Friday, November 18, 2016

Educational Links 11/19/16

Learning Disability Signs & Symptoms

How Workable is Trump's $20 Billion School Choice Proposal? 

“How Do I Better Handle Student Discipline Chats with Parents?” 

Study Points to Need for Diversity Training in Teacher Prep 

Building A Tinkering Mindset In Young Students Through Making 

Motivating Struggling Adolescent Readers: Try Relevance and Success 

What is a growth mindset? 

 “People with a fixed mindset believe intelligence is innate. This belief can make school a threatening place. It becomes a place to go to learn how smart you are — or how smart you’re not. People with a growth mindset, on the other hand, believe intelligence can be developed. For these students, school can be an exciting place, as it provides them with an opportunity to learn and develop their intelligence.”

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Educational Links 11/18/16

5 Handy Chrome Extensions for Teachers 

Report finds girls' math achievement is limited by teacher expectations 

The Case (and Means) for Holistic ADHD Treatment 

Performance Reading 

Using Games for Serious Learning in High School 

Simple Solution for Active Kids in the Classroom 

Four New Types of Classroom Technology for Progressive Teachers
Technology is oft toted as the “great equalizer”. It can enable individuals to learn at an accelerated rate, make it possible for students to learn from distant teachers, and enable more engaging ways to learn.
The problem is that technology constantly evolves and changes shape. Some of the great ideas of today may be forgotten tomorrow while others may turn into something as essential to learning as a pencil and paper are today.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Educational Links 11/17/16

Using Technology to Inspire Independent Readers 

How Do I Differentiate Through Project-Based Learning? 

6 benefits of using apps with young children 

Easy-To-Use Teaching Strategies to Get Students Moving 

Why Kids Need Recess 

What is Special Education?

4 Strategies to Energize and Focus Your Students 

Students are often bombarded with distractions, and it’s a challenge to keep them focused on what they are learning and the task at hand. The following four strategies I have found to be incredibly helpful in keeping students focused daily—and throughout the school year.

Educational Links 11/16/16

School Climate: Why Avoiding Tough Conversations Limits Our Learning 

6 powerful strategies to help worried, anxious students 

How Can A Mainstream Teacher Support An ELL Newcomer In Class? 

Hate Crimes Against Those With Disabilities Decline 

Developing Fluent Readers 

Learning Skills for Different Ages 

6 Reasons Why Google Classroom is a Great Tool for Teachers 

In today’s changing world, students need to leave school with a set of technological skills that can help them compete in the world’s job market. For teachers, there’s a free fantastic resource that can help us give students those skills: Google Classroom.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Educational Links 11/15/16

On The Lesson Plan: Make Stuff. Fail. Learn While You're At It 

Adjusting Lessons: Have a Plan B 

23 Teacher Tips for Asking Better Questions About Books 

Tips to Sharpen Your Child's Math Skills 

Three Tools for Teaching Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills 

Make Writing a Daily Ritual in Every Subject 

Teaching In The Age Of Trump 

As the dust from the presidential election settled, teachers across the country grappled with the question: How do I talk to my students about what just happened? After a divisive campaign season with racially-charged rhetoric and sexist themes, teachers wanted to make sure students felt included, heard and safe.


Sunday, November 13, 2016

Cheesy Jokes and Serious Thoughts About Thanksgiving

Cheesy Jokes and Serious Thoughts About Thanksgiving  This is probably my favorite cheesy joke of all time. Why did the Pilgrims eat turkey on Thanksgiving? The couldn't...

Educational Links 11/14/16

Which Education Trends to Watch and Which to Let Pass You By 

Autism Spectrum Disorder Fact Sheet 

Over 100 Free Thanksgiving Crafts Projects

Learning & Attention Issues 

How to undo your classroom management mistakes 

Maintaining Focus While Using Technology in the Classroom 

How to Set Up Your Literacy Area to Emphasize Skills AND Content 

How to Solve the Digital Equity Puzzle 

Educators and administrators today face a host of complexities around the issue of digital equity, including capacity planning, affordability and keeping pace with devices and platforms. It is without question the biggest challenge facing educators today.