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Educational Links 5/13/18

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GUILT: I'm Working 60 Hours and I Feel That I'm Not Doing Enough

“I Know! I Know!” Self-Control Solutions for Kids Who Blurt Out

Children with ADHD don’t blurt out answers or talk over people to be purposely rude. Their impulse-control problems are neurological and tough for them to see. But with these tips (and lots of practice) they can learn to stop interrupting.

Helpful Hints for When Teacher Is Overwhelmed

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Understanding the Common Core

Understanding the Common Core
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1. Teaching and Learning

Methods and Strategies 

2. Student-Centered Learning Strategies for Math and Other Subjects 

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25 Activities to Keep Kids' Brains Active in Summer - See more at:

25 Activities to Keep Kids' Brains Active in the Summer 

summer learning 

Keep Learning and Making: 10 Fun Indoor Summer Projects

Its a big, floppy, yellow one! In my Buttefly Garden 

 Hey, what kind of butterfly is that?

North American Butterfly Association

Gardens with Wings--Identify Butteflies

Help That Is Perpetual Помощь, что вечно - вечно - многолетние - постоянные - постоянные

"Our Mother (Lady) of Perpetual Help" Unknown artist, 12th c.

Help that is everlasting - eternal - perennial - constant - permanent.
Помощь, что вечно - вечно - многолетние - постоянные - постоянные.

Moms love unconditionally, want to always be there for you. 

Mother's Day is May 13. Sunday.

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Educational Links 5/12/18

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How To Make Better Decisions - Infographic

Teaching Is...Counseling and Supervision

What to change in a school? I have reflected upon what change would have the greatest impact based just upon my own observations.

Counseling and supervision. More and more effective supervision and counseling. Kids learn better when their minds are focused. Internal and external conditions affect their ability to be successful in school, therefore counseling and supervision.

Counseling usually indicates a counselor working in scheduling classes and sometimes personalintervention with parents and kids. Of course keep this, adding more opportunities for individual students and groups to interact with trained counselors. Have a variety of topics, a variety of groups. Maybe even a club. A qualified counselor at every school site.

Classes and class activities can  identify and/or aid in relief of tensions and stressors. Activities can give kids confidence and bolster their ability to learn.
One year when I was teaching a Special Day Class for the Severely Handicapped, a group of students from the student government class came once a week for a class period for peer interaction. My students and the gen. ed. student leaders interacted while I ran a very simple self-esteem class. The benefits? The gen ed. kids were exposed to new career choices (SPED teacher, counselor, etc.) and my students gained language and other academic skills, plus great self-confidence and new friends. It was like pouring Miracle-Gro on them.

Here are a few activities I developed to help students relieve stress:

Writing Prompts to Sooth Kids' Toxic Stress 

Books to Relieve Kids' Toxic Stress

Here are curriculum sources for self-esteem:
Discovery Education

Writing prompts have therapeutic effects for students, too. The counseling comes in with discussion, either through teacher's written response or carefully guided group discussion. Kids are eloquent when narrating their own feelings and experiences. Teachers are professionals who interact with students at least 35 hours a week--we need to know them and how they are doing. Reading their thoughts in writing will do that. Then it is up to us to interact personally with them. Identify a student's internal stressor a student leads to getting them the help she/he needs.

Here are sources for writing prompts for self-esteem: 

Self Esteem & Confidence 52 Journal Prompts for Kids 

Reflective Journal Writing Prompts

Supervision-oh my!  By my observation, only one school I taught with in the about a dozen in the past two decades actually followed the principal's directives on supervision consistently. On the playground, at the classroom doors before and after school, during assemblies. It was amazing. It was as though that principal had somehow cornered the teacher market on efficiency and cooperation. As a result, the kids were more secure, cooperative and generally happier. School rules were consistently enforced. The teachers were dependable in their appearances to supervise. At this school, the principal was also present on the campus, even making surprise visits to the classrooms, where he was welcome.

No teachers at any other school I encountered, except for the one above, even consistently enforced supervising passing time between classes. Every year the principal of these schools would announce the importance of teachers being at the door during this time, and in about a week most of the teachers stopped doing it. Why? Because people do what you inspect, not was you expect. The principals had no system to verify if teachers were doing this, except the increase of horseplay, fights  and other misbehavior in the hallways based on referrals. Parents of my students would tell me their child was afraid to go down the hall, to lunch or even to the restroom. 

Supervision, or lack thereof, enhances the student's learning environment or detracts from it. Personally, I believe the leadership in the admin. building needs to step up on this matter.

Just to put a chill down our spines.



