Saturday, January 30, 2021

Educational Links 1/31/2021


8 Quick Checks for Understanding

Education and the coronavirus crisis: What’s the latest?

Don’t Discount the Importance of Creativity: How Art Builds Confidence

Can Schools Really Reopen in 100 Days? How Staffing Could Hobble Biden’s Plan

When Virtual Animations Are Teaching, Can They Make an Emotional Connection?

Can Schools Really Reopen in 100 Days? How Staffing Could Hobble Biden’s Plan

5 Tips for Better Cybersecurity

With the rise in K–12 cyberattacks, cybersecurity is a top concern for school districts. Here are best practices to boost your cybersecurity and protect your data.

Friday, January 29, 2021

Educational Links 1/20/2021


How to Create a Digital Library That Kids Eat Up

Anthony Fauci: ‘Get Teachers Vaccinated as Quickly as We Possibly Can’

How Leveraging Curiosity May Keep Students Engaged From Afar

California teachers union wants schools in ‘purple’ counties to stay closed for 100 days; vaccinations for staff

What Lessons Does Special Education Hold for Improving Personalized Learning?

Fun, Educational Activities for Super Bowl Sunday 2021

8 Strategies For Helping Students Learn To Ask For Help

Becoming a lifelong learner takes time, effort, and help from others. We can always improve. Asking for help and using one’s resources to solve problems is a strength, not a weakness. Developmentally, middle and early high school students are ripe for learning that self-advocacy is essential to future success.

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Educational Links 1/29/2021

The Digital Divide Has Narrowed, But 12 Million Students Are Still Disconnected

Lawmakers Push $75 Billion for Learning Recovery Among Trio of COVID-19 Bills

Arts play role in building school community, even remotely

 What happens to children who missed kindergarten during Covid-19 crisis?

COVID-19 May Energize Push for School Choice in States. Where That Leads Is Unclear

Can Schools Really Reopen in 100 Days? How Staffing Could Hobble Biden’s Plan

7 Steps Toward Building an Equitable School Culture

When schools are mindful and deliberate about creating an equitable culture, they are better prepared to support everyone in the building.

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Educational Links 1/28/2021

 A Shockingly Simple Way to Improve Online School

Why this instructional technologist supports print materials

Items Every Teacher Should Have in Their Professional Portfolio

How to Teach Character in the Classroom and Online


Children and COVID-19 Vaccinations: What to Know

4 barriers districts, teachers unions face in school reopenings

Collaborating on areas of agreement and contention can help discussions move toward compromise, say school labor experts.

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Educational Links 1/27/2021



California teachers could get Covid-19 vaccinations starting in February

27 clever teaching hacks for Google Classroom

Weaving Social Justice Into Science Instruction

Shedding light on inequity in science fields bolsters students’ critical thinking skills and sense of self-efficacy in science. A free curriculum helps teachers get started.

Monday, January 25, 2021

Educational Links 1/26/2021


A Road Map for Education Research in a Crisis

Want Students to Be More Creative? Try Adding More Play.

How to Spark Engagement in Math With Pictures

Human Bias Is Everywhere in Tech. To Fix It We Need to Reshape Computer Science Education.

5 ways schools are addressing pandemic-induced mental health issues


Smart Growth for New School Leaders

There are plenty of bumps in the road for school leaders in their first year, but an assistant principal found four strategies that made the journey a bit smoother.

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Educational Links 1/25/21

Why Students Should Write in All Subjects

What’s the Plan? How K-12 School Districts Are Preparing to Resume and Reopen


ADHD in Girls: Why It’s Ignored, Why That’s Dangerous

How is COVID-19 changing school discipline?

The Jigsaw Method Teaching Strategy

How to begin positive relationships with families: 8 tips to try

Having a positive relationship with your students’ families lets you share concerns and work together to help students who learn and think differently thrive.

Teaching For Life

1. Resources and Lesson Plans for Social and Emotional Learning

2. Can Fostering Positive Emotions Help Stop Suicide?

3. Seeing Opportunities in 21st-Century Challenges 

4. Education Laws Overdue for Renewal Languish in Congress 

5. Honoring MLK Day: 8 Resources for Service Learning 

6. David Greene: Building a Culture of Respect 

7. True Grit: The Best Measure of Success and How to Teach It 


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