Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring Song

With this song, I almost expect Elmer Fudd to pop out over the top petal and say, "Where's that Wascally Wabbot?"
"Spring Song," Felix Mendolssohn

Just to be fair, more about Mendolssohn.  He also wrote a Wedding March for Titania in "Midsummer's Night's Dream," that is still frequently played as it was at Queen Victoria's Wedding.

No Wascally Wabbit here, but the little girl to the left looks like she forgot her shoes. but both Mendolssohn and wabbit in this cartoon.

This particular cartoon was created as a way to employ dozens of musicians from Europe who were refugees from World War II.  After the war many of Europe's finest classical musicians immigrated to the U.S. Many of them ended up in Hollywood to earn money, playing the soundtracks to movies and cartoons. If you listen closely to many of the Looney Tunes cartoons you'll realize that they're full of the world's best classical music.

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