Saturday, September 4, 2021

Educational Links 9/5/21


How Much Longer Will Schools Have to Scrape Together Technology Funding?

It's now or never: Let's use this investment opportunity to create a new US education system

Gunmaker sued in Sandy Hook massacre wants school records of slain children

Fostering Number Sense in Secondary Students

Teaching Students How to Study Math

The most effective way to study math is not intuitive for a lot of students, so providing explicit instruction on this skill is essential.

Educational Links 9/4/2021


Using Podcasts in World Language Classes

Households With Kids See Continued Educational Hurdles as Pandemic Drags On

Schools updating remote learning policies in reaction to COVID-19 cases, quarantines

Understanding sensory processing issues

6 Strategies To Make Classrooms Safer As The Delta Variant Spreads

21 Canva Tutorials for Teachers

Schoolhouse Blocks: Foundational Executive Functions for Students with ADHD

Executive dysfunction is a core component of ADHD that interferes with learning, organization, time management, demonstration of knowledge, and more. Click the images below to gain insights into 7 key executive functions: self-awareness & metacognition, inhibition, non-verbal working memory, verbal working memory, emotional self-regulation, planning & problem-solving, and self-motivation.

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Educational Links 9/3/21


Education Buzzwords Defined: What Are Flexible Classrooms?

When Back-to-School Triggers Difficult Emotions

Unplanned Lessons: What Pandemic Education Has Taught Teachers

California leads the way on safe school reopening

An Edtech User’s Glossary to Speech Recognition and AI in the Classroom

Higher Rates of Delta Infection Projected in Schools With No Mask Mandate or COVID Testing

4 ways schools are enhancing parent relationships in the return to classrooms

School systems will need to be proactive on outreach and attention to individual students' needs to retain and attract families, researchers say.

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Educational Links 9/2/2021

Teachers face the challenges of returning to the classroom

The Elements Of A Successful Responsive Schoolwide Behavior Program

How Does Dyslexia Impact Student Learning Long Term?

The Enduring Residue Of Project-Based Learning PD

What the Maps in Our Brain Tell Us About the Learning Process

Are Schools Quarantining Too Many Students?

This fall was supposed to mark a triumphant return to normal for K-12 schools, with children and teachers flooding back into classrooms. But the Delta variant of COVID-19 chewed up that idea and spit it out, and now districts are scrambling to figure out who can stay in school safely and who should go home to quarantine.

Educational Links 9/1/21


How Can Sentence Stems Help Children Develop A Growth Mindset?

Teaching Strategies

Forms, Music, and Games - The Month in Review

Remote learning harmed high school students

4 Crucial Lessons for School Leaders Facing a Difficult Year

With Return to School, Number of Kids Who Need Mental Health Help Expected to Rise

Where Teachers Are Required to Get Vaccinated Against COVID-19

High teacher vaccination rates are widely considered by public health experts to be a key component of keeping schools safely open for in-person instruction. State policymakers, buoyed by the fact the Pfizer-BioNtech COVID-19 vaccine now has full FDA approval, are considering whether to mandate that teachers get the shot.

Monday, August 30, 2021

Educational Links 8/31/21


For Social-Emotional Learning to Move Beyond Buzzwords, It Must Start with Educators

Biden administration pledges $85M to support student mental health

As Schools Reopen, Child Psychiatrists Expect To See A Surge Of Kids Who Need Help

How Can Schools Keep Quarantined Students Learning?

The dreaded phone call home: a checklist for teachers

Link copied.Unvaccinated teacher in Marin County infects half the class after reading aloud maskless

How Math and English Teachers Encourage Civic Engagement

There are appealing, thought-provoking opportunities outside of social studies for teaching students how to be involved citizens.