Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Next School Year...Classroom Art Gallery

Don't get too carried away--but just so you know, I have a power stapler, too. Prepping for an art show.
Prepping for School Art Show
Prepping for School Art Show

Students may tell you, "I can't draw a straight line!" Tell them back, "Good, we have rulers for that."

Bringing out the artist at all grades levels and in every subject takes some organization and motivation, particularly if you intend to include all students at some point in your classroom gallery.

First, let's start with the actual location and methods of getting a space going.

5 Ways to Create a Classroom Art Gallery

Really Good Bulletin Boards

7 Tips for Successful Student Art Displays

Student-Centered Bulletin Boards for a Secondary Classroom: 5 Ideas to Make Your Walls Work for You and Your Students

Second, decide the frequency of new material. You mean I'm not leaving this bulletin board up all year? No. Even the Louvre moves things around from time to time.  The students can help, and would enjoy the task. Plus, this means they can break the monotony of a sedentary classroom on a regular basis. Have a cycle so every student has work up an equal amount of time, The students can implement this. The environment of the class will be refreshed. Will this mean designating time for organization of the art gallery during class? Yes. 

Third, decide the content of your classroom art gallery. This could be content-driven, seasonal or student choice. How cool for the quiet artist to know they need to create something in three weeks to be displayed in the classroom gallery. Teacher has the final say on content, of course.

Pegasus, Escher

Here are some ideas for  class activities that might end up in your classroom gallery.

Exploring Tessalations  

Composition II, Mondrian

Here's a great artist for inspiration: 

Escher: Tessellations by Recognizable Figures 

Geometry, Color, and Piet Mondrian 

Don't for the artist who created the STEAM craze: Leonardo.
Hydraulics, da Vinci

Design Like da Vinci: Sketching Lessons from the Original Renaissance Man 

Even pages from well-drawn science notebooks could go up.

Third, you can use classroom content as sources of inspiration through illustrating historical or literary scenes, or make posters for current events.  And, of course, well known artists and seasonal topics make great sources for classroom art.

Exploring Impressionism, Grades K-5 

Exploring Impressionism, Grades 6-8 

Exploring Impressionism, Grades 9-12 

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