Saturday, September 5, 2020

Educational Links 9/6/2020

Back to School or Back to Remote Learning? Depends on Where You Live.

DeVos: States should 'rethink' assessment, consider competency, mastery-based assessments

Assessment in 2020: How data will mitigate COVID-related learning losses

In Preschools, Sharing and Playtime Look Different Now

How to Activate Your Child’s ADHD Brain for Distance Learning

Distance Learning: 6 UDL Best Practices for Online Learning

What Do Teachers Really Want From Professional Development? Respect

Too often, training sessions fail to account for teachers' experience, ignore their expertise, and use tactics that are counter to instructional best practices

Fret Not Yourself

and don't forget to delight thyself in the Lord!

fret not
do good
commit thy way
cease from anger
wait upon the Lord
the meek shall inherit the earth
the Lord upholds the righteous
show mercy
the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord
depart from evil do good
speak wisdom

The Holy Bible (KJV) _ Psalms 37 

Friday, September 4, 2020

Educational Links 9/5/2020

Competency-Based Learning Puts Students at the Center. It’s Perfect for Now.

What Are Some of the Causes of Aggression in Children?

Teaching Social-Emotional Skills Amid COVID-19

What Are Some of the Causes of Aggression in Children?

Betsy DeVos Tells States Not to Expect Waivers From Annual Tests


How to Engage Students in Meaningful Math Discussions

As middle and high school math students talk through problems, they build camaraderie and gain greater conceptual understanding.

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Educational Links 9/4/30

15 Mental Health Tips For Teachers

Underappreciated No More: A Free Edtech Platform Shines as Schools Go Remote

Here’s what 51,000 Detroit students can expect the first day of school to look like

Best practices for remote learning, according to experts

Why Good Teachers Quit

College Is Important. So Is Mental Health. Here's How To Study Without Burning Out

4 Ways to Enhance Human Interaction in Socially-Distanced Learning

We're all striving to get back to at least some version of in-person learning. While it is absolutely essential to protect the health of teachers and students, keeping children out of school can have long-term repercussions on their education. A recent study by researchers at Tulane University found that it took two school years for returning students to recover the learning lost to Hurricane Katrina. The impact was even worse for low income and African American students.

Fate Knocking At The Door--Beethoven's Fifth

MzTeachuh: Fate Knocking At The Door--Beethoven's Fifth: Beethoven (pink book) Andy Warhol Is this a legend? Did Beethoven really say his signature first four notes of the Fifth Symphony (...

Dyslexia Revealed

MzTeachuh: Dyslexia Revealed: The MindShift Guide to Understanding Dyslexia ...

Info On Child Development

MzTeachuh: Info On Child Development: Skipping rope, hopping, running. Who knew having fun was a developmental  milestone? Child development refers to the biological, psyc...

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Educational Links 9/3/20

NYC principals union warns of staffing crisis amid school reopenings

How Sensory Processing Issues Affect Kids in School

Stop Calculating And Start Teaching Computational Thinking

What Your Child Would Tell You About ADHD If They Had the Words

Complaints Over Offensive Content Lead Schools to Drop Online Learning Provider

Social and Emotional Learning

Howard Gardner on His Theory of Multiple Intelligences and Lessons for COVID-19 Era

The education world gets obsessed sometimes with trying to come up with ways to measure smarts. But today we’re talking with someone who has a history of shaking up the narrative when it comes to talking about intelligence.

Teachable Moment: Raising the Rhetoric

MzTeachuh: Teachable Moment: Raising the Rhetoric: JFK 1961 Eloquence. Higher level thinking. Rational open discussion. American rhetoric--let's remind ourselves of the brilli...

Effective Personalized Learning-Where To Start?

MzTeachuh: Effective Personalized Learning-Where To Start?:                                         Personalized Learning       Turn your c...

Relaxing in Monet's Garden with Debussy

MzTeachuh: Relaxing in Monet's Garden with Debussy: Relaxing in Monet's Garden with Debussy : Giverny Garden, Monet Here we are with the two Claudes, taking a moment to pause in bea...

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Educational Links 9/2/20


'Beyond Tired and Stressed': Teachers With Kids Strained By Lack of Child Care

It’s Not Just Where You Are—Teachers Are Quitting Last Minute All Over the Country

California to require ethnic studies to graduate high school under bill headed to Gov. Newsom

Special Education

The TeachThought Podcast Ep. 219 Online Education And Growing Your Cyber Expertise

Doing PD in a pandemic

Instead of stopgap measures to make it through the COVID-19 crisis, his district is crafting strategic changes with an eye toward the long term. These are ideas long talked about but never implemented in the 40 schools that serve 34,000 students.
For it to work, faculty need to reinvent themselves too. In this conversation with eSchool News, Jon describes how they intend to do just that.

