Thursday, February 12, 2015

Teaching Is Taking Time For Art--In All Subjects

Math instructor teaching tesselations.

1. Teaching Math With Art Helps Children Remember Key Concepts

2. Art & Science: A Curriculum for K-12 Teachers 

3. Teaching Science Through Art: Longitudinal Nature Observations/ 1st grade 

4. More math related mind-boggling art

 Art to Make You Dizzy 

5.  Teaching Strategies for Writing through Art 

6.  Of Paint and Poetry: Strengthening Literacy Through Art 

7. How to Use Art to Teach Social Studies


Illustrated by kindergartener.

The bee is not afraid of me.

I know the butterfly -

The pretty people in the Woods
Receive me cordially -

The Brooks laugh louder
When I come -
The Breezes madder play;
Wherefore mine eye thy silver mists,
Wherefore, Oh Summer’s Day?
 Emily Dickinson

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