MzTeachuh: STEM to STEAM Resources

MzTeachuh: STEM to STEAM Resources: STEM to STEAM Resources : Your students should be Renaissance people! Science, music, engineering, singing, art, dance, literature, techno...

MzTeachuh: STEM Activities For Your Classroom

MzTeachuh: STEM Activities For Your Classroom: Urban  Community and School Gardens Best cheap easy STEM? Go outside....

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

MzTeachuh: ...with only this short time...

MzTeachuh: ...with only this short time...: I didn't realize I like country music. George Harrison - Behind That Locked Door   ...

MzTeachuh: Der Spaziergang (Happy Stroll)

MzTeachuh: Der Spaziergang (Happy Stroll): This is pretty much a self-portrait of Marc Chagall and his wife. Such joy. Dean Martin On The Street Where You Live ; love Nelson Ridd...

MzTeachuh: The Arts Give You Smarts--STEM and STEAM

MzTeachuh: The Arts Give You Smarts--STEM and STEAM: STEM vs. STEAM: Do the Arts Belong?   STEMto STEAM Resour...

MzTeachuh: Is This The Most Beautiful Music Ever Composed?

MzTeachuh: Is This The Most Beautiful Music Ever Composed?: Water Lilies, The Clouds - Claude Monet Video Mozart - Piano Concerto no 21 - Andante ...

MzTeachuh: Have You Talked To Your Kid Today?

MzTeachuh: Have You Talked To Your Kid Today?: 1. Find out how they're feeling? Bored, tummy ache, excited, melancholy. Do you know how they're feeling? Do they know you care ab...

Educational Links 8/20/19

In 2019, Teachers Should Not Have to Beg for School Supplies Online

Autism awareness: 'Better teacher training needed'

How Can Schools Help Kids With Anxiety?

Slow Processing Speed Fact Sheet

One Key to Reducing School Suspension: A Little Respect

Executive function: What’s play got to do with it?

How Occupational Therapy Changed my Son’s Life…

…And taught me how to better parent a child with special needs. Here are four carefully and thoughtfully designed occupational therapy home supports that helped our ADHD family tremendously.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Peaceful Evening

MzTeachuh: Peaceful Evening: Olive Trees, Van Gogh I think Vincent might have liked this music. Klidný večer * Peaceful Evening (Original Music)  http://www....

MzTeachuh's Poetry Corner

MzTeachuh: MzTeachuh's Poetry Corner:   Wanderer moon smiling a faintly ironical smile ...

Reading and Parenting

MzTeachuh: Reading and Parenting: Many parents teach their kids pre-reading skills. 1. How to Raise a Child: 10 Rules from Susan Sontag http://www.brainpickings.or...

Teaching Is Trying Everything To Get Through

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Trying Everything To Get Through: 1. Teaching and Learning Methods and Strategies   2. Student-Centered ...

ePLNs for Teachers –Getting Connected

MzTeachuh: ePLNs for Teachers –Getting Connected: Teachers can find professional networking   online.   Educational sites afford convenience, privacy, and expertise in a variety ...

Educational Links 8/20/19

5 ways to make sure PBL PD works

Top trends: Supporting students through SEL

Fighting Back Against the War on Childhood


Complicated language excludes parents from the IEP process. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Leading With Learning On The First Day Of School To Build Class Culture

10 awesome district brands worth checking out

Marketing yourself is important--learn more about these district brands and how educators and students benefit from them.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Educational Links 8/19/19

The Classroom Management Strategy That Works Every Time


5 back-to-school time traps (and how to escape them)

At this time of year, your to-do list is going to be a mile long, and you’re going to be working a lot of hours trying to get good systems in place for your new group of students. If you are feeling overwhelmed by all that needs to be done and exhausted not only by the long hours but also the physical labor of rearranging and setting up a classroom, please know that this is very normal, and it will get better. I tended to work 70-hour weeks or more during those first two weeks of school–I wanted to do things right the first time and from the start, rather than having to go back and finish or redo things later. I considered my long hours at back-to-school as an investment of time–doing things during those first few weeks that would create more time for me later.

Trending on MzTeachuh

MzTeachuh: Trending on MzTeachuh 8/11/16: The Role of Metacognition in Learning and Achievement

This School Year: Take Care of Teacher

MzTeachuh: This School Year: Take Care of Teacher: Here is some information and health strategies to stay well and effective. There has been a reappearance of whooping cough and measle...

Recharge Your Teaching

MzTeachuh: Recharge Your Teaching: 4 Strategies To Recharge Your Teaching   Dysgraphia: Wha...

MzTeachuh: Go to the Park With Vincent

MzTeachuh: Go to the Park With Vincent: Avenue in the Park Van
Gogh And identify the trees, while you're at it. What Tree Is That?