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Educational Links 11/24/19

Why It's Imperative We All Learn To Be 'Emotion Scientists'

I’m a Neuroscientist. Here’s How Teachers Change Kids’ Brains.


What is Special Education?

The Week in Review - The Most Popular Posts

Why Teachers Need One Another

Bringing Student Choice to Assessment in Science Classes

Moving From Thinking About Student Deficits to Student Assets

How does teaching and learning change when we shift our attention from student deficits to student assets?  What are the challenges? How do we surmount them?

Cheesy Football Jokes And A Pep Talk From Bill Walsh

MzTeachuh: Cheesy Football Jokes And A Pep Talk From Bill Wal...: What do you put in the N zone to stop the other team from scoring? A Scorecrow.      Where do hungry football players play ? In ...

Getting to Know MLA and APA-and Turabian, too

MzTeachuh: Getting to Know MLA and APA-and Turabian, too: MLA PowerPoint Presentation

Essay Writing Tips: MLA style citing quotes

MzTeachuh: Essay Writing Tips: MLA style citing quotes: Short story quotes cited in an essay What Is MLA Style?

Man, this art is messing with my mind! Original Op...

MzTeachuh: Man, this art is messing with my mind! Original Op...: Victor Vasely Vonal Stri 1975 Victor Vasarely The art seems to move--before animation. Though Victor doesn't seem li...

How Learning Happens

MzTeachuh: How Learning Happens: How Learning Happens In this video series, we explore how educators can guide all studen...

Inquiry-Based Learning

MzTeachuh: Inquiry-Based Learning: How To Ease Students Into Independent Inquiry Projects

Creating a Listening Environment

MzTeachuh: Creating a Listening Environment: Creating a Safe Classroom Environment Digi...

Creating a Classroom for Questions

MzTeachuh: Creating a Classroom for Questions: Establishing a Culture of Questioning The Right Question In...

Creating a Class for Digital Citizenship

MzTeachuh: Creating a Class for Digital Citizenship: What Is Cyberbullying Teaching Students about Their Digital Foo...

ADHD Strategies and Info Every Teacher Should Know...

MzTeachuh: ADHD Strategies and Info Every Teacher Should Know...: Teaching Children With ADHD: Classroom Strategies To Engage The Easily Distracted

Advice for Student-Centered Learning

MzTeachuh: Advice for Student-Centered Learning: An Updated Guide To Questioning In The Classroom ...

Support for Classroom Management

Classroom management is a term teachers use to describe the process of ensuring that classroom lessons run smoothly without disruptive behavior from students compromising the delivery of instruction.

Classroom Management

Learn strategies for building positive, compassionate classroom communities that engage learners, and find and exchange tips for coping with disruptive behaviors and managing distraction.

14 Teacher-Recommended Classroom Management Apps

One of the top frustrations of classroom teachers is behavior management. Keeping your little learners engaged, focused, and respectful is a constant process. Easier said than done though, right?

The Sham Of High Expectations

Every school talks about high expectations.Only a small few actually live it.The truth is, for the most part, it’s a sham. Expectations for student behavior in this day and age are knee-high to a five year old.And getting lower by the year.The trend is being driven by an educational culture that no longer feels comfortable with consequences. But seems obsessed with making students feel good at any cost—including their very future.

Classroom Management for an Effective Learning Environment

Classroom setup is an important component in a learning environment because it is an essential piece of classroom management to support both teaching and learning.

Compassion-Based Strategies for Managing Classroom Behavior

There’s a saying some educators use: “The best classroom management strategy is an engaging lesson plan.” That may be true, but there are often a few students who act out in class no matter how well the teacher prepares. 

Combating the Chaos: 3 Cs for a Well-Managed Classroom

Combating the chaos of classroom management rests in understanding and honoring humanity in the classroom with connection, consistency, and compassion.

Teaching Is...Classroom Management

Educational Leadership

School Leadership

Education Leaders Propose Ways to Add Teacher Voice to Research Decisions

Professional Development & the Teacher Leader

4 Characteristics Of Learning Leaders

7 Qualities That Promote Teacher Leadership in Schools

How School Leaders Can Attend to the Emotional Side of Change

These tensions inherent to the system mean that what educators most need is not constant change, which can be off-putting and stressful if sustained for too long, but creativity. There is value in much of what schools currently teach, but there’s also plenty of room for creative teaching strategies to reach all students.

Social/Emotional Learning

Social and emotional learning (SEL) is the process through which children and adults understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.

