Saturday, February 18, 2017

Man, this art is messing with my mind! Original Op Art

Victor Vasely Vonal Stri 1975

Victor Vasarely
The art seems to move--before animation.

Though Victor doesn't seem like a rave kind of guy in this pic--I felt his art needed some background music. BTW, they consider him to be the grandfather of op art.

Top 10 Electronic Music u should hear (only music - no lyrics)

Victor Vasarely Website


Outside art, too. Tribute to Malevitch (1954), Ciudad Universitaria de Caracas

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  1. Great painting, Bonnie! I love the colors, the texture, the shapes, and the overall composition. I especially like what appears to be a bridge with people crossing it, the arch beneath the bridge, and the suggestion of a cream-colored church in the upper background. Probably reading to much into this, but that's my take. Well done. beach house decor