Monday, August 31, 2020

Educational Links 09/01/20

How ‘Growth’ Goals Actually Hold Students Back

Making sense out of madness: Protecting students online in a time of crisis

Europe Is Going Back to School Despite Recent Virus Surge

9 Principles Of Student Engagement In A Virtual Classroom

Color purple will determine whether California schools can open for in-class instruction

How to Make Teaching Online Feel Less Isolating

Working from home can be tough for educators who feed off the energy of their students and coworkers, but there are ways to feel more connected.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Educational Links 8/31/20

‘Bookmarks: Celebrating Black Voices’ aims to spark conversations on and off screen

7 Guidelines for Setting Up Clear Online Lessons

5 Things Parents Can Practice With Their Kids at Home to Help Teachers This Year

Second judge orders halt to DeVos private school relief rule, saying she attempted to ‘rewrite’ law

Response: Laughter in the Classroom

How To Cut Your Preparation Time And Lower Stress

How to Advocate Forcefully for Your Child with ADHD

Children with ADHD encounter more barriers at school, in the community, and even at home. No one understands these hurdles — and how to best overcome them — better than your family. Here, parent advocate Penny Williams outlines the best ways to share these strategies clearly and effectively.

Ms. T's Special Education Class: Lesson Plans Remote Teaching 8/31/2020

Lesson Plans Week of 8/31/2020 
Online Learning Mod/SH Class
Ms. Melanie Taylor, teacher

8:00 am Google Meet Sign on
Greeting-Students will verbally greet students and staff; students are allowed to use Google Meet Chat to greet each other in writing.

Agenda- Students review daily online schedule. 
  • 8am Log onto to Ms. T’s Google Meet
  • 8:42 Log onto to PE Google Classroom
  • Student may rejoin Ms. T’s Google Meet early from questions or discussion.
  • 10:00 Log onto to Ms. T’s Google Meet and remain
  • 10:05 Log onto Acellus for Independent Learning-stay on Ms. T’s Google Meet
  • 11:00  Return to Ms. t’s Google Meet
  • 11:57 End of school-students may socialize during lunch until 12:07-bu don't get food on your Chromebooks!

Physical Education Students log on to PE Google Classroom

10am Students return to Ms. T’s Google Meet and remain , then opening a new tab and logging onto Acelllus to work.

11am Students return to Ms. T’s Class Google Meet for Class Activity and discussion.
11:45 Students will verbally say good-bye and are allowed to use Google Meet Chat to say goodbye to each other.

Monday’s Google Classroom Discussion What is a Fairy Tale. Comparing Fairy Tales.
Tuesday’s Google Classroom Discussion Safety Signs

Wednesday’s Google Classroom Discussion
Transition: Paes Lab: Learning about tools

Thursday’s Google Classroom Discussion
Transition: Going shopping

Friday’s Google Classroom Discussion

Recreation: Music and art-Playlist created by class

End of Summer Activity: Grow Herbs for Thanksgiving Now

MzTeachuh: End of Summer Activity: Grow Herbs for Thanksgivin...: These redwood containers of herbs are now in our area home improvement store, but herb pots are frequently available in grocery stores fo...

Teachable Moment: What Is Depression?

MzTeachuh: Teachable Moment: What Is Depression?: Sittin' on the dock of the bay--used to call this the clinical depression song Otis Redding-Sitting on the dock of the bay  https...

Fun Books for Fall! Reading Rockets' Guides, Resou...

MzTeachuh: Fun Books for Fall! Reading Rockets' Guides, Resou...: by Dr. Seuss Fall Harvest of Books   Research, Guides and Resources http://www....

Life Too Fiberoptic?

MzTeachuh: Life Too Fiberoptic?: Cinnam on Sp ice Mocha , anyone? Your Own Rhythm (Cafe Jazz Coffee) Acoustic Alchemy - Playing for The Time  http:/...

Social and Emotional Learning-- How Do You Feel Ab...

MzTeachuh: Social and Emotional Learning-- How Do You Feel Ab...:   Empathy: The Most Important Back-to-School Supply     Em...