Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bam! Radio Online for Educators


BAM! is an acronym for "body and mind" and BAM! Radio was conceived in 2007 on the premise that the key to success in life for children and youth is nurturing a healthy mind in a healthy body.
Developed by early childhood professionals, BAM! Radio started out as a single online radio program called Body Mind and Child. It was created to bring parents the latest insights and wisdom from the leading experts in the fields of early childhood education, physical education/motor development, play research, child development, and the neurosciences.
The end of a long school day can be tough for students as well as teachers.  Here are a few segments I have been privileged to participate in.

In this segment, our guests offer their best ideas for closing out the last few minutes of the day.
10 Smart Ways to End the School DayRae Pica with Angela Watson, Kristen Vincent, Melanie Link Taylor, Jennifer Carey

 In this segment we explore why some students don't listen, and what teachers can do about it.
Why Students Tune Out: Five Ways to Get Students to Listen and HearRae Pica with Isis Artze, Geoffrey Caine,  Melanie Link Taylor, Dan Brow


The problem of homeless students is greater than many realize. In this segment we take a closer look at the challenges teachers face and offer ways to manage this growing problem at the classroom level.
The Hidden Challenges of Teaching Homeless StudentsRae Pica with Sarah D. Sparks, Barbara Duffield, John Spencer, Melanie Link Taylor

Quiet, calm minds learn better. Unfortunately, students are increasingly stressed about life inside and outside of class. In this segment our guests offer strategies to help students stress less.

Helping Stressed-Out Students Stress LessRae Pica with Linda Esposito, Larry Ferlazzo, Melanie Taylor, Dan Brown



It is my privilege to have been invited to participate in these discussions, and a member of the BAM 100,
Influential voices who are reforming education from the bottom up.

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