Friday, February 24, 2023

Education Links 2/25/2023

Understanding Sensory Dysregulation

Using Curiosity as a Way to Defuse Power Struggles

Justice Department Finds School District Illegally Restrained, Secluded Kids

A Mini-Unit on Joke-Telling

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Music That Focuses the Brain


Thursday, February 23, 2023

Education Links 2/24/2023


What the Push for Parents’ Rights Means for Schools

Standardized tests valuable for students with disabilities — but more inclusivity needed

10 Things Educators Should Stop Doing, According to Principals

Executive Functioning Skills from A-Z


An Updated Guide To Questioning In The Classroom

College completion rates are up for all Americans, but racial gaps persist

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Education Links 2/23/2023


The Future of Writing in a World of Artificial Intelligence #ChatGPT

Controversy Over Gender and Race Has Teachers ‘Walking on Eggshells’

Preparing Students for PBL Presentations

Tips To Eliminate Off-Task Behavior During Group Work


ADHD Is a Protected Disability… But I Still Face Discrimination

5 tips for teacher collaboration when students struggle

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Education Links 2/22/2023

Why You Should Be Asking More Questions In Your Classroom

How to Use ChatGPT as an Example Machine 

How to Talk to Children

How to Create a Parent-Teacher Conference Booking Page in Google Calendar

8 education trends bringing disruption in 2023

Teen Girls Are Not Alright. ADHD Magnifies the Crisis.

Does Social Media Use Cause Depression?

Education Links 2/21/2023

Warm-up Activities for Group Brainstorming Sessions

Educators say they lack resources to address worsening mental health crisis


Some Schools Are Prioritizing More Sleep for Kids. Is It Making a Difference?

One County Is Making Tutors ‘Co-Teachers.’ Will That Help With Teacher Burnout?

Why Recruiting Bilingual Educators Works

Classroom Management Tips for Proximity Control

High-dosage tutoring is the best known strategy for learning loss recovery. Is it actually happening?

Sunday, February 19, 2023

Education Links 2/20/23


8 Science-Based Strategies For Critical Thinking

10 Concrete Ways Teachers Can Hone Their Craft

10 Tools for Gathering Real-time Feedback From Students

35 Essential Real-Life And Academic Skills Students Should Learn

The Art (and Science) of Using Praise for Improvement

Does ‘Flipped Learning’ Work? A New Analysis Dives Into the Research

10 Google Docs Tips Every Teacher Should Know

The Sky Is Cheap Entertainment: Preventing The Sky From Falling


Detecting asteroids near the sun with NEOMIR

How Do We Detect Asteroids?

NASA’s NEO Observations Program is tasked with finding, tracking, and characterizing NEOs and identifying those that may pose a hazard to Earth. Ground-based telescopes and NASA’s NEOWISE spacecraft are the current means of finding NEOs. In fiscal year 2013, the NEO Observations Program supported 41 ongoing projects, including 5 detection and tracking campaigns, 10 follow-up surveys, 9 characterization efforts, 3 radar projects, 4 data processing and management projects, 6 technology development projects, and 4 studies of techniques for impact mitigation.