Friday, December 26, 2014

Principal's Suggestion Box Letter #6

These letters are absolutely fictional (to protect the innocent and not-so-innocent.) But, with the hint of truth, maybe we can make some adjustments. Principals have the best chance to do that.

Dear Principal,

This is just a little suggestion that will help the staff out, especially the ladies. This is a little embarrassing, but is concerning the availability and access to the restrooms.

The current am schedule eliminated the fifteen minute recess (replaced with teacher-led structured exercise) so teachers have no chance to use the restroom from 7:30 to 11:45 am. Neither do any of the students, Grades 1-5, without leaving instruction.

Also, a retired friend of mine won't sub here anymore because she wasn't given a restroom key for the teacher port-a-potty restrooms near the portable classrooms (where mine is located.) She says she is taking diurectics, and the schedule was bad enough, but it is at least an eighth of a mile to the restrooms in the admin building. 

Thank you for helping.

Practical Teacher

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 My suggestion:  Don't be a martyr. Speak up about basic conveniences in the schedule, and you'll be helping all the staff. Restroom breaks (all humans need a morning restroom break --when you drink more water for health's sake, guess what), appropriate staff room (is it clean? cheerful? functional? safe?) Principals can influence these things.

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