Saturday, September 3, 2016

Educational Links 9/4/16

How Domestic Violence In One Home Affects Every Child In A Class

New Teachers: How to Develop The Look 

List of 49 EdTech Products (Categorized) Loved by Educators 

8 Ways to Sneak In Exercise and Healthy Eating at School 

6 Tools That Can Help Students Keep Track of Tasks 

PBL and Design Thinking to Unleash Student Creativity 

Dear ADDitude: What If the Principal is Unfair?

My son hangs out with a group of very active and physical boys who sometimes play rough. When this happens, the principal seems to single out my son for especially harsh and random punishments. How do I approach the school about this unfair treatment?

Friday, September 2, 2016

Education Links 9/3/16


Early ADHD Diagnosis? Don’t Forget About Learning Issues 

How Do You Teach the 4Cs to Students (Part - 1) - Creativity and Innovation 

The Work of Play 

Time to Rethink Our PD Paradigms 

Classroom Accommodations to Help Students With Learning and Attention Issues 

2 Engineering Challenges Kids Love 

Build a Rubric | Developing Writers: A Workshop for High School Teachers 

The 5 Priorities of Classroom Management 

For beginning teachers, or for teachers like myself returning to teaching, the most difficult thing to master is classroom management. I had to relearn what ten years of hard instruction had taught me: Good classroom management is more than just being strict or authoritarian, and it is more than simply being organized. If I want to have my classroom run smoothly as a well-oiled learning machine, I have to set up a structured learning environment in which certain behaviors are promoted and others are discouraged. 


Thursday, September 1, 2016

Educational Links 9/2/16

The Green STEM Initiative

Connecting students' curiosity about the natural world with innovation in STEM 

Hands-On Science Using Nature Works 

3 Game Design Tools to Inspire Learning 

The Difference Between IEPs and 504 Plans 

Here's What We Know About the Next Generation Science Standards Tests 

50 Minute Periods Are Killing Teacher Creativity 

Setting Classroom Expectations 

Education Dept. sets sights on mobile-centric IT overhaul 

The Education Department, like many schools, wants to replace a decade-old IT system with a mobile-friendly IT environment, and is looking for industry's help.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Educational Links 9/1/16

Mental Health In Schools: A Hidden Crisis Affecting Millions Of Students 

A Practical Guide to Evidence-Based Writing Across Subject Areas 

Always Separate The Student From The Performance 

6 Tech Tools That Boost Teacher-Parent Communication 

Cracking the Code: 9 Hands-On Strategies for Improving Decoding Skills 

Enter an Archive of 6,000 Historical Children’s Books, All Digitized and Free to Read Online 

When Homework Is Useless 

We asked prominent voices in education—from policy makers and teachers to activists and parents—to look beyond laws, politics, and funding and imagine a utopian system of learning. They went back to the drawing board—and the chalkboard—to build an educational Garden of Eden. We’re publishing their answers to one question each day this week. Responses have been lightly edited for clarity and length.
Today’s assignment: The Homework. Will students have homework?



Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Educational Links 8/31/16

Common-Core Reading Materials Get Mixed Results in First Major Review 

Math Skills: What to Expect at Different Ages 

New PBS News Hour Segment: Preparing Teachers For “Cultural Competence” 

Differentiating in Math Using Computer Games

Vast Majority of Americans Want Failing Schools Fixed, Not Closed, Poll Finds 

Why Continuing Education Programs Are Poised to Become Hubs of Innovation 

How A Makerspace in Juvenile Hall Helps Young People See Their Value 

They get to be human in there. They get to be who they are, and recognized and valued for their humanity.



Monday, August 29, 2016

Educational Links 8/30/16

Classroom Poster: 8 Phrases That Nurture Growth Mindset  

32 Research-Based Instructional Strategie 

The Principal as Community Advocate 

How to keep teaching when your personal life is falling apart 

Classroom Poster: 8 Phrases That Nurture Growth Mindset 

Animating The Classroom 

Starting a New IEP Advocacy Year: Back to School Tips

Starting a New IEP Advocacy Year: Back to School Tips - See more at: 

Classroom Management Apps and Websites 

Keeping your students' attention, focus, and respect is a constant process that takes a lot of time and energy out of your day. These tools can be your time-saving and energy-freeing sidekicks as they help you instantly assess learning, create seating charts, improve students' behavior, and set timed tasks to make your classroom run like a well-oiled machine.



Sunday, August 28, 2016

Educational Links 8/29/16

Cyber Bullying Pictures and Posters For Your Classroom 

Maker Rubric 

Tch Video Lounge 

A Hero For The Arts And Sciences: Upcoming Marvel Covers Promote STEAM Fields 

'Let It Go': A New Set of Classroom Management Strategies for the 21st Century 

Tech Finder-Listening Comprehension

Expert-approved apps & games for your child{3DCCC512-6A1B-4999-9C86-2942AD9EB56F} 

SMART Goal Setting With Your Students 

With all that is being written now about "mindset," it is an excellent idea to begin school by having our students set positive goals. More and more K-16 schools are introducing concepts like SMART goals as a way of gradually building students' capacity to tackle the increasing challenges they are facing.