 School Supervision Problem Areas

Teaching Is Learning Ed Tech

How Technology Helps Teachers to Manage Their Classroom 

Free Technology For Teachers

Tech Savvy Teachers Talk Less about Technology and More about Teaching

Survey highlights changing teacher opinions on ed tech 

Ten Ideas for Teaching Teachers Technology 


How to Help Teachers Integrate Assistive Technology in the Classroom 

50 Education Technology Tools Every Teacher Should Know About 

The Teacher’s Guides To Technology And Learning 


Teaching Is Teachers Talking To Each Other

How to make friends and influence people - a teacher's guide 

5 Tips for Bonding with New Teaching Colleagues 

Good teachers make colleagues better 

101 Ways to Cope with Teaching Stress

 Getting the Support You Need

Numbers 51 through 60. 

How Can Teachers Be Stressed? 

It's a little stressful to take this test.

Teacher Stress Test 

All American Cheesy Jokes and Serious Thoughts

Hurrah for the red, white and silly. And Garfield has just the light hearted touch we sometimes need.

Try not to turn each of these jokes and riddles into too much of an opportunity to teach, though with younger children, you might have some 'splaining to do, Lucy.

Teacher: Where was the Declaration of Independence signed?
Student: On the bottom.

Teacher: The Declaration of Independence was written in Philadelphia. True or false?
Student: False. It was written in ink.

What did Paul Revere say at the end of his ride? I've got to get a softer saddle.

And just to be teachery, don't forget Longfellow's adventuresome poem, 'The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere.' It's so cheesy, kids love it. 

Embarrassed someone saw my crack.
Keep in torch!
Did you hear the one about the Liberty Bell? Yeah, it cracked me up.

What did the visitor say as he left the Statue of Liberty? Keep in torch.

What did one flag say to another--nothing, it just waved.

'What kind of tea do Americans thirst for? Liber--ty. Ha ha.'
                                    What colonists told the most jokes? Punsylvanians.

Very good read.
Now for a serious thought. The greatest founding father, in my opinion, was John Adams. He supported all citizens, and did not believe in slavery, not a bit. He and his family had no connection with slavery at all. He argued in  the Continental Congress for the abolition of slavery, foreseeing the schism it would cause in a new America; which it surely did in the Civil War. He and his wife Abigail supported integration in their home town of Braintree, Massuchusetts, in the local school. John Adams had the education, brilliance and insight to see that the colonies needed to empower all the people no matter what; he worried that the British would treat the American colonies as they had Ireland. He was humble enough to recommend Thomas Jefferson be the compiler and writer of the Congress' thoughts, but historians know it was Adams who was the prime thinker. He was an innovative diplomat, a President who would see the big picture, and a faithful and loving husband and father. I think the latter should count for a lot. Thank you, John Adams, for taking care of baby America.

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other. John Adams 

She's Not My Real Mother, But...

Mother Teresa
she loves me just the same.
You have someone like that in your life?
Mother's Day, May13.

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Is Teaching Good For Your Health? Yes and No.

Is teaching good for your health? Yes and no. Mostly no. Why? Too much to do, too little time, too little support. So, take care of yourself, Teach, and you can reap the good side of teaching.


Your lifestyle on teaching can create illness. Stress, sedentary classrooms, few bathroom breaks, ignoring healthy eating, limited sleep--you're writing a lesson plan for illness.

Germs! Germs! Go Away! 

Taking Care of Teacher 


Teaching is a full-on contact sport without time-outs. A teacher must deal with her/his personal life or the pushed-down emotions and thoughts will react. Although no one talks about it, going to counseling and getting help really works. Don't be too proud to get help.

Depression in Teachers Impacts Classroom Learning 

Workplace Stress 

What Motivates Teachers?

Long Hours

 A teacher doesn't have to be a perfectionist to get sucked into a 70 hour work week. A teacher is a teacher 24-7 just by definition of working with students--maybe we should be paid a consulting fee for using our expertise on problem solving; thinking about the kids away from school.  We do that even in our sleep. Ever dream about class? Be realistic, demand a life for yourself and your family.

American Teachers Spend More Time In The Classroom Than World Peers, Says Report 

Job Insecurity 

Without tenure, I doubt I would have managed to keep teaching long enough to retire from a public school district. Why? When teaching in a district with the most challenged demographic (high poverty, violence, ELLs and Special Education high counts) all educational stratas are stressed from security staff to superintendent meaning it takes very remarkable administrators to keep everything going peacefully--just among the staff. At times, I was privileged to work under such administrators. 
My work was appreciated, other times,  it was completed under difficult circumstances. As a Special Education teacher, we were expected to complete services for twice the legal caseload. One time, the Union rep at my school told me with great disappointment, that a Grade 5 teacher would be RIFd rather than me because I was Special Ed. 
At times, the students and I had nowhere to test, and  not much room to meet for IEPs. But I prefer to recall the outstanding professionals I learned from, when we worked together as a team, students and families were helped. Many of those team members were General Education, and many brilliant professionals from the Special Education field. That was good for me, but when there was tenuous support from admin, lack of collaboration from colleagues--only tenure kept me going, watching the calendar until I could retire and start something new.

Job Insecurity: The False Dilemma of Teacher Tenure