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Educational Links 11/4/18

The Difference Between Assessment Of Learning And Assessment For Learning

Two Riddles To Get Students Practicing Problem Solving Tricks

Reflections on Situated Learning vs. The Traditional School System

Classroom Management: Let Students Select Stories

Teachers are first responders to the opioid crisis

“My job as a teacher is to be a first responder to poverty. If my students learn other stuff, too, that’s great.”

Greg Cruey, teacher, Southside K-8 School, McDowell County, West Virginia

Educational Links 11/3/18

Why It's Time to Rethink School Science Fairs

November Lessons and Training Tips for Teachers

Technology for social justice

How Graphic Novels Can Help Kids With Reading Issues

A Conversation with Susan Cain: Bringing Out the Best in Quiet Students

Three Thanksgiving-Themed Activities To Do This Month

What's the Right Amount of Homework? Many Students Get Too Little, Brief Argues

"Eliminating homework is probably not as big a problem for high-income kids, because they have parents who will expose them to what they may not be getting after school," Bempechat said in an interview with Education Week. "It's lower-income students who are hurt the most when people argue that homework should be entirely eliminated."

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Educational Links 11/2/18

National Novel Writing Month

Making an Event out of Art

The Difference Between Dysgraphia and Expressive Language Issues

Motivation and Engagement in Student Assignments

Social Media As A Learning Tool: Five Suggested Uses for the Classroom

7 ways to teach civil discourse to student

The Batman Effect: What My Research Shows About Pretend Play and Executive Functioning

“Batman never gets frustrated.”
That’s a key insight we got from our research on executive functioning and pretend play. And it came from a 4-year-old in my research lab. Let me explain.
Executive functioning is a set of brain skills. These skills allow us to manage our thoughts, actions and emotions. 

Want To Be Cool? Listen To This

Baltimore by Palmer Hayden

Detroit Jackson - Cookin' Boox

 I realize this was on a commercial, but the music was so compelling that I actually watched the commercial to find the music on google. That's what google's for, right?

Cheesy Jokes and Serious Thoughts About Thanksgiving

The above joke is probably my favorite cheesy joke of all time.
Why did the Pilgrims eat turkey on Thanksgiving? The couldn't fit the moose in the oven.

  If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring? Pilgrims.
  What's the best way to stuff a turkey? Take him out for pizza and ice cream.
  What did the turkey say to the hunter? Quack! Quack! Quack!
Teacher: Where did the Pilgrims come from? Student: Their parents, of course.

Time for a little serious talk about the Pilgrims. Let's delineate: they were not the Puritans. It was the Puritans and Henry VIII-inspired later purges that began the 'off with their head' programs that sent the Pilgrims, and groups like them, to the Netherlands, and later, to Virginia (woops, Plymouth Rock.) The Pilgrims were in search of religious freedom, and not only accepted help from the Wampanoag tribe--local Native Americans--but intermarried with them over the next few generations because so many of the Pilgrim group died the first year after they arrived in 1620. Many members of the Pilgrims left Massuchusetts during the Puritan's religious purges, like the Salem Witch Trials, and went to Rhode Island. The English have a dynamic history of religious freedom, for example, William Tyndale who translated the Bible into the English language and was martyred as a rebel. We have religious freedom now due to this legacy. Thousands of Americans have genetic ties to the Pilgrims (DNA evidence now shows) and that information is something to treasure. Now we live the liberty for ourselves and offer it to others.

What kind of music did the Pilgrims play?
Plymouth Rock and Roll.

Q: Why did they let the turkey join the band?
A: Because he had the drumsticks.

What do you call the dirt on a Pilgrim's hands?

 What would you get if you crossed a turkey with a spooky spirit?
A poultrygeist.

What's brown and white and flies all over?
A turkey when you carve it with a chainsaw.

How many cooks does it take to stuff a turkey?
One, but you really have to squeeze him in.

Q: What smells the best at a Thanksgiving dinner?
A: Your nose.

Why did the glutton get a traffic ticket on Thanksgiving?
He was exceeding the feed limit.

 Grandma: What would you like for dessert, Joey?
Joey: Pumpkin pie!

 Grandma: Pumpkin pie, what, dear? Say the magic word. 
Joey: I'm sorry, Grandma. Pumpkin pie, abracadabra!

