Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Teaching for the Punchline Tweets of the Day 10/30/12

If you can laugh at this, thank an English teacher. Because an English teacher taught us 'The Tell-Tale Heart' and taught us to read so we could enjoy  Winne-the-Pooh! It could be called Winnie the Poe. So many puns, so little time.

1. How to Uphold Online Learning Standards to Quality Education


2.  Teachers Unions Strength Measured: Fordham Institute Report Ranks States By Power And Influence Of Teacher Unions 


Don't neglect recess! We all need it.

3.  Study: Exercise boosts school performance for kids with ADHD


4.  Real-World Lessons From Hurricane Sandy 


Sandy did not exactly look like that.

 5. Teaching and Learning About Hurricanes


6.  Quick Look: How to make BYOD work for your schools


7.  Migraines May Affect Children's School Performance, Study Suggests 



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