Saturday, October 22, 2022

Educational Links 10/23/2022

Students, Immigration Status, and the Right to Public Education

Challenges that young immigrants face with U.S. public schools

What is ADHD?

In post-COVID schools, let’s redouble efforts to support students

Using Assessments to Promote Higher-Level Thinking


Getting Students to Use their Favorite Apps to Learn and Create

What Do ‘Parents’ Rights’ Mean Legally for Schools, Anyway?

Leading dyslexia treatment isn’t a magic bullet, studies find, while other options show promise

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Educational Links 10/21/2022

Learning and thinking differences fact sheet

A Playbook for Getting Millions of Unconnected Households Online

Educators Are Deeply Conflicted on Teaching Heated Cultural Issues, Survey Finds

Three Steps to Teach Children About Honesty

Using Tech to Encourage Peer Feedback During Presentations


Bloom’s Taxonomy Is A Hierarchical Framework For Cognition And Learning Objectives

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Educational Links 10/20/2022

Small Wins Can Add Up to Big Results in Middle School

Huge Workload, Low Pay: Close to Half of California Teachers Thinking About Leaving the Profession

Grading for Growth Through Competency-Based Education


Kids’ Mental Health is in Crisis. Schools Can Get Them Help Through a $1 Billion Fund.

New research offers major insights into post-pandemic learning

Using Assessments to Promote Higher-Level Thinking

Why You Must Never Limit Difficult Students

Educational Links 10/19/2022

Addressing the Link Between Anxiety, Depression, and Student Attendance

Rude, Mean, or Bullying?
A Child Therapist Defines the Differences

Researchers: Majority Of Kids With ASD Miss Out On Early Intervention

How to Help Students Manage Their Emotions


Why are students missing so much school? The answer may lie in the chronic absenteeism ‘black box’

27 Classroom Accommodations That Target Common ADHD Challenges

My School’s Efforts to Support Teacher Well-Being Fell Short. Here’s How We Changed It.

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Hot Button Issues-Resources to Teach Them


The Big List of Class Discussion Strategies

Lesson Plan: Understanding the Issues of the 2022 Midterm Elections

The Impact of Inflation

Teaching and Learning About Abortion Laws in the
United States After Roe

The Ukraine Crisis

Economy among key issues on voters' minds this midterm season — and other news for October 18, 2022

Classroom Resources: Crisis at the Border

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Educational Links 10/18/2022


What Is A Literature Circle?

Ed Department Warns States Not To Waive Requirements For Special Education Teachers

How to Personalize Instruction with Seminars

7 Smart, Fast Ways to Do Formative Assessment

Education News 10/18/2022

How One School Is Beating the Odds in Math, the Pandemic’s Hardest-Hit Subject

The Psychological Toll of High-Stakes Testing

Application for Student Loan Debt Cancellation Goes Live

Older Students Face Time Crunch in Getting Crucial Special Education Services

COVID-19 pandemic aid more than $300 billion short for dealing with student learning loss, study shows

Monday, October 17, 2022

Educational Links 10/17/2022


How to Catch Monsters - A Halloween Play Script

Four Ways to Inspire Humble Curiosity in Your Students

Using Culturally Responsive Project-Based Learning to Teach Core Skills

18 Effective Ways To Scaffold Learning in the Classroom

Teacher burnout remains educators’ top concern

If We’re Serious About Student Well-Being, 

We Must Change the Systems Students Learn In

How to Make a Fall Leaf Painting with Leaf Rubbings

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Focus on Teaching Strategies 10/17/2022


Q&A: Teaching kids how to read on Zoom

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Best Technology Tools to Support Social-Emotional Learning

Using Blended Learning to Strengthen Math Skills

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Special Education Focus 10/17/2022

Young Children Were Massively Overlooked for Special Education. How Will Schools Respond?

There’s A Shortage Of Special Education Teachers — And That’s Nothing New

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 Classroom accommodations for dysgraphia

Students with dysgraphia can have trouble with handwriting, typing, and spelling. What classroom accommodations can help? Here are some ways teachers can make all aspects of writing easier.

Wrights Law 

Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), Asperger Syndrome (AS)

This link includes definitions you will find FAQs, articles, legal resources, recommended books, free publications, and a short list of information and support groups.

The following article includes solid strategies for all classes.

Preventing Challenging Behaviors in Young Children. The single best way to address challenging behaviors in young children today is to take steps that they never occur.