Social and Emotional Learning

Why Social-Emotional Learning Is Suddenly in the Spotlight

Social-Emotional Learning: What You Need to Know

Social and Emotional Learning

21 Simple Ways to Integrate Social-Emotional Learning Throughout the Day

5 Social-Emotional Learning Games to Play With Your Child

Creative Formative Assessments

Check-In with Creative Formative Assessments


40 Alternative Assessment Ideas for Learning

20 Simple Assessment Strategies You Can Use Every Day

10 Fun-Filled Formative Assessment Ideas

Create Formative Assessments with Google Classroom

20 Formative Assessment Tools for Your Classroom

Formative assessment refers to a wide variety of methods that teachers use to conduct in-process evaluations of student comprehension, learning needs, and academic progress during a lesson, unit, or course.

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Educational Links 11/23/19

Talk Less So Students Learn More

For many people the hardest of starting a writing assignment is choosing thinking of things to write about. This is particularly true when it comes to starting creative writing assignments. Fortunately, there are many good tools and websites that teachers can use to generate writing prompts. Likewise, there are lots of good websites that offer creative writing prompts for students. 

Teaching Is Being Organized (Within Reason)

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Being Organized (Within Reason)1. CLASSROOM ORGANIZATION   2. 100 Classroom Organiz...

Teaching Is Giving Lifelong Reading

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Giving Lifelong Reading:  These links are not for Reading Specialists, or those educators involved exclusively with reading instruction. These links are intended ...

Teaching Is Expecting Good Results From Your Hard Work

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Expecting Good Results From Your Hard ...: 1. Top 6 Keys to Being a Successful Teacher     This next link is ...

Teaching Is Making A Kid Feel Uniquely Important

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Making A Kid Feel Uniquely Important T...: 1. How Can Teachers Foster Self-Esteem in Children? Teachers play an important role in nurturing a student's sense of dignity an...

Teaching Is Writing Your Lesson Plans In Pencil

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Writing Your Lesson Plans In Pencil Tw...: ...

Teaching Is Communicating With Parents

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Communicating With Parents Tweets of t...: 1. Tips for Parents: Parent Teacher Conferences

Teaching Is Having Fun Learning

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Having Fun Learning Tweets of the Morn...: 1. OK- Everybody! Share your best classroom games!   2. Engaging Classroo...

Teaching Is Seeing The Happy 'I Got It' Face

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Seeing The Happy 'I Got It' Face Tweet...:  1. Helping Struggling Readers   2. 5 Fun Ways to Help Your Kids Learn Math Online http:/...

Teaching Is Collaborating Until You're A Team

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Collaborating Until You're A Team Twee...: 1. The Benefits of Teacher Collaboration   2. Teacher Co...

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Educational Links 11/22/19

Info on Learning Disabilities

MzTeachuh: Info on Learning Disabilities: Types of Learning Disabilities What is a Learning Disability? ...

Setting Up Routines for Your Class

MzTeachuh: Setting Up Routines for Your Class: Until we get it right. Five Important Classroom Procedures Desi...

MzTeachuh's Meditations: Sheltered in the Arms of ...

MzTeachuh's Meditations: Sheltered in the Arms of ...: When you are missing your loved one. Ben Speer - Sheltered In The Arms Of God (Live)

What is Personalized Learning?

MzTeachuh: What is Personalized Learning?: 8 Tips For Successful Implementation of Personalized Learning + Infographic

Suggestions: How to Direct Students Writing Research Papers

MzTeachuh: Suggestions: How to Direct Students Writing Resear...: How to Write a Research Paper in 11 Steps Scaffo...

Principal's Suggestion Box #17

MzTeachuh: Principal's Suggestion Box #17: These letters are absolutely fictional (to protect the innocent and not-so-innocent.) But, with the hint of truth, maybe we can...

Teaching Is Reflective

MzTeachuh: Teaching Is Reflective: A Mid-Year Reflection for Teachers and Students  ...

The Up-Side of Teaching

MzTeachuh: The Up-Side of Teaching: Learn the Top 10 Benefits of a Being a Teacher   ...

Developing a Positive Classroom Culture

MzTeachuh: Developing a Positive Classroom Culture: 5 Innovative Ways To Create Positive Classroom Culture

Thank you so much!

Early this morning the MzTeachuh blog reached over 3.5 million hits since 2012, when I started, averaging half a million a year. What a marvelous privilege to post helpful info for teachers around the world! We collaborate in a very real sense.

Having a dynamic online PLN truly boosts our expertise, allows our voices to contribute, provides enhancement and correction strategies and methods, and soothes our very souls with comaraderie and hope for success.

God bless you all and have a wonderful teaching day!
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Educational Links 11/21/19

The AAP’s New ADHD Guidelines: 5 Things You and Your Child’s Doctor Need to Know

What Steve Jobs Said About Education

As Teen Stress Increases, Teachers Look for Answers

Three Simple Tech Tools to Make Math Thinking Visible

3 Common PBL Problems—and Solutions

Loop - A Nice System for Gathering Feedback from Students

Rural school districts face many unique trials, and access to educational technology is no different. But the obstacles aren’t just about location. In many cases, school leaders need to justify why the district should invest in the first place.