 What is Math teachers favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner?
Pumpkin Pi.

Knock, knock, who's there?
Arthur who?
Arthur any leftovers?

What would you get if you crossed Easter and Thanksgiving?
Feaster Sunday.

What's the key to a great Thanksgiving?
A tur-key, of course.

This is my second favorite cheesy joke of all time.

Autumn Activity: Kids' Indoor Herb Garden

Ceramic  turkey is staring us down with that beady little eye.
Fragrance, color, texture, taste! A sensory cooking delight for kids to grow in a window, on a balcony, or in the garden--  the kids' herb garden.

Live herbs are in grocery stores.
Basil is a little more delicate.
Many herbs are highlighted in grocery stores and garden shops this time of year due to luscious holiday cooking. Your children can be in charge of growing the herbs for fresh ingredients for stuffing, dressing, gravies, sidedishes, and soups (and if you count mint, for desserts, too.) Almost all herbs are hearty, easy to grow, and readily available.

The most popular herbs to grow in a kitchen are sage, thyme, rosemary, oregano, marjoram, mint, basil, parsley, and lesser known, tarragon.Sage is
Bees really, really love mint.
very hearty and versatile; so is mint. Both can be transplanted to the outside in the spring.

These herbs are not only for Thanksgiving, Christimas and New Year's  sidedishes and soups, but are also excellent for Italian sauces, pizzas, and Mexican food. Kids can learn about cooking while gardening.

Light, warmth, water equals herbs.

 Here are a few links with recipes of mine that kids can participate with; I am far from an expert in cooking and gardening but it is so refreshing and interesting we can all enjoy it. Cooking with kids is really fun and simple--and hanging out with them cooks up some delicious memories.

Unusual Thanksgiving Sides Show (delicious all year)

Cooking With Your Own Herbs From the Garden

French Bread Stuffing With Mushrooms and Thyme 

Roast Chicken With Basil-Rice Stuffing  

Let's Go Mexican! Use Herbs From Your Garden 

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Educational Links 11/1/18

The Tech Industry’s War on Kids


Blending Grammar into Daily ELA Instruction

5 ways technology can help students develop a strong moral compass

Classroom Management: Make Homework Meaningful

Making the Most of Parents’ Time at School

Many schools are successful at family involvement—the whole-school, fun activities that encourage participation and low-stakes commitment. Where they may struggle is in active engagement that is classroom-based and linked to learning.

What A Character!

Characters and Character Qualities

Character development and character types

Characters from MacBeth (RSC)

Definition and Examples of Literary Terms

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Characterization

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Educational Links 10/31/18

Image result for the power of praise in school

The Power of Praise

Teaching Strategies for Students Who Suffer

When Adolescents Give Up Pot, Their Cognition Quickly Improves

Research: Parents Often Underestimate the Burden of ADHD on Their Children

Results from a new study show that children and adolescents feel the impacts of ADHD more acutely than their caregivers know, and point to the need for ongoing communication with teachers, coaches, and physicians to ensure the most optimal treatment plan is in place.

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Educational Links 10/30/18


When Broaching 'Uncomfortable' Topics, Check Your Educator Privilege

What Does Improvement Science Look Like In Real Classrooms?

At a Glance: Classroom Accommodations for Sensory Processing Issues

A Teacher Wellbeing Oath

The Full Measure of a Teacher

The Ultimate (ADHD) Brain Food

Most people who have been diagnosed with ADHD have heard all about the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids for managing symptoms. But the book Finally Focused shows that omega-3s are even more brain-friendly than you thought.

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Educational Links 10/29/18

3 Promising Models of School Integration

Extreme student behavior: 7 traps to avoid when NOTHING seems to work

Why Teaching Kindness in Schools Is Essential to Reduce Bullying

I Mishandled a Conflict with My Colleague

Accessibility in the Classroom

Explorer Classroom is Out of this World!

'Bad feedback from pupils knocks you sideways'

To accelerate inspirational teaching, we must refine our practice by factoring in reflective practice to enhance our craft. The power of applying reflection, particularly after stressful incidents, can ensure that any inadvertent habits are curtailed. Avoiding any repeats of negative comments can be challenging but it must be the ongoing teaching target to show the ability to recover from pupils’ criticism and maintain the stability of our mental health.