Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Educational Links 7/19/18

The Learning And Design Principles Of Connected Learning

The New Librarian: Building confidence through coding

New Study Finds – Wait For It – More Money For Education Helps Students & Teachers

Empowering Kids In An Anxious World

Talk Of Segregating People With Disabilities Alarms Members Of Congress

Effective EdTech Developers Listen to Educators


Affirmative action has roots going back to 1957, with the Civil Right Movement. As part of the Civil Rights Act, college admissions officers were tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that higher education is equally available to all students regardless of race or ethnicity. Historically, most colleges and universities have taken this mandate even farther with policies that actively pursue racial and ethnic diversity on their campuses.
In the last few years, such policies have become increasingly controversial. Here is a look at some of the issues around affirmative action and where it may be headed in the